The 4 Best Florida Homeowners Insurance Companies

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Finding affordable homeowner’s insurance in Florida is no easy task: With an average annual premium of $2,084 (nearly double the the national average of $1,034), Florida has the highest home insurance rates of any state in the United States. This shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise considering Florida’s coastal geography and the increased likelihood of property damage due to hurricanes and floods.

Despite all this, there are still factors that can reduce what you’ll pay for home insurance in Florida — the physical location of the property, the age and condition of the home, and, of course, the insurance provider you choose will all have a significant impact on your monthly payment.

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Read on to learn about the best Florida homeowners insurance companies, and use the quote tool above to gauge realistic prices and compare rates in your area. It’s an interesting state because many of the big name national providers choose not to operate in Florida. That’s even more of a reason to get quotes and see what companies can provide insurance to you.

Citizen’s Property Insurance Corporation

Citizen’s Property Insurance is a not-for-profit, tax-exempt government entity that was established to provide insurance to Florida residents who are unable to find private coverage. With an A rating from A.M. Best, a 4-star grade from, a 4 out of 5 rating for financial strength and 4.6 rating for affordability of policy rates, Citizen’s Property Insurance is a top choice for Florida homeowners.

The company offers ample discounts on policy premiums, including breaks for complying with Florida Building Codes, installing storm shutters and impact-resistant windows and doors, and having fire alarms and burglar alarm systems. Citizen’s also provides helpful Florida-specific resources on their website, such as disaster safety and prevention education to help homeowners stay aware and protected.

Universal Property & Casualty

Universal’s online presence isn’t as strong as some of the other companies that dominate the Florida home insurance market, but it makes up for that by offering some of the lowest rates compared to its competitors. The company’s average annual insurance premium for a home in Florida comes out to roughly $1,500 — or more than $400 less than the state average.

Universal prides itself on its superior customer service, with guaranteed assistance from a real person. During times of natural disaster or catastrophe, this promise may be harder to achieve, but Universal still allows policyholders to file claims 24/7 by rerouting them through an efficient automated system and having representatives reconnect with them.

St. Johns Insurance

St. Johns is a privately held Florida company that specializes in homeowners insurance products. Unlike other insurance companies that offer homeowners insurance as one of several services, St. Johns exclusively provides property coverage.

Though you can expect high level of expertise from a company with such a specialized focus, policyholders are unable to benefit from multi-policy discounts that larger, more diversified companies can offer.

However, St. Johns boasts an A rating in financial stability from Demotech, Inc., excellent customer service, and competitive pricing for their policies, making them a top provider of Florida home insurance. Check out the products and services St. Johns has to offer by visiting their website and using the “Find an Agent” feature to consult with an agent near you.

Florida Peninsula Insurance Company

If you want a Florida-based home insurance provider, Florida Peninsula Insurance Company has become one of the state’s top contenders in the homeowners market.

Established in 2005, the company ranks among Florida’s top 10 local carriers. Experience handling hurricane claims is one of its most relevant selling points for Sunshine State property owners. Policyholders can file claims not just by phone but also online — a nice touch for a local provider — and take advantage of a robust learning center on the company website. A.M. Best gives Florida Peninsula an A on its Financial Strength Rating (FSR).

One potential drawback is that the company serves “just about” every Florida city, which doesn’t guarantee that coverage is available in your area.

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Enter your ZIP code below and be sure to click at least 2-3 companies to find the very best rate.

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The 4 Best Florida Homeowners Insurance Companies

  • Citizen’s Property Insurance Corporation
  • Universal Property & Casualty
  • St. Johns Insurance
  • Florida Peninsula Insurance Company