The 3 Best Montana Homeowners Insurance Companies

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Montana’s diverse terrain creates varied climate patterns across the state. The eastern region, for example, sees harsher winters and hotter summers, with increased risk for damage due to natural disasters. So, while the average annual homeowners insurance premium in Montana, at $1,175, is slightly lower than the national average of $1,228, this figure does not accurately capture rates in high-risk areas, according to

Whether the city you call home is disaster-prone or not, make sure you’re paying the lowest amount possible for the best coverage by shopping around and comparing policies and prices. Keep factors such as financial stability ratings, discount opportunities and add-on options for things not typically included in standard policies (flood protection, for example).

To help make the home insurance selection process easier, we’ve outlined our top picks for Montana homeowners.

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Our Top Picks for Best Homeowners Insurance in Montana

State Farm

State Farm is backed by an A++ A.M Best rating for financial strength and has consistently been the most popular option for homeowners insurance in Montana. Residents of Big Sky Country insure with State Farm because the company offers broad policy options and superior claims management tools.

It’s also hard to beat State Farm’s impressive numbers: The company is the biggest underwriter of homeowners insurance in the United States. Combine that with its high financial ratings and you have a company that is dependent and reliable when it comes to paying claims. In addition, a J.D. Power survey in 2018 ranked State Farm above average for customer satisfaction.

State Farm provides standard coverage to nearly every type of Montana home, including single-family dwellings, mobile homes, condominiums and farms/ranches. State Farm policies can be easily customized with add-on coverages protecting against identity theft, personal liability and injury, and damage assets like home offices and studios.

In the event of a loss, filing a claim with State Farm is a hassle-free process. The company has one of the largest claims networks in the world, and it offers online devices and a PocketAgent mobile app to support you along the way. Tools like State Farm’s HomeIndex, which lets you keep an online inventory of your covered possessions, allow you to file an accurate and efficient claim.

The Premier Service Program is another notable perk of insuring with State Farm. Should you require water mitigation or floor repair after a loss, State Farm will connect you with a contractor in your area to do the repairs and make your home livable sooner.

Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual is a solid option for Montana homeowners looking to save money on their homeowners policy. Affordable rates are supplemented by Liberty Mutual’s liberal discount offerings — the company provides deductions for installing safety and security devices, bundling insurance products, obtaining a quote before your current policy with another provider expires, and opting for 100 percent replacement coverage. Additional discounts and benefits are also afforded to customers belonging to one of Liberty’s 14,000 affiliate employers, organizations and alumni associations across the country.

Liberty Mutual’s vast affiliate network also comes in handy should you experience a loss and require immediate assistance. While many of its competitors offer 24-hour claims support over the phone, Liberty Mutual goes one step further: The company offers 24-hour emergency repair services that are available 365 days a year. Simply file a claim over the phone, online or by using Liberty Mutual’s mobile app and you will be connected with a tested-and-approved contractor to carry out any urgent repairs. The company even guarantees the quality of the work for a year.

The company also fares well with its inflation protection endorsement. When your policy is renewed every year, Liberty Mutual takes inflation into account, which means you won’t lose coverage for price increases.

Farmers Insurance

Farmers Insurance offers some of the best claims management tools in the industry to help you respond and recover efficiently following a loss. Claims can be reported over the phone, online, in person with a local agent and using the Farmers’ iClaim mobile app. Farmers has a great agent finder tool, too.
After your claim is received, it is assigned to a claims specialist and you can easily follow its progress until settlement using the online Claims Tracker tool. Farmers also has many local partnerships with hotels and contractors in Montana to help set you up with temporary lodging or to make repairs after a covered loss.

In addition to outstanding claims tools, Farmers helps you save on your policy by extending multiple discount opportunities. In fact, Farmers Insurance offers more discounts than other insurers. Besides the company’s standard offerings like deductions for policy bundles and safety and security devices, Farmers provides discounts if everyone residing in your home is a non-smoker, if you’ve recently had an inspection, or if you’ve made any green renovations. Furthermore, if you’ve recently replaced your roof, Farmers offers additional premium price breaks.

How much is homeowners insurance in Montana?

At $1,175, Montana’s average insurance premium is just below the national average of $1,228. This rate, of course, depends on what city you’re in and the factors listed below.

Montana Rate Factors

Fortunately for Montana residents, natural disasters are uncommon in the state. However, the state is prone to flooding. The state has had flash flooding and river flooding.

The 3 Best Homeowners Insurance Companies in Montana

Find the Best Home Insurance in Montana

Enter your ZIP code below and be sure to click at least 2-3 companies to find the very best rate.

Find the Best Home Insurance

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