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Most people don’t think about insurance much, until they have to — and by then, it could be too late. The good thing is, insurance is always on our minds, as you can see from our archives below. From car and life insurance to homeowners and renters policies, read on to make sure you and your family are protected, and discover new ways to save money on premiums.

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Do You Need Rental Car Insurance?

It may be tempting to opt out of the rental car insurance offered at the rental counter, but it's important…

Saundra Latham
Saundra Latham
Mar 6, 2020
Six Things to Look for in a Life Insurance Policy

If you’re an adult with a house, a spouse, kids, or any financial liabilities, and you should consider buying a…

Holly Johnson
Jun 27, 2020
How Much Does Car Insurance Go Up After An Accident?

Premium increases can be significant. According to the data, drivers who made claims saw their policy premiums increase by an…

Holly Johnson
Jun 18, 2020

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Do You Need Insurance for a Moped or Scooter?

More and more Americans are looking for ways to save money on their transportation costs. One solution is riding a…

Nicholas Pell
Mar 11, 2020
How Much Does an Eye Exam Cost?

It happens to the best of us. You get a little older and you just can’t see as well as…

Nicholas Pell
Jul 19, 2019
The Complete Guide to Health Insurance

Learn how to make the most of your health insurance policy without compromising your coverage or your wallet. The Simple…

Jennifer McCarthy
Jennifer McCarthy
Jul 23, 2019
What Is Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance?

Buying a life insurance policy will protect your dependents if you die, but it won’t provide a payout if you’re…

Emmet Pierce
Aug 13, 2019
Five Things Your Life Insurance Agent May Not Tell You

Life insurance agents provide a valuable service by explaining policy benefits and costs, but they may not tell you everything…

Emmet Pierce
Jun 23, 2020
MetLife Home Insurance Review

MetLife's homeowners coverage includes some protections that are hard to find elsewhere.

Kailey Fralick
Kailey Fralick
Sep 17, 2019