The Home Service Club Review

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The Home Service Club offers some of the most customizable plans in the home warranty industry, plus a network of 10,000+ technicians. It does not require a home inspection to purchase a policy, guarantees all repairs for 90 days, and will not request maintenance records should something break down.

Home Service Club At a Glance

  • Home Service Club sells home warranty plans that protect consumers from pricey repair bills.
  • Build a flexible plan with no home inspection and never have to worry about keeping maintenance records.
  • Home Service Club uses only new and brand-name appliances for replacements.

The Specs

Price Varies by location and coverage. Offers two homeowner plans and three real estate plans
Best For People who want a flexible warranty they can customize
Not For People who prefer to select their own technicians and appliances
Covered Systems Air conditioning (Comprehensive Plan includes ductwork)
Heating system
Plumbing stoppage (Comprehensive Plan only)
Water heater
Garbage disposal
Instant hot/cold water dispensers (Comprehensive Plan only)
Central vacuums
Smoke detectors (Comprehensive Plan only)
Doorbells (Comprehensive Plan only)
Ceiling fans
Whirlpool coverage (Comprehensive Plan only)
Gas Leaks (Comprehensive Plan only)
Pest control (Comprehensive Plan only)
Alarm warning (Comprehensive Plan only)
Telephone wiring (Comprehensive Plan only)
Exhaust/Attic Fans (Comprehensive Plan only)
Sump pump (Comprehensive Plan only)
Hot water pump (Comprehensive Plan only)
Covered Appliances Refrigerators
Clothes dryers
Clothes washers
Built-in microwave ovens
Free-standing ice makers
Trash compactors
Garage door openers
Built-in food processors
Optional Add-Ons Pools/spas
Jetted tub
Roof coverage
Water softeners
Well pumps
Septic pumps
Built-in fridges with dual compressors
Service Call Fee $65-$95
States Served 49
Contract Length 1 year
In Business Since 2008
Better Business Bureau Rating Unavailable
Standout Features Flexible plans tailored to your needs
No home inspection required
Network of 10,000 technicians
24/7 service requests
Transferable warranty upon sale

The Claim

Home Service Club’s tagline promises, “No worries, just service.” They present themselves as the solution for “those tired of not having a home warranty and paying out of pocket,” and promise affordable plans.

Is it True?

All home warranty companies put a lot of information in their contract’s fine print, which can lead to customer dissatisfaction if you don’t read it ahead of time. Home Service Club makes a sample contract available on its website, so you’ll want to review it as well as any contract they send you before signing.

The sample contract lists each system and appliance your plan will cover and by how much. But even if an appliance is covered, some components or parts may be excluded. For example, while a built-in microwave oven is covered, Home Service Club doesn’t cover the latch assemblies or shelves. While these restrictions can lead to frustration when customers realize certain repairs aren’t covered, they aren’t unusual in the home warranty industry. Just like home insurance, a home warranty only covers specific things under specific circumstances.

Our Deep Dive

Flexible plans: Home Service Club has two plans — Standard and Comprehensive. Unlike some competitors, the Standard plan covers most major appliances and systems.

Choice of service call fees: When you get a Home Service Club quote, you can select from a range of $65-$95 for service call fees. Selecting a higher service call fee will lower your monthly premium.

No home inspection required: The Home Service Club doesn’t require an inspector to verify that your appliances and systems are in working order before approving your warranty. However, there could be an exception to this if you buy and sell a home within a short timeframe.

Pricing only available with a quote: Home Service Club doesn’t make its pricing available online. You’ll have to complete a quote request to find out what an HSC warranty will cost in your area.

24/7 service requests: You can call Home Service Club between normal business hours, M-F, or use their online system outside those hours.

Cost Rundown

The premium for an HSC warranty varies depending on where you live, which plan you select, and which service call fee you choose. The size of your home could also increase your premiums. Many home warranty companies charge extra if your home is larger than 5,000 square feet.

If you can afford a higher service call fee, it will more than offset the difference in premiums. While you’ll have higher out-of-pocket costs if you need a repair, you’re unlikely to have more than one or two service calls a year.

If you don’t have some or most of the systems and appliances covered in the Comprehensive Plan, consider sticking with basic coverage. Also, take a second to read your contract before filing a service request. If you call a technician for something that isn’t covered, you’ll still be responsible for the fee.

Cheaper (or Free!) Alternatives

As with any insurance or warranty product, you’ll find a range of prices among the different suppliers. It’s always a good idea to shop around; not just for a cheaper price but also for different coverage. Choice Home Warranty offers a plan for just $50 a month, which would save you money but may not include all the systems and appliances in your home.

If the prospect of shopping for a home warranty and reading the fine print intimidates you, they’re not a requirement of homeownership. Instead, you can save a little money each month in an emergency fund for unexpected breakdowns.

If you budget saving $100 every month, for example, you’ll have $1,200 saved up by the year’s end to put toward household emergencies. While this should be enough to take care of most issues, there are some repairs that could cost well over this amount. Keep in mind that if you decide to go it alone, you’ll be responsible for calling and finding the experts needed for the repair.

Do the math and determine whether a home warranty makes sense for you. Take into account the age and value of your appliances, as this impacts their likelihood of breaking down. Also, be honest with yourself about how much money you could put away in an emergency fund each month. If you’re not a disciplined saver, you could regret skipping a home warranty.

The Competition

Choice Home Warranty’s two plans are structured in a way that makes the more expensive Total plan the only way to get the major systems and appliances covered (e.g., air conditioning, refrigerator, clothes washer and dryer). You can get a quote and purchase your warranty online in a matter of minutes. However, Choice can and will ask for maintenance records when deciding whether or not to cover a repair.

American Home Shield has three standard plans and a build-your-own-coverage plan, which makes AHS a great choice if your home doesn’t have some items, such as air conditioning or ductwork, and you don’t want to pay for coverage you don’t need. AHS doesn’t require a home inspection or maintenance records.

America’s 1st Choice Home Club offers four plans. Its basic System plan excludes all appliances, only covering household systems. The Silver plan covers all major systems in the home, but no appliances, the Gold plan covers a little bit of both, and the Platinum plan has the most comprehensive coverage. You must call or fill out an online quote request for pricing.

First American Home Buyers Protection offers coverage in 38 states, but lacks the flexibility of some of the other home warranty companies. There are only two plans available, Basic and Premier, but they’re inexpensive at either $28 or $42.50/month. Air conditioning, which is usually standard with most home warranty companies, costs extra for First American customers. Since not all homes have air conditioning, this may not be an issue for you.

The Bottom Line

The Home Service Club is definitely one of your best options when it comes to buying a home warranty thanks to its flexible plans, flexible pricing, and large network of technicians. However, it’s always a good idea to compare quotes from different providers and read the sample contract for each.