Updated on 01.03.07

FreeCreditReport.com Is Ripping You Off

Trent Hamm

Due to the enormous impact that credit reports have on the ability of an individual to get a loan, the United States government has made it possible for every citizen to obtain a free copy of their credit report every twelve months. This free credit report was given a great deal of attention over the past few years, and thus many people are at least peripherally aware of the ability to get a free credit report.

FreeCreditReport.com is advertising heavily on television lately, promising to give you this free credit report just by visiting their site. This seems appropriate, right? After all, everyone gets a free credit report… so we just go to FreeCreditReport.com and get it…


Instead of giving you the free credit report that is promised by the FTC, FreeCreditReport.com actually requires you to sign up for a program called Triple Advantage, a credit monitoring program that costs $12.95 a month. This service merely emails you if there is a change to your credit report at a very hefty cost, particularly when the government gives you a credit report for free every year. Don’t like that option? Well, you could instead just pay Experian $14.95 to give you your credit report instead … or, even better, pay $40 and get your report from all three credit agencies.

If you just want to see your credit report, don’t visit FreeCreditReport.com unless you want to pay for something that the FTC has already guaranteed you for free.

So how do I actually get my free credit report? Take a peek at the FTC’s page on the topic. The actual place to go for the free credit report from the federal government is annualcreditreport.com. This is the only site that will actually be able to give you your report without either allowing others to have access to the report or being required to buy other products.

Interestingly, this information is actually stated on the front page of FreeCreditReport.com, but it’s done in tiny blue text on a blue background that makes it almost impossible to read. Coincidence? What do you think?

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  1. Flexo says:

    You actually get three free credit reports a year thanks to annualcreditreport.com — one from each of the reporting agencies. It makes sense to schedule them throughout the year (once every four months) to make the most of a free service.

  2. GrizzlyAdams says:

    If you are at all concerned about identity theft, I would second Flexo’s advise and get each of your three free credit reports, once every four months. I have set up email reminders to do this: January for TransUnion, May for Experian, and September for Equifax.

    And if you are married, be sure to pull them for yourself and your spouse (with their permission, of course!)

  3. ben says:

    Ive heard that when an inquiry is made into your credit report it will detract from the score if it is done too often. Will using annualcreditreport.com show up as an inquiry and detract from your score if you have applied to credit card companies recently?

  4. Alan Hefner says:

    True! Freecreditreport.com is misleading potential customers (my opinion) for financial gain. Thanks for the URL to the real free credit report site.

  5. ben says:

    Also, having been originally duped by the freecreditreport.com ads into thinking it was the federal program when they first came out i cannot remember it stating anywhere that they are not the actual federal program, and im the kind of person that actually clicks and reads the legal crap in the privacy policy and terms of use on websites.

    Dug up an old archive, notice the tricky langauge in this one, read it carefully for that 6 word sentence in the middle that is easy to gloss over. Notice they rename the free credit report as a central source, then state they are not the central source, this is chaining it to make it more steps neccessary to figure it out. Sure its simple once you sit and actually read it, but how many of us actually do that on regular content we read? Put it together with the misleading TV ads and you come to the website with the preset notion they are the goverment funded free credit report with no real reason to read the fine print. Its blatantly obvious someone actually sat down and mapped out the way to decieve while staying within the letter of the law.

  6. bobroberts says:

    The problem with getting credit reports from any of the credit reporting companies is that you won’t be getting the same scores that they use to evaluate your credit. Instead you’ll get some consumer-number friendly that can deviate significantly from the FICO score that they’ll use to make credit decisions.

  7. Dave says:

    ConsumerReports.org also recommends calling 877-322-8228 because annualcreditreport.com can be tricky to navigate and easy to be sidetracked.

    The phone method is pretty trivial. I’ve used it.

  8. Don says:

    Thought it was funny that when I came to the site today there was a Google Video Ad for FreeCreditReport.com. ;)

  9. Brandon says:

    I certainly agree that freecreditreport.com has a very deceptive ad. However, let me clarify a few items:

    1. The free credit report you get annually does NOT include a credit score. It is only useful to determine if there are any inaccuracies. And you can get one from each of the bureaus each year. (It’s not a bad idea to space it out every 4 months so that you get a constant monitoring for free).

