Cinch Home Services Review

Cinch Home Services is a home warranty company based in Sunrise, Florida, and has been operating since 1979. Cinch Home Services provides warranty solutions to homeowners who are looking for comprehensive coverage of their household systems and appliances. The company differentiates itself through its full transparency of coverage and having no liability caps. Cinch Home Services also covers many items that aren’t covered by other home warranty companies, and it provides a 180-day workmanship guarantee in the event that any repairs or replacements fail.

Cinch Home Services at a glance

Company Year Founded Service Fee Recall Period States Available
Cinch Home Services 1979 $23 to $44 per month 180 days 50

Cinch Home Services’s home warranty plans

Cinch Home Services features three separate warranty plans for customers to choose from — namely, appliances, systems and combo.

Appliances Plan

Much like it sounds, Cinch Home Services’s Appliances Plan is designed to cover homeowners who are facing costly repairs and replacements on a variety of their household items. The plan is $23 a month and coverage includes range exhaust hoods, microwaves, washer, dryers, refrigerators and more. Warranty holders also have the opportunity to elect for optional coverage for pools and spas.

Systems Plan

For customers looking for more comprehensive coverage on critical household systems like plumbing lines, air conditioning and heating systems, Cinch Home Services’s System Plan is a perfect solution. At $35 a month, the Systems Plan includes rust and corrosion coverage as well as pre-existing condition coverage on sump pumps, toilets, water heaters, central vacuums, interior electrical lines and gas lines.

Combo Plan

For customers looking for both comprehensive coverage on their household appliances and their utility systems, Cinch Home Services’s Combo Plan covers all of it. For one affordable monthly payment, homeowners can rest easy knowing that they have broad, dependable coverage on nearly everything they own. The cost of the Combo plan is $44 a month.

What we like about Cinch Home Services

One thing that Cinch Home Services Home Warranty prides itself on is its transparency when helping homeowners understand their warranty coverage options. There are many home warranty solutions on the market, each with its own pros and cons. However, many competitors are somewhat vague when outlining the extent of their warranty coverage and creating a claim with these services can be a long, drawn-out process. Cinch Home Services is different and makes the plan selection and claim process easy and effective. Cinch Home Services lists all appliances and systems covered through their warranty plans right on their website and even includes specific covered parts.

Another benefit is that Cinch Home Services makes its claims process quick and easy, and customers can even file claims online while being assisted with 24/7 customer support. The company is also very responsive to customer reviews and the overall customer experience, which is a great quality to have in warranty service.

Things to consider

While you do get what you pay for when choosing one of Cinch Home Services’s three warranty plans, they are a relatively expensive choice when compared with other warranty service companies. Another downside to Cinch Home Services is that you can’t customize your coverage. This can be a major downside for some homeowners who already have warranty coverage on several of their appliances or systems. What you see is what you get, so if you need more flexibility in the type of appliances or systems that are covered in your warranty plan, you may be better off looking into different home warranty service providers.

How Cinch Home Services compares with the competition

Cinch Home Services vs. Home Service Club

Home Service Club is another premium home warranty provider with similar coverage options and pricing. Home Service Club has over 15,000 pre-screened contractors it works worth and requires no home inspection before the purchase of coverage. While Home Service Club does offer a bit more flexibility when it comes to getting stand-alone coverage on certain appliances and systems, Cinch Home Services is still more generous when looking at spending caps for repair costs.

Cinch Home Services vs. Choice Home Warranty

Choice Home Warranty is another top warranty provider for homeowners needing additional coverage on their appliances and systems. Choice Home Warranty’s plan costs are slightly more affordable than Cinch Home Services, and the first month’s premium is waived once you sign your contract. One issue with Choice Home Warranty, however, is that they have low liability caps on expensive systems like plumbing and electrical. Cinch Home Services is hard to beat in this area, so if you’re looking at Choice Home Warranty as a long-term solution, it would be wise to review their claim submission process and inquire on the limitations of their coverage.

Cinch Home Services vs. American Home Shield

American Home Shield is by far one of Cinch Home Services’s top competitors when considering total coverage options, customer service and flexibility. However, there are some things to consider when choosing between the two solutions. While not a significant consideration to everyone, Cinch Home Services is not currently registered with the Best Business Bureau, while American Home Shield is and maintains a B rating. American Home Shield does fall short, however, when considering their workmanship guarantee. Cinch Home Services has a 180-day guarantee, while American Home Shield is limited to 60 days. This large gap may be a deciding factor for homeowners who live in older homes or have aging appliances that may be in need of repair soon.

The bottom line

Cinch Home Services Home Warranty is a great all-around solution for homeowners looking for a broader range of coverage on their home appliances and systems. Although not the cheapest option out there, Cinch Home Services makes up for this with its lack of liability caps and its 180-day workmanship guarantee. Customers of Cinch Home Services pay little out-of-pocket costs when covering monthly fees for the service. For many homeowners, the peace of mind that Cinch Home Services provides is worth every penny.