Choice Home Warranty Review

Choice Home Warranty has affordable service plans that cover some of the most typical and expensive repairs on systems and appliances.

Trade Service Fee
Average Monthly Cost
Add-on Coverage
3.6 / 5.0
SimpleScore Choice Home Warranty 3.6
Average Monthly Cost 3
# of Extra Coverage 4
Support Channels 4
Trade Service Fees 4
Number of Pre-Made Plans 3

Choice Home Warranty is a home warranty service provider established in 2008 and headquartered in Edison, New Jersey. The company is the second-largest home warranty vendor in the country and offers comprehensive coverage options on a variety of household appliances and systems. Choice Home’s industry experience and rapid growth in recent years have given the company the ability to process claims faster than many other warranty service companies available while providing top-notch customer service experiences. They also have reasonable service fees and are available in 48 out of the 50 states.

Choice Home Warranty Disclosure
  • We’re Here for you 24/7
  • We’ve Handled more than 3,000,000 Service Requests
  • We have a Nationwide Network of more than 15,000 Contractors
  • We’ve Covered more than 1,000,000 Homes Across the USA
  • We have Thousands of 5 Star Ratings from our Customers
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    Choice Home Warranty at a glance

    Company Year Founded Service Fee Recall Period States Available
    Choice Home Warranty2008$44 to $53 per month90 days48

    Choice Home Warranty plans

    Choice Home Warranty offers two different warranty plans to choose from, ranging from $44 to $53 a month, with both basic and total coverage options.

    Basic Plan: Choice Home Warranty plans are designed to provide extended warranty coverage on appliances and household systems for 13 months with the option to renew each year. The Basic plan offered by Choice Home covers some — but not all — common problems that can occur in household systems. One monthly payment of $43.75 covers repair or replacement of heating systems, plumbing systems, duct work, ceiling fans, exhaust fans and other systems. Customers also have an à la carte pricing option for adding coverage on specific appliances and systems not currently covered under the Basic plan.

    Total Plan: The Total plan is the most comprehensive coverage option offered by Choice Home Warranty and covers a much larger selection of appliances and systems when compared with their Basic plan. For $52.50 a month, homeowners can get all the coverage of the Basic plan plus HVAC systems, refrigerators, washers, dryers and even microwaves. As with the Basic plan, customers have the option of adding on more coverage through an à la carte pricing model. This is useful for homes that have pools and spas as well as complex electrical systems with a variety of different components.

    Call 800-816-1053 to find out more about their plans.

    What we like about Choice Home Warranty

    While the company only has two main coverage plans to choose from, Choice Home Warranty makes up for this by adding à la carte pricing flexibility for additional coverage options, something that is very uncommon among other warranty service providers. Another difference between Choice Home and other companies is that this company prides itself on creating an easy and seamless claim submission process. Choice Home Warranty processes 80% of their claims in only four hours or less and has a great reputation for customer service.

    Things to consider

    While Choice Home Warranty is a popular choice for homeowners, there are some drawbacks to consider when comparing them against similar companies. For one thing, Choice Home doesn’t have enough à la carte options for customers who want a more customized solution. In many cases, the Total plan is a better value overall, so it’s wise for customers to consider all of their coverage needs before opting for a lower-cost plan. In many instances, these solutions can end up costing more in the long run if too many additional services drain Choice Home Warranty’s liability caps. Some of the spending caps listed on specific categories are much lower than other warranty service companies, so customers living in older homes prone to more extensive repairs may want to consider other options.

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    How Choice Home Warranty compares with the competition

    Choice Home Warranty vs. AFC Home Club

    Choice Home Warranty and America’s First Choice Home Club have very similar coverage levels when it comes to the systems and appliances included in their plans, but vary significantly in their fee structure and workmanship guarantees. Choice Home Warranty guarantees any replacements or repairs for 90 days to cover parts and 30 days to cover labor. While this is pretty standard for many warranty service companies, AFC wins this category hands down by offering a lifetime guarantee on repairs, so long as you maintain a contract with them.

    Choice Home Warranty vs. Cinch Home Services

    Cinch Home Services is another great warranty service company to consider because it offers comprehensive coverage on a variety of household systems and appliances. One thing that Cinch Home Services does a bit better than Choice Home is identifying exactly what is covered on their plans and what is not. While Choice Home Warranty isn’t as transparent in this area, they do have an outstanding reputation for customer service and tend to be quicker to respond to inquiries and claim submissions.

    Choice Home Warranty vs. The Home Service Club

    While both Choice Home Warranty and The Home Service Club both offer standard and premium plans with various coverage protection options, The Home Service Club does have slightly better coverage with its basic plan. Unlike Choice Home’s Basic plan, The Home Service Club’s introductory coverage plan covers HVAC systems, refrigerators, washers and dryers. Unlike Choice Home Warranty, however, The Home Service Club is not currently accredited by the Better Business Bureau, and it doesn’t have the same service reputation as Choice Home.



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