    2. You can get your credit score for free from freecreditreport.com, but it’s a bit of a pain. You would need to sign up for their service and cancel after pulling your credit. They only let you do this once, and it requires you to fill in some forms and make an extra call to cancel, but it does end up being completely free.

    3. Neither of these would be considered an “inquiry” on your credit or impact your credit score in any way. It WOULD impact your credit if any potential creditor runs your credit (with your permission, of course).

    Just thought that might be helpful…

  10. phil says:

    So why is it that it’s not possible to get your actual credit score (FICO)?

  11. EMF says:

    It is very possible to get your FICO score.

    You just have to pay for it.

  12. Jeff says:

    Great article. Credit monitoring is a service that almost no one willingly signs up for. Experian and other companies rely on these kind of tactics to gain new “customers.”

    Experian (the parent of FreeCreditReport.com) has been fined neary a million dollars by the FTC for this kind of behavior. Barely a year after settling, the Florida Attorney General has opened an investigation into FreeCreditReport and affiliated sites.

    I agree that you should monitor your own credit once every four months through annualcreditreport.com. In addition, PayPal is offering a free, though very barebones, credit monitoring service. It doesn’t hurt to sign up for that either.


  13. TJP says:

    Blue text on a blue background that directs you to Annual Credit Report, and they still claim to be the leading provider of credit reports.

    Absolutely classic.

  14. Andrew says:

    To the person who asked above, no, checking your own credit report has no effect on your score, regardless of the number of times you check it.

  15. Tyler says:

    FreeCreditReport.com is a joke! Through my credit card company they let me try it “for free”… what they didn’t tell me is that after a month, without ANY warning I would be charged 12 dollars. I’ve never even been to there site – my credit card’s website simply showed my score, so I figured they were providing it! Its been over a year now and I just noticed today they have charged me for a year of service. They are sneaky and a rip-off.

  16. Tracy says:

    This is all too true.. as we speak.. I am trying to take care of the 12.95 that they charged me twice and also the 31.00 that they caused me for the overdraft. DO NOT use FREECREDITREPORT.COM it is a ripoff big time. Another thing to look out for is US Cellular. I was charged on my bank statement 75.56 for their services. Only thing is that I have NO cell phone from any company. I called them and they show no records of taking money from my account or recieving any money from me. Some one took it..

  17. diana sigala says:

    i would appreciate it very much if i can get the info.that i need to see what my credit looks like

  18. john daley says:

    What a scam. Like a moron, I went through the process, and realized all too late that the service was the wrong one. It took some time to cancel too. I first dialed, 1-877-481-6826, and then had to deal with the computer. It took four attempts before a human operator would answer the phone to cancel the account. To make matters worse there IS NO WEB BASED cancellation option. Nope, you must call that number and give them your social and other info OVER THE PHONE. Not safe at all. Even when you get to a person, the hound you with 20 questions about why are you canceling? etc. Bad all around.

  19. kman says:

    I got burned by them too. Caught it after a month or so. I also got an email several months later about a class action suit against them. Gee…I can’t imagine why.lol

  20. sis says:

    Does anyone know not to give a credit card # on anything that says its free? class action lawsuit? for what, agreeing to something you never even read? i guess there are millions of people out there that anyone can scam because no one seems to read and are capable of giving you their credit card #. If you can’t read and love to give out your credit card number, i recommend going to all sites and tv commercials to get your FREE products and gripe later.

  21. brenda says:

    need info. to try and cancel. was scamed also. have tried calling 2 different #’s. automated-
    reached no one. calling Better Business dept.

  22. julie wilki says:

    thanks for the warning. I always look a request for my info over before i respond. Yes the TV ads for freecreditreport look very convinceing and also they have been advertised on KGO the consumer advocate show with Mikel Finney. So you really have to wonder who is paying attention. You have to rely on your own diligence in these matters.

  23. clara says:

    any where you go you are asked fill this out Free credit information then enter your credit card number what the hell for? if I had a credit card probably wouldn’t need to find out my score!!! why advertise free to ask for payment? no where is it actually free!!! is just another way for rich folks to get richer!!

  24. Collette says:

    I just wanted to tell you that I am slowly but surely going through your entire blog and you are quite simply the best financial blogger on the net. I have written down so many tips from you in my finances notebook and just yesterday got my other two credit reports for free (really free) because of this particular post. You are amazing and have a reader for life. Col

  25. HCB says:

    Just to let you know. i just tried to go on the free credit report site and it is not working. Thank god for that and led me to this page with all this helpfull hints.

