Most of the images I use on The Simple Dollar are my own. For some incidental graphics, I use pictures that are made publicly available at Flickr that have the Creative Commons – Attribute license, which means that I can use their image freely as long as I give them credit. After trying several different ways of attributing images (and observing the clicks each method generated), I settled on the following policy for attributing images.

1. All images used in this way will have the title= attribute filled in in the hyperlink. The title will contain the name and the author of the image.
2. All images used in this way will have the alt= attribute filled in in the image tag. The alt will contain the name and the author of the image.
3. #1 and #2 will create a “pop up” effect when the image is moused over, showing clearly the attribution of the image.
4. The image itself will be hyperlinked to the original work, so that readers can enjoy the original work (and find other works by the author).

An example of said usage is below. Please move your mouse over the image and also click on it.

Snowball by redjar on Flickr!

This achieves the important objective of giving attribution to the image and credit to the author in an aesthetically clear and pleasing fashion. The average image use in this fashion during the month of June 2008 resulted in thirteen clickthroughs to the original author’s work on Flickr, so it also serves to expose the original artist to a wider audience.

If you are such an artist and would prefer a different accreditation, please contact me and I’d be happy to change it or remove the image. Please clearly state what you would like changed about the attribution so that I understand what the difference is between the current attribution and the one you wish to have.