Google and The Simple Dollar Team Up on Expert Answers

I’m super excited to announce that The Simple Dollar is one of the partners Google has selected to be a trusted contributing voice on the search giant’s new consumer-focused product called Expert Answers. Behind the scenes, The Simple Dollar team has been working on content for months. We’re very happy to see that work go live to the world.

What is Google Expert Answers?

From Google: Expert Answers is a set of web pages aimed to help consumers understand credit card and mortgage terminology and answer basic questions in these domains.

Why Google Expert Answers?

If you’ve been reading The Simple Dollar for a while, you know that credit and mortgage issues can be complicated and confusing. And it hasn’t always been easy to find concise answers to specific questions from trustworthy sources. Google’s aim is serve up relevant and accurate answers to its users’ top questions — in plain English, from trusted online authorities in personal finance.

How Will The Simple Dollar Be Represented Within Expert Answers?

The Simple Dollar’s credit and mortgage experts have written simple, direct answers to the most common questions Google receives every day related to credit cards and mortgages. When you navigate through the Expert Answer pages, you’ll find answers written by The Simple Dollar staff that are branded with an easily identifiable logo and link back to our site.

Some examples of answers The Simple Dollar provides on the Expert Answers platform are:

  • How should I choose a credit card?
  • How can I pay off my credit card debts?
  • What is a rewards card?
  • How can I make travel cheaper with a credit card?
  • How do mortgage fees work?
  • How should I choose between a fixed-rate or an ARM mortgage?
  • How do I get a mortgage if I have bad credit?
  • What is pre-approval or pre-qualification?

So click around the mortgage and credit card sections today!

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