    Thanks a lot for the info.

  26. Rose says:

    I think I am the only one who likes freecreditreport.com. The only reason is because it keeps up with my credit scrore for experian month to month. I like it because I have had a few instances of idenity theft and this helps me keep track if someone opens an account in my name or something like that. I don’t mind the $12.95/month because I always have the peace of mind of being able to see what my score is doing. Its all a matter of opinion really. I do agree with you about the better annual credit report website but this one happens to work better for me for the time being. Until I can get my booty back on solid ground after ruining my credit, I need to be able to check the score very often. I hope NONE of you ever have to deal with the financial issues I’ve had. You all sound like nice, smart, well informed people.

  27. Margaret says:

    I understand that you can get some sort of freeze put on your account with the credit bureaus such that it tells any agency checking your credit report to NOT OPEN CREDIT. There is some process you would go through to unfreeze it whenever you needed credit for yourself. This is more for people who are seriously concerned about identity theft, and especially for someone who has had their identity stolen and is trying to prevent the dirty bas**** from opening any more accounts. I am not aware of any fees for doing this. This would be cheaper than the monthly fee for credit monitoring, as long as you had the time to go through the unfreezing process as needed.

  28. michelle says:

    Listen, i understand that some of you have been burned by freecreditreport.com, but here’s the thing, you do get a free credit report along with a thirty day free trial, before you even sign up it states important information, underneath it tells you that you are signing up for a 30-day free trial, it also states this in the terms and conditions, as well as above the space for the credit card number. Also, no matter what website, even if it says free, if it asks for your credit card then you shouldn’t enter it in.

  29. Mrs. Micah says:

    I tried signing up for freecreditreport once, but it didn’t work right. I was very annoyed that I had to call them and such because I couldn’t get the account cancelled online and wasn’t even sure if I’d registered. Thanks for mentioning annualcreditreport. I’ll give them a look-over soon.

  30. brk says:

    Michelle, you said:
    “but here’s the thing, you do get a free credit report along with a thirty day free trial”

    My “free” report cost me hours (I would estimate 6+) on the phone, trying to navigate their system to cancel my membership. And even after I cancelled it, they continued to charge me every month for the next FOUR months and only stopped when I threatened to sue. Every month I’d see the charge and have to call them, sit on the phone for ages, and then they would say it was cancelled. And come the next month, there would be yet another charge from them.

    It was ridiculous. An absolute rip off, in my opinion. In my defense, all that happened before annualcreditreport.com came about. :P

  31. ray says:

    I went through the federal site, it took me to the Experian site. At some point during the process I got kicked out (bad connection I suspect), and when I went back to Experian I wound up being sent through freecreditreport.com . I didn’t notice their “notice” and continued with what I thought was the standard process (not having done this online before). I got my report and score, and a month later I got a $12.95 charge on my card. I called the cancellation number, was hung up on a couple of times when I got to the human part of the process. When I finally got to the human, he gave me about an 8 minute hard-sell despite my repeated demands to be cancelled immediately. It wasn’t until he’d gone through this complete speech that he canceled me, and he made several ugly comments about my not having caught their “notice”. These people are definitely a ripoff and people need to be aware of that.
    Who can I report them to?

  32. Joana says:

    Well, on the contrary to negative comments in regards to FreeCreditReport.com: How are you supposed to keep up with your credit history and make sure that everything is accurate if you only get to actually see it for FREE ONCE A YEAR. When you go to FreeCreditReport.com YOU DO get your free experian report and credit score; if you are only there for that and do not want to continue with what Triple Advantage has to offer, you cancel the account within thirty days when you began the trial. We as consumers have the responsibility to read what we purchase and buy. Plus, Triple Advantage is not that bad of a membership for 12.95 a month. After the trial period you are allowed to pull a new report and score everyday (without hurting your score since it is through the bureau) it monitors your three credit files for potential changes as inquiries, new accounts, past dues accounts, change of address, and public records, also it protects you against I.D. Theft with $50,000 of insurance. And if you have innacuracies on your experian report you can dispute it inside of you account securely online! What is 12.95 a month compared to what we spend for useless and needless items for more than that. America is too busy wasting 20.00 dollars or more at McDonalds fatening themselvesin a day, instead of something that truely matters; their credit history. You can also go to other memberships through the credit bureaus if you do not want to do it through FreeCreditReport.com. It is pretty obvious that consumers really need to take responsibilities for their own actions! If you put your credit card on the internet, is it not common sense that somewhere along the line you are going to be charged? Or does America want everything to be free?! Where do we as consumers cross the line?

