The 3 Best New Hampshire Homeowners Insurance Companies

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Known for pastoral college towns and its iconic “Live Free or Die” mentality, it’s no wonder New Hampshire is a popular location for homeowners. Lucky for residents of the Granite State, homeowners insurance premiums are lower than average (though, admittedly, not free) — in 2012, the average annual premium was just $848, compared to the national average of $1,034 for that year.

Lower premiums don’t mean that natural disaster doesn’t happen — New Hampshire residents are no strangers to blizzards and frozen pipes during harsh New England winters.

To make sure that your New Hampshire home is properly protected without breaking the bank, shop around and receive estimates on policies before making your final decision. To help ease the process, we’ve outlined our top picks for the state and included an online quote tool so you can obtain accurate quotes for your area!

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Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual is the largest provider of homeowners insurance in New Hampshire, writing over 12% of the policies in the state. New Hampshire residents choose Liberty Mutual because the company offers flexible and comprehensive policy options along with multiple opportunities to save on your premium.

A standard Liberty Mutual homeowners insurance policy can be supplemented with options like coverage for personal liability, additional living expenses, and personal property damage. The company also offers Home Protector Plus, which includes expanded coverage and additional benefits, allowing you to recover your possessions and the state of your dwelling at little or no cost to you after a covered loss.

When it comes to saving you money, Liberty Mutual is one of the best options available. The company provides premium deductions for bundling multiple policies, installing protective devices, having a claims-free history, insuring a new or recently renovated home, and obtaining a quote from Liberty Mutual before your current homeowners insurance policy expires. The company also offers exclusive savings on home insurance to New Hampshire residents that are employees or members of over 14,000 groups and associations in Liberty Mutual’s affinity program.

State Farm

State Farm’s wide policy coverage and specialty features make the company a popular option for cheap homeowners insurance in New Hampshire.

With State Farm, regardless of what type of New Hampshire dwelling you call home — be it a single-family home, condo, mobile home, or farm/ranch, you can find a standard policy that meets your needs. Add-on coverage options from State Farm include increased protection from personal liability and injury, as well as personal umbrella protection.

Should you experience a loss and need to file a claim, you can easily contact State Farm via the company’s 24/7 claims hotline, online, in person with one of their many local agents, or using their handy Pocket Agent mobile app.

State Farm also offers specialty tools to assist with claims management. Their HomeIndex tool, for example, allows you to compile a running inventory of your covered personal belongings and their, so you can keep track of your possessions following a loss and report your claim without the guesswork.

If your home sustains water damage and requires emergency water mitigation or floor repairs, State Farm’s Premier Service program can connect you with a reputable contractor in your area to carry out the maintenance necessary to return your home to safety.


Backed by an A+ financial rating from A.M., Travelers is a great option for high-quality, affordable homeowners insurance in New Hampshire. A standard Travelers policy protects your dwelling, any other structures on your property, and your personal belongings, along with any additional coverage you choose to add. Add-on protections include personal umbrella liability coverage as well as insurance for damage caused by earthquakes, floods, and landslides.

Travelers offers New Hampshire residents multiple ways to save on their policy premiums — discounts are afforded to homeowners who bundle policies, install protective devices, or have a claims-free history. Travelers’ also extends a 5% discount to policyholders with LEED certified “green” homes, an incentive that saves you money on your taxes as well as your homeowners insurance premium.

Finally, Travelers’ Prepare and Prevent online learning center is a great resource that offers quality educational tools and information for homeowners. Whether you’re looking for help on making your home safer to prevent natural disaster or theft, or require assistance in dealing with the aftermath of a loss, Travelers is there to help.

Find the Best Home Insurance

Enter your ZIP code below and be sure to click at least 2-3 companies to find the very best rate.

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