The 4 Best North Carolina Homeowners Insurance Companies

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Unlike some of its neighbors, North Carolina has been blessed with mostly mild weather and, as a result, relatively low homeowners insurance premiums. The average North Carolina home costs about $927 to insure annually — about $100 less than the national average of $1,034.

Don’t let these numbers fool you, insurance prices vary greatly depending on which part of the Tar Heel State you call home, and which insurance provider you choose. To help you navigate the complicated (and often expensive) insurance maze, we’ve outlined our top picks for North Carolina homeowners insurance and included an online quote tool so you can get started on your search for a policy that will suit your needs.

If you have any technical questions or would like to get more educated on home insurance in North Carolina, a great resource to check out is the North Carolina Department of Insurance’s consumer’s guide to homeowners insurance.

Find the Best Home Insurance in North Carolina

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State Farm

State Farm is the most popular choice for homeowners insurance in the U.S., largely because it consistently offers low prices and more coverage options than just about anyone else in the market.

State Farm’s standard coverage in North Carolina includes protection in the event of fires, lightning, windstorms, freezing, and theft; add-on options are available to cover personal injury and accident protection. State Farm also offers unique coverage for home businesses, farms and ranches, mobile homes, and older homes (on a case-by-case basis).

Insuring with State Farm provides you with access to special resources and tools, like their Premier Service Program, which connects you with local contractors to assist in recovery and repair after a covered loss. State Farm can help you save on homeowners insurance by offering discounts for multi-policy bundling, installing protective devices, and having fire sprinklers – but the company does not provide discounts for new homeowners or recent renovations, so if you qualify for one of those categories, use the quote tool to shop around further.

North Carolina Farm Bureau

The North Carolina Farm Bureau is a private, non-profit farm organization that works with and protects rural communities in the state. The company works through a network of local agents that understand the unique risk factors facing North Carolina residents, and provide quality care customer service in every county.

The Farm Bureau provides discounts on policies for Value Plus and Carolina Partner Plus members, as well as those for new homes, homes with protective devices, and for customers who opt to pay a higher deductible.

Although the N.C. Farm Bureau is smaller than some of the other providers highlighted, it is backed by an A rating for financial strength from A.M. Best and is a strong choice if you’re looking for personalized service and reliable homeowners insurance in North Carolina.

Liberty Mutual

When it comes to homeowners insurance discounts, Liberty Mutual is one of the most competitive providers in the market. You can receive discounts on your policy for bundling insurance, for belonging to one of Liberty Mutual’s 14,000+ affinity groups, for installing protective devices, for purchasing a new or recently renovated home, or for having a claims-free history.

If you’re currently with another provider and are looking to switch, Liberty Mutual also offers a discount for simply requesting a quote with them before your existing policy expires. Liberty Mutual’s quote tool is easy to use and walks you through the process, with additional support options available through a live online chat, a call-in line, and hundreds of local agents and offices in North Carolina.

This kind of support remains with you through any emergency you or your home may experience, with a 24/7 claims assistance hotline and emergency repair services, which help restore your home to a livable condition immediately in the event of a disaster.

Insuring with Liberty Mutual also provides you with benefits and comprehensive add-on coverage options, like Home Protector Plus, which covers any unforeseen costs when rebuilding your home or replacing your property.


Nationwide offers some of the cheapest homeowners insurance premium rates in North Carolina without skimping on coverage. A standard policy from Nationwide protects against damage made to your dwelling, any additional structures on your property, and your personal belongings. Nationwide also provides a wide array of additional coverage options, including their unique Brand New Belongings coverage, which gives you money to repair or replace your destroyed property with brand-new items if disaster strikes.

Nationwide has a good amount of discounts available, so make sure to do your research and see if you qualify– you can get 30% off based on your home’s age, 20% for bundling policies, 15% for installing protective devices, and more.

If you choose to go with Nationwide, take advantage of their free On Your Side review, which can help you learn how to manage your deductible, fully understand your policy and benefits, and confidently select the right amount of insurance for your living situation and protect what matters most to you.

Find the Best Home Insurance in North Carolina

Enter your ZIP code below and be sure to click at least 2-3 companies to find the very best rate.

Best North Carolina Homeowners Insurance Companies

  • State Farm
  • North Carolina Farm Bureau
  • Liberty Mutual
  • Nationwide

When thinking through the coverage types you’d like to have, it’s useful to evaluate the climate and meteorological trends of your state. With those factors in mind you might want to consider hazard insurance and flood insurance

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