  33. Maura says:


    Since many buinesses are making a lot of money using OUR credit report information, congress thought it was only fair that we should get one free copy of OUR OWN INFORMATION a year.

    I don’t think it is greedy at all to expect a free copy of our own information.

  34. Sm4k says:

    A good rule of thumb is the actual free credit reports will not ask for your credit card number unless you are trying to access something that costs money. Signing up for freecreditreport.com asks for it up front. Run away!

  35. Jeremy says:

    Unfortunately the government site doesn’t give the credit score. You’ll need to go to the Fico site to buy the Fico score.

  36. Tracy says:

    I actually LIKE freecreditreport.com. I’ve been a subscriber for nearly 2 years now, and during that time I’ve opened/closed a few credit accounts. Each time, I get a notification from freecreditreport.com, usually within a few days of the activity, alerting me to the change. I also find it useful to see my credit “score” change over time, and they offer guidance on what factors in your credit report are affecting that score, positively or negatively.

  37. Bill says:

    It actually sounds like they’ve improved. Used to only give you 5 days to cancel. Then they billed me $79 anyway. Cheerfully refunded at the cost of only a week and an overdraft. Then they changed their mind and put a collection agency on me for twice as much who called to yell at me every day for a month.

    At least one of the “free” credit reports was a year out of date, therefore useless or worse.

    This is all brought to you by a company the nation trusts.

  38. Bob Crowell says:

    I just got ripped off by Free Credit Report Dummy me I signed up for one month free one month pay at 29.95 a month after that. I cancelled the report immediately. I got a bill for three sign ups They claim I did sign up three times. They will not take it off my credit card so I am stuck paying the whole thing

  39. Maggie K says:

    My bank erroneously reported my mortgage not paid for March. I did pay it, and on time. Had I not had the credit monitoring from FreeCreditReport.Com, I never would have known about this until sometime in the future when I tried to get a loan. At that point, trying to straighten it out would have been harder than it already has been! OK, so I paid for the info to be emailed to me from FreeCreditReport, but I was so glad I had it when this happened.

  40. freddie says:

    well, i think its just a matter of reading guys..! i’ve been using free credit report. com ever since.. you cannot simply put the blame to others for your carelessness…you should be responsible of taking the risk just because your not reading…i still thank FREECREDITREPORT>COM for such a great service…

  41. Jake says:

    I heard recently that the popular service LifeLock may hinder you from obtaining your annual credit report because of the fraud alert. I don’t personally have any experience with this though, so be careful. I have to admit though Life Lock does sound like a great service otherwise.

  42. al sefati says:

    after working at freecreditreport.com for over 3 years, i can assure you that NOTHING they give is free.
    It is only a FREE TRIAL that used to be 30 days and now they reduced it to 7 days its a fucking joke!!!

    just go to annualcreditreport.com for your true free credit report.

  43. Mike says:

    I called today to cancel this “membership” at 11:45 am , said they would e-mail me a cancellation confirmation . Never got it so I called again at 6 PM . They confirmed it was cancelled but didnt no why I hadnt received my confirmation . The talking head said to expect it within a couple of hours . I’m not holding my breath waiting for it after all I’ve read about the way this band of theives opperates . Tomorrow I will call again and record the conversation and see what happens . This is a great scam , endorsed the goverment . I wonder who they have in their back pocket .

  44. Dustin says:

    I used freecreditreport.com and was basically ripped off too. I understand that you have to cancel service after your free month or you get charged $15.00 a month. Anyway, I called to cancel because not only was I getting charged the $15.00 but I didn’t find it to be helpful at all and its not user friendly. So,I called to cancel they talked me into keeping it and trying it since I had already been charged for the month. While trying to navigate through their horrible page I somehow ordered the $25.00 credit report just trying to access the one the I had already paid the $15.00 for. Long story short, I tried to get the $25.00 back and they more/less told me too bad. I called them theives and hung up. I knew I was screwed. the ironic thing is that they claim they are protecting you from being ripped off and that is exactly what they do.

