The Coolest Car Insurance Mobile Apps 2020

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More and more, car insurance companies are creating their own unique car insurance apps. Far beyond providing basic insurance quotes, these auto insurance apps can provide feedback on your driving skills, find the cheapest gas prices in your area and even help you locate your car in a crowded parking lot. With that in mind, below is a list of some of the top picks you’ll find on the market today. Keep reading to learn more about each app, and help to decide which ones you’d want to try out.

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The 4 Coolest Mobile Apps for Car Insurance

Here are our top picks for the best car insurance apps around. While all these apps are free to download, for most of them, you do have to be a member of the car insurance company listed in order to get the full benefit of putting their app to use.

Best for the Commuter: Metromile

Metromile sets itself apart from other car insurance companies by offering a pay-per-mile pricing model. This model is best for people who don’t drive very far, like those who don’t drive often, work from home or have a short commute to work. You will have to be a Metromile customer in order to use the app.

At its core, the app serves to help you track your miles so you know where you stand in terms of your monthly car insurance expenditure. On top of its tracking capabilities, the app has lots of other useful features that can help commuters stay up-to-date on their vehicles.

For instance, the app also works with Metromile’s in-car mile tracking device to give you diagnostic updates on your car’s overall health. If your check engine light comes on, the app can help you decode its meaning and recommend nearby mechanics who can help you fix the problem.

Beyond that, Metromile’s app also has a feature that can help you find your car in a packed parking lot. In certain cities, it will also provide alerts for occurrences such as street cleaning so that you can avoid getting a ticket.

Best for Saving on Gas: Esurance Fuelcaster

If saving on gas is your main goal, than Esurance Fuelcaster is the right app for you. How it works is simple. On the app’s homepage, simply provide your current location or zip code and, in return, you’ll be shown all of the gas stations in your area.

Esurance Fuelcaster shows you the current pricing data for each gas station and will give you a recommendation on whether to buy today or wait until tomorrow based on how gas prices are set to fluctuate. Both features aim to ensure that you find the lowest price for gas around.

Best of all, unlike most of the apps on this list, you don’t need to be insured by Esurance in order to get the benefits.

Best for the New Driver: Allstate Drivewise

If you’re just getting behind the wheel for the first time, you may want to consider using the Allstate Drivewise app to track your driving habits. The app tracks different aspects of your driving such as your speed, how hard you brake and accelerate and the times of day that you drive. This data provides you and Allstate with feedback on whether or not you’re a safe driver, so you will need to have Allstate insurance in order to use Allstate Drivewise.

While just the thought of knowing your driving is being monitored may be enough to instill better driving habits in some, the biggest perks is the savings you could get. If Allstate determines that you’re a safe driver, you may be deemed eligible for extra discounts on your car insurance. Though, you can rest easy knowing that Allstate will not raise your rates in the event that you don’t get the best feedback from the app.

Best for Parents: Esurance DriveSense

In particular, parents of new teen drivers may want to consider enrolling in Esurance’s DriveSense program. Similar to Allstate’s Drivewise app, DriveSense uses a telematics device that plugs into the onboard diagnostics port of the car your teen drives most. Install the Esurance DriveSafe app on both your and your teen’s phone to monitor potentially dangerous driving habits such as texting and driving, speeding and hard braking.

As the parent, you can select whether or not you want alerts to be sent to your phone whenever your teen engages in these risky driving behaviors. That way, you can make sure your child stays safe behind the wheel and help coach them on developing better driving habits for the future.

While you don’t have to be an Esurance customer to use the DriveSense app, customers who enroll could save $100 with a safe driving discount.

The Bottom Line

Car insurance companies are getting increasingly creative when it comes to the auto insurance apps that they offer. While the ones listed above are our favorites on the market right now, only you know which apps will be the best fit for you. If you’re in the market for a new insurance provider and some extra savings, check out Esurance DriveSense and Allstate Drivewise.