Best Home Warranty in Texas

ShoTexas is a big state, so shopping around for home warratnies can be stressful. The bottom line is that the top home warranty companies are able to do two things: cover a wide range of home appliances and and systems while still offering low premiums and deductibles. To narrow things down even further, you need to compare plans and decide which one is right for you.

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The 4 best home warranty companies in Texas

Company Name

Premiums Deductible What It Covers
OneGuard Home Warranty From $30 to $56 per month From $69 Covers up to 20 home systems and appliances
BFS Home Warranty From $31.25 to $58.33 $55; zero-deductible plans available Over a dozen appliances and systems including plumbing and electrical
Right Way Home Protection From $30 per month for basic coverage $60 Covers appliances, water heaters, air conditioning, electrical systems and more
Landmark Home Warranty From $35 to $55 per month From $60 to $100 Covers more than 17 home systems and appliances

The 4 best home warranty companies in Texas

OneGuard Home Warranty – Best for the quote process

OneGuard Home Warranty, a regional company established in 1990, has a top-notch quote process. On the company’s website, there are helpful charts and sample contracts that clearly outline what’s covered and what’s not. The company also makes it easy to find starting prices for each plan and calculate the cost of any add-ons.

OneGuard offers three plans: one that covers appliances, one that covers systems and one comprehensive plan that covers both. Although the appliance plan is cheaper at just $30 a month, it may be worth springing for the comprehensive plan if you can. It covers your dishwasher, refrigerator, plumbing system, air conditioning, heating, electrical and more so your home is completely protected from top to bottom. The deductible is in the average range and starts at $69.

BFS Home Warranty – Best for a low deductible

BFS Home Warranty, a company based in Florida, offers some of the lowest service fees out there. When one of your covered appliances breaks, you’ll only have to pay a $55 deductible to get it repaired. Believe it or not, some companies charge more than double that, so it’s definitely a good deal.

BFS offers a few different plans: basic, deluxe and premium. The basic plan starts at $31.25 a month, making it an affordable option that still offers good coverage. A wide range of home systems and appliances are covered including electrical, plumbing, garbage disposals, dishwashers, ovens and more. However, if you want even more protection and no deductible, you can spring for the premium plan, which costs $58.33 a month before add-ons.

Right Way Home Protection – Best for overall value

Right Way Home Protection’s plans start at just $30 a month with a $60 deductible, but the plans don’t skimp on coverage. They protect an impressive number of your home’s systems and appliances, including the dishwasher, air conditioner, oven, water heater, electrical system and more. The company also offers two premium plans that provide more coverage but you might not need them. The company’s basic plan is pretty comprehensive and offers great value, so check it out before you commit to a more expensive plan.

Landmark Home Warranty – Best for immediate comprehensive coverage

Most home warranties don’t take effect for a whole month, leaving you without coverage even after you’ve signed up. If you want peace of mind from day one, not day 30, then you should go with Landmark Home Warranty.

Landmark offers two different levels of coverage: a basic plan that only covers home systems like air conditioning and a total protection plan that covers your home systems and major appliances. The basic plan costs $35 per month and the premium plan costs $55 per month. Both take effect immediately and include special extras like pest control and termite treatment.

The deductible is a bit high for this plan, though, and ranges from $60 to $100, but unlike other home warranties, Landmark’s plans won’t leave you unprotected for a month after sign-up, and they come with many more options than most companies offer — like pest control.

What is a home warranty?

Home warranties are service contracts that help to cover the costs of repairs and replacements for your home’s covered systems and appliances. For example, if your fridge or air conditioner burns out and your warranty covers it, you can simply make a call, pay a deductible and have it repaired or replaced within a few days. This makes home maintenance much more manageable.

There are limits to how much home warranties will cover, though. Many plans have an annual reimbursement limit and won’t cover appliances that are poorly maintained or have failed before. Moreover, your home warranty plan probably won’t reimburse you if you accidentally damage one of your appliances or home systems. Plans typically only cover damage due to normal wear and tear, so it’s important to read home warranty contracts carefully as coverage, limits and exceptions vary from one provider to the next.

How should I choose the best home warranty?

Before choosing a home warranty from a local company, there are a few things you should think about.

“I believe the most important factor to consider is the financial capacity of the home warranty company to pay for repairs. There are some local home inspectors that offer home warranties. However, most of them do not have the financial capacity to pay if the costs are high,” John Myers, real estate agent and qualifying broker at Myers and Myers Real Estate, said.

Look for well-established companies with good reputations.

“Additionally, consider the cost of the home warranty, if there is a deductible, and what’s covered. I know this will sound boring, but you need to shop around and actually read the warranty end to end,” Myers said.

The bottom line

Paying for expensive, unexpected home repairs can be difficult if you don’t have significant savings, so make sure you compare warranty providers that serve Texas residents and can help you comfortably cover the costs of home maintenance. Compare their key benefits to find the best home warranty for your needs.

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