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Unlike some of its neighbors, North Carolina has been blessed with mostly mild weather and, as a result, relatively low homeowners insurance premiums. The average North Carolina home costs about $1,086 to insure annually, which is less expensive than the national average of $1,211.

Don’t let these numbers fool you, insurance prices vary greatly depending on which part of the Tar Heel State you call home, and which insurance provider you choose. To help you navigate the complicated (and often expensive) insurance maze, we’ve outlined our top picks for North Carolina homeowners insurance and included an online quote tool so you can get started on your search for a policy that will suit your needs.

If you have any technical questions or would like to get more educated on home insurance in North Carolina, a great resource to check out is the North Carolina Department of Insurance’s consumer’s guide to homeowners insurance.

Find the Best Home Insurance in North Carolina

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Find the Best Home Insurance

Save money on home insurance with our simple comparison tool.

Cheap homeowners insurance North Carolina

State Farm – Best for customizing

State Farm provides a wealth of coverage options so homeowners can find the right fit at the right price.

J.D. Power Score AM Best Rating BBB Rating SimpleScore
3 A++ A 3.8

Our Two Cents — It’s hard to beat State Farm’s huge selection of coverage options and exceptional service. And when you factor in its many discounts, they become an even more appealing option to consider.

State Farm offers some of the most comprehensive coverages in the Tar Heel State. They’re one of the few providers to offer coverage from water damage resulting from plumbing as part of their standard homeowner’s policy, where this coverage is optional with other providers. What’s more, with local offices all across the state and a high rating in J.D. Power’s customer satisfaction survey, you’ll receive the coverage you need with the service you deserve.

Liberty Mutual – Best for racking up discounts

Liberty Mutual offers a wealth of discounts, but its customer service could use some work.

J.D. Power Score AM Best Rating BBB Rating SimpleScore
3 A A+ 4.4

Our Two Cents — Excellent selection of discounts to get you in the door, but Liberty Mutual’s service isn’t up to par when compared to other providers.

Liberty Mutual offers a generous assortment of discounts including one just for switching to them. They’re also the only provider on this list to offer inflation protection as optional coverage. That said, they only scored two of five with J.D. Power’s customer satisfaction survey, which places them lower than many providers like State Farm and Allstate.

Nationwide – Cheapest provider

North Carolina homeowners can save more money with Nationwide.

J.D. Power Score AM Best Rating BBB Rating SimpleScore
3 A+ A+ 4.2

Our Two Cents — Great value for the price and generous discounts make Nationwide a good choice to consider.

Nationwide provides great value with coverage on your dwelling, your personal property, and other buildings on your property. In addition, you could receive substantial discounts to drive down costs, saving as much as 30% if you buy or have a newer home. And with local offices and Nationwide’s easy to use mobile app, filing claims or managing your policy is super easy.

USAA – Best overall provider for military families

USAA offers military families an excellent assortment of choices with unmatched prices and customer service.

J.D. Power Score AM Best Rating BBB Rating SimpleScore
5 A++ B+ 4.25

Our Two Cents — USAA is the industry standard and rightly so. They achieve exceptional customer satisfaction and their prices are among the best available.

If you’re searching for the best provider and you’re in the military or have family members in, then USAA is the right choice for you. Along with the standard coverage options, they also include identity theft into their home owner’s policy, a benefit that will save you money compared to buying separate policies with another provider. You can also add an umbrella coverage or personal liability to give you total protection.

Erie Insurance – Best for total coverage

Erie Insurance ensures you have the right coverage so you don’t have as many out of pocket expenses as their competitors.

J.D. Power Score AM Best Rating BBB Rating SimpleScore
3 A+ A- 3

Our Two Cents — Erie Insurance offers personal liability protection that goes with you anywhere in the world. This, coupled with their excellent service and discounts, where you can save up to 25% by bundling multiple policies with them, make Erie an enticing option to consider.

Erie Insurance’s biggest benefit is guaranteed replacement costs where they cover all the value, not just a fraction like other homeowner insurance providers. In addition, Erie is one of the best providers for customer satisfaction, placing them atop with USAA, according to J.D. Power.

Allstate – Best for rewards

Allstate’s innovative tools make filing a claim super simple and their homeowner’s policies give you comprehensive coverage for when you need it the most.

J.D. Power Score AM Best Rating BBB Rating SimpleScore
3 A+ A+ 4.4

Our Two Cents — Allstate’s rewards program is much more advanced than other providers on this list and rewards homeowners for when they don’t need to file a claim. Along with this, Allstate offers tools like Goodhome which help you learn more about your neighborhood so you can choose the best plan for you.

The biggest perks to Allstate concerns its rewards program. For every year you go without a claim, you receive 5% back. And you receive $100 off your deductible when you go with them, and another $100 every year you go without a claim up to $500. That aside, they offer a good selection of optional coverages to provide total peace of mind for homeowners.

Is homeowners insurance required by law in North Carolina?

According to the North Carolina Department of Insurance, homeowners are not required by state law to have homeowners insurance. However, if your home is under a mortgage, your lender might have requirements for insurance coverages you’ll need to meet. It’s important to discuss these with your lender so you have the right coverages in place.

And even if your home is paid off, homeowner’s insurance is affordable and can protect you from unexpected events, particularly if you live on or near a coastal community.

Should I consider hurricane insurance?

If you live in or near a coastal community in North Carolina, hurricane insurance is essential. According to CoreLogic Inc, there are over 264,000 homes in North Carolina that could be susceptible to storm surge damage resulting from a category 5 hurricane.

With this risk in mind, talk to your insurance provider about getting additional coverage, as damage claims resulting from hurricanes are not covered under your regular homeowner’s policies.

Customer satisfaction ratings for North Carolina

Here are how 10 North Carolina homeowner insurance providers measure up to each other based on their National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) complaint index and their J.D. Power customer satisfaction score:

Provider NAIC complaint index J.D. Power score (out of five)
State Farm 422 4/5
USAA 84 5/5
Nationwide 8 2/5
Liberty Mutual 40 2/5
North Carolina Farm Bureau 2 NR
Erie Insurance 20 5/5
Allstate 57 3/5
Auto-Owners 31 4/5
Travelers 1 2/5
American Family 26 3/5

Find the Best Home Insurance in North Carolina

Enter your ZIP code below and be sure to click at least 2-3 companies to find the very best rate.

Find the Best Home Insurance

Save money on home insurance with our simple comparison tool.

Best North Carolina Homeowners Insurance Companies

  • State Farm
  • North Carolina Farm Bureau
  • Liberty Mutual
  • Nationwide

When thinking through the coverage types you’d like to have, it’s useful to evaluate the climate and meteorological trends of your state. With those factors in mind, you might want to consider hazard insurance and flood insurance

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