  45. Jack says:

    Thanks for the head’s up. Just got my free credit report a few minutes ago. Keep up the great posts!

    – Jack

  46. steve says:

    Is fcr sleazy? Sure.

    Is it a scam? No.

    Anybody with half a brain can read the disclaimers and understand what is required. If you ended up paying it’s because you are an idiot, so stop whining.

    If you called to cancel and “got talked into” not canceling, then doubly so…

  47. Patricia says:

    Thanks for the helpful information. I was worried about a home improvement/hurricane repair loan that I put in for recently and wanted to see my credit report. This saved me a lot of time, money and hassle. Thanks so much. The Experian report was the most thorough and was extremely helpful.

  48. AnnJo says:

    My auto insurance company bases its premiums in part on credit score, and therefore is required to provide the score to the customer as part of the policy renewal process(a good reason to look through all those pages when they arrive), and also to get a free copy of the report if requested within (I think) 30 days. That’s how I get mine each year.

    For those worried about identity theft, many banks and credit card companies allow you to set up alerts that will email you account balances, payment due dates, irregular activity, etc.

    The comment above from someone who didn’t notice the monthly charge on his credit card until a year later sure explains why and how identity theft works! Good grief!

    Every money management program like Quicken allows you to set up your credit cards as liability accounts, where you can enter charges and payments and reconcile the account every month when you get your statement, the same as you would for a checking account. And if you don’t do that, how are you going to know how your budget is working? “Credit card payment” is NOT a budget category!

  49. For me, the fees started after 7 days. Only problem, they force you to call to cancel. Luckily I was able get my money back!

  50. trevor says:

    I was recently a victim of freecreditreport.com – Somehow they got my credit card # and charged me a total of 74.75.

    I sent the following letter to

    Attn: Customer Care
    PO Box 19729
    Irvine, CA 92623-9729

    Please refund me $74.75 that you have mistakenly charged me for a service I never consciously requested.

    I never knew I was being charged or that I even signed up for the service for that matter.
    I used a yahoo e-mail address that I never look at because it fills up with spam to the point that it is useless.

    I find it hard to believe that I actually entered my credit card number online, but I may have thinking that it was a security measure. A lot of services charge your card $1 to verify the account is valid.

    I spoke with 3 separate customer service representatives about my situation. The first guy just hung up on me because he couldn’t get a word in edgewise (I was not swearing, just extremely frustrated)(

    The second woman was very understanding and sympathetic and did a good job easing some of my frustrations by refunding September charges.

    But as I thought about it more, it really was eating away at me because I NEVER sign up for free trials that require me to voluntarily cancel. So I called you a third time and found out the exact day and time that I signed up February 25th, 2008 at 9:25 am. I accessed my credit report at 9:26 pm and never again after that. The method I used to reach your site was tagged as “search engine” so the page I landed on was not the front page where your disclosure statement is quite clear. As I recall, I used a website that linked me in to different sites directly to the request forms for the 3 credit agencies. The premise of the service was that this is totally free.

    Why would I expect to be being charged for something by a company whose name says it’s free? I find your business plan extremely effective, but very unethical.

    I am attaching the credit card statements that show the charges that I would like returned to me. You started charging me in April and continued until August. That’s 6 x 14.95.
    I have already been refunded the last payment so I expect a refund of 14.95 x 5. That comes out to $74.75

    I keep wondering? Do you not see that something is wrong with your business based on the sheer volume of people complaining about fees they were unaware of?
    Please refund my $74.75 as soon as possible.

    Thank you,
    Trevor Jordet

    They refunded me 29.90 which really made me angry, so I sent them the following letter:

    Dear “free”creditreport.com,

    Are you Kidding me?

    What is the problem? I sent the attached letter requesting a full refund of $74.75 and you refunded me $29.90

    This isn’t some third world country where you barter down your debt.

    It’s like pulling teeth to get you to do the right thing!!! Give me my money back you cheating lying #%$#%$#!!!

    You owe me $44.85.

    I swear I will do everything in my power to let everyone know that freecreditreport.com is a scamming operation that is stealing millions of dollars daily.

    You owe me
    Give me back my money!!!

