The 5 Best Illinois Homeowners Insurance Companies

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Illinois is both a leading agriculture and manufacturing producer, and home to one of the biggest, most bustling cities in the country. This diverse landscape, combined with the tumultuous weather conditions of the Midwest, can make finding a comprehensive homeowners insurance policy in Illinois a tough task.

While the statewide average annual premium is only about $881— slightly lower than the the national average —this figure does not reflect the wide array of factors that may affect quotes for individual coverage. Where in Illinois you call home, the specific conditions of your house, and which provider you choose to insure with will all play a role in determining how much you’ll pay annually.

To ensure you receive the coverage you need at the best price available, take a look at some of our picks for the top providers of homeowners insurance in Illinois, or use the quote tool below to compare your options and receive accurate estimates from several insurers.

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State Farm

State Farm dominates the Illinois homeowners insurance market because the company boasts wide coverage options at competitive prices, efficient and reliable claims management, as well as quality online tools and resources. State Farm provides coverage for just about any type of dwelling—be it a single-family house, condo, manufactured home, or farm/ranch.

A standard policy from State Farm covers any damage made to your dwelling or other structures on your property, with optional add-on protection available to insure things like your personal belongings or your home business. In the event that you must file a claim, State Farm makes it easy to do so by providing access to an online claims center, a 24-hour phone hotline, and hundreds of local offices with agents available to assist you through the process. The company’s’ online resources, such as the Home IndexTM tool, help you keep a running inventory of your valuable covered belongings to take the frustration and the guesswork out of the claims process.

It’s important to note that while State Farm does offer most common discounts and has a Discount Double Check feature — which automatically applies any discounts you’re eligible for — they offer fewer options than some of their competitors. If you’re the owner of a new or recently renovated home, for instance, it would be worth doing a price comparison with a provider that includes that discount to see how much it could save you.


A standard homeowners insurance policy from Progressive offers comprehensive coverage for your dwelling and personal property, in addition to providing liability protection, covering medical payments, and paying for any additional living expenses incurred as a result of the covered loss. Progressive has a host of add-on coverage options as well, including those to hedge against windstorms and flooding that may cause damage in a Midwestern state like Illinois.

By tailoring your policy specifically to include extra protections for what’s most important to you, you can avoid having to pay extra for insurance you don’t need. If, of course, you’d like the peace of mind of being fully covered in any event, Progressive also offers a personal umbrella policy that covers up to $5 million in additional coverage.

In addition to solid coverage options, Progressive also has a well-rated customer service department, which is a major plus when the time comes to file a claim. Progressive agents are also available to communicate with you and provide support via live chat, email, phone, in person, and even social media channels, so you can always have your questions answered and stay on top of your policy.


Nationwide is a popular choice for homeowners insurance in Illinois because of the unique coverage options, numerous discounts, and superior claims services available to customers. Nationwide’s Brand New Belongings coverage can be added on to a standard policy to ensure that, in the event of a covered loss, your damaged or destroyed personal property will be replaced with brand-new versions.

Nationwide also helps you save by offering discounts on top of their already affordable policies. These price breaks range from standard offerings like 20% off for bundling your policies and 15% off for installing protective devices, to less common ones: You can get up to a 30% discount based on the age of your home, 15% if you’re over the age of 60, and 5% just for being married.

Filing a claim with Nationwide can be conveniently handled through their mobile app, online claims center, via their 24/7 national claims line, or by speaking with a local Nationwide agent. Nationwide typically has quick claims turnaround periods and you can stay in the loop the entire time by tracking your claim until its resolution.

Nationwide also offers customers a free On Your Side review with an agent. This consultation can help you better manage your policy by determining the optimal levels of coverage to best suit your needs.

American Family

American Family insurance has strong financial stability ratings and high levels of reported customer satisfaction, and is one of the largest providers of affordable homeowners insurance in Illinois.

A standard policy covers property damage from fire, lightning, windstorms, hails, smoke, vandalism, and theft, and also helps pay for any additional living expenses you may incur if your home is unlivable after a covered loss. Add-on options from American Family are extensive and include personal property replacement, identity theft coverage, and personal injury. If you own a home office or studio, or operate a daycare out of your home, American Family also provides additional coverage to protect these assets.

When it comes to saving you money, American Family starts off by determining factors like your claims history and how long you’ve had a policy of any kind with them. If you’ve been a loyal American Family customer or have a claims-free history with a previous provider, your rates may automatically be reduced. On top of that, American Family offers an array of multi-policy discount packages, as well as discounts if you’re a new customer, if you’re over the age of 50, if your home is new or recently renovated, or if you’ve installed home security and fire protection devices. In the state of Illinois, you’ll also receive an additional discount for having an impact-resistant roof on your home.


Farmers is a good option for homeowners insurance in Illinois because they offer cheap coverage without skimping on service. The iFarmers mobile app gives you instant access to the specifics of your policy and allows you to make payments, search for local agents, keep a running inventory of your valuables, or easily be redirected to file a claim with the Farmers iClaim app.

Filing a claim with Farmers is a pain-free process — use the app, visit a local office, call their 24/7 claims hotline, or file online. As soon as your claim is received, you’ll be assigned a representative to personally oversee the process until settlement. You’ll be notified each step of the way and can also monitor the progress of your claim using Farmers handy Claim Tracker tool.

Farmers has a wider selection of discount offerings than many of its competitors. In Illinois, Farmers offers premium discounts for affiliation and participation in certain professional groups like schoolteachers and doctors. In addition to the standard ‘new home’ discount, Farmers gives you a price break for having a recently renovated major home system, having recently replaced your roof, or for having roofing materials made with impact-resistant materials. Farmers also takes the protective devices discount a step further — if you’ve installed fortified protection for your windows, walls, and roof, you can qualify for additional discounts. There are also discounts for energy efficiency certified and LEED green-home certified homes.

The 5 Best Illinois Homeowners Insurance Companies

  • State Farm
  • Progressive
  • Nationwide
  • American Family
  • Farmers

Find the Best Home Insurance in Illinois

Enter your ZIP code below and be sure to click at least 2-3 companies to find the very best rate.

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