I Need Your Help!

As The Simple Dollar has grown in popularity over time, I’ve been able to slowly gain more and more control over the advertising that appears on The Simple Dollar. I’ve been able to avoid advertising that’s unscrupulous, while also keeping the amount of advertising to a minimum. Even better, I’ve been able to build enough traffic to get the attention of some large advertising firms who are interested in placing ads directly on The Simple Dollar. This gives me a great opportunity: I can be much more careful in terms of who I allow to advertise on the site, plus I can negotiate such agreements on my terms.

While there is a lot of good in that situation, I’ve found over the last several months that there’s a lot of bad in there as well. Over the last several months, I’ve spent far too much of my time dealing with ad contracts, talking with ad agencies, and so on.

This is frustrating for me for several reasons.

First of all, I don’t want to spend my working hours dealing with conference calls and detailed negotiations and the like, especially when many of these seemingly promising arrangements fall through. I want to spend my working hours researching, writing, and finding new ways to share my writing, and perhaps find a few more hours to spend with my family.

Second, I find such negotiations really, really boring. I’ll spend hours swapping emails with a representative from an advertising firm, only to find out that they’ve decided to do something else. I’ll spend an afternoon reading through the details of an ad placement contract. I wouldn’t mind investing the time if I found this work interesting at all – but, quite simply, it’s not.

Finally, I find that, time and time again, my location works against me. I live in rural Iowa. Advertising firms want to have a face to face meeting. They’re in New York or Los Angeles. It’s not worth it to me to fly there.

So what’s the solution? After much thought, I’ve hired Federated Media to represent The Simple Dollar for negotiating direct deals with advertisers. Federated Media basically does these things that I don’t want to do – they seek out advertisers, do the face-to-face meetings on my behalf, work out the details of the contract, and put things right at my doorstep for final approval. In exchange, they get a slice of the contract – much like any agent would. This leaves me to what I enjoy the most – writing and researching.

I Need Your Help
In order to get the ball rolling, though, I need to get a strong picture of you. Federated Media and I have developed a survey to get a clear picture of who exactly reads The Simple Dollar. Please, take a moment of your time to fill it out at the URL below. It will help me immensely.

The survey is now closed. Thank you for all your help!

The survey is completely confidential – it asks for no personal information about you. We’re just attempting to get a demographic picture of The Simple Dollar’s readership. Still, there may be questions you are uncomfortable answering – and if that’s the case, don’t fill out the survey.

I truly hope you’ll take a few moments to complete the survey. I’d really appreciate it. Thank you!

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