    Thank you,
    Trevor Jordet

    I sent an e-mail copy of it to Support@FreeCreditReport.com and almost instantly received this reply:

    Dear Trevor Jordet:

    Thank you for writing and we apologize for the inconvenience.

    We have already initiated a refund of $44.85 to your account. This refund should appear on your next billing cycle.

    Thank you for using FreeCreditReport.com.


    Beth G.
    Customer Care Representative

  51. Tracy says:

    Look, I work for Experian. I deal with idiots all freaking day long that go to freecreditreport.com or one of the other websites. It says you get a free report and you do. If you freaking idiots would just READ wtf you are doing you would know. The whole left side of the front page explains it exactly to you and then again at the terms and conditions BEFORE you submit your order. You do get a free report inside a free trial into a monitoring service. And for the record, yes they send you alerts when there is a change made to your report. Say someone got a credit card at Macys today in your name. How would you know?? You wouldnt until they defaulted on it and the collection companies start calling you. The whole point of the memborship is so you arent a victim. But whatever. My point? READ WHAT YOU ARE FREAKING DOING PEOPLE! Its no ones fault but your own for not reading what you were freaking doing, stop blaming other people. Its not in small print and its not hidden.

  52. trevor says:

    they refunded my $44.85 on my next credit card statement


  53. Free Credir Report.com is a rip off! DO NOT use this service. You will regret it! I am being charged $11.95 monthly, for something I never authorized. And I cannot cancel. How can these thieves get away with this? Don’t even click on the site!

  54. Matt says:

    I signed up to do the “get my score, then cancel before i get charged”. Unfortunately (and completely my fault) I lost track of time and the short free trial period ran out. I called to cancel. First off, I was surprised that the very first phone menu option was to cancel. Then within 2 rings someone picked up. Of course when I said I wanted to cancel they offered to cut the cost to $7.48/month. When I said I didn’t want to pay that much per month for something I would infrequently need, she offered credit monitoring for $5/month. I’m considering going with that, because mint.com sends alerts for unusual credit card activity but if someone opens another card in my name there’s no way Mint would know and be able to track it. Has anyone found value beyond “peace of mind” in pay-per-month credit monitoring?

  55. Logan says:

    Free Credit.com is a site for ripping people off. It relies on people’s mistake. Most of us forget to keep track of the days and they charge invisibly. With the busy daily life, you cannot check all your statements, days etc. These bunch of thief’s survive on this.

  56. steve says:

    Free Credit Report.com is a RIP OFF. I called to complain. When I said I wanted to speak with a supervisor they put me on hold. Then two minutes later the woman came back on and said all her supervisors were on another line. When I asked her to have one of them give me a call back she said that wasn’t in their process and would need to call back. So I paid money for a service and they said I would need to call THEM back or call back and maybe get lucky so i can speak with one of them. BULLSHIT

  57. Tricia says:

    I called the number on my cc bill to cancel FreeCredit.com and the people on the other line spoke SPANISH and when I finally got an English speaking person, i was connected with Bank Of America, they had NO clue what I was talking about. Talk about confusing!

  58. Brittany says:

    Read the fine print. Then cancel within 30 days… or just head over to creditkarma.com to begin with — it’s an actual free credit score site (ad supported). I love it. Combined with checking my free government reports and just keeping an eye on my accounts in general, it’s all the credit monitoring I need. They also have a lot of useful tools, like a credit score simulator (what will happen to your score if you do a myriad of things, like open a new account, expand a line of credit, pay down a balance, etc.) and a “score report card” that breaks down what part you’re strong in and what parts you’re weak in.

    I don’t work for them, I swear–just a very happy patron!

  59. Carissa says:

    My big beef with this company is that when I was filling out my information, they didn’t let me opt out of emails sent by their associated companies. I have gotten more than 60 offers since I signed up on Sunday (6/27). I’ve already cancelled my membership but in the meantime, my email address has been sold already and I’m sure I’ll be getting offers from now to the end of the next century!

  60. Nick says:

    It doesn’t surprise me in the least. Sites like this are always, always too good to be true.
    And the customer support (lack thereof) doesn’t surprise me either. The fact that they’re a rip off site means they’ll try at any means to keep the money they swindled. You’ll never talk to a manager and you’ll never get a refund. They’ll just put you through loops until you’re too frustrated to continue.

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