The 3 Best North Dakota Insurance Companies

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Homes in North Dakota are vulnerable to natural disasters such as floods, fires, windstorms, tornadoes and earthquakes, making it no surprise that the average annual homeowners insurance premiums in the state are at $1,354, according to This is higher than the national average of $1,228. Though there are many preventive steps North Dakota residents can take to safeguard their most valuable assets from damage, selecting the right insurer and the proper amount of coverage is crucial.

To assist in your search, we’ve selected our top picks for the best North Dakota homeowners insurance companies.

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Our Top Picks for Best Homeowners Insurance in North Dakota

Farmers Union Insurance

Farmers Union Insurance is a part of the QBE Insurance Group, which has a large share of the homeowners insurance market in North Dakota. The company boasts an A (excellent) rating from A.M. Best for financial stability and is known for building strong personal relationships and maintaining fairness and honesty in business.

Farmers Union offers multiple options for affordable North Dakota homeowners insurance policies, including coverage for individual residences, condos and townhomes, as well as overall personal liability umbrella insurance for added protection.

The Farmers Union website offers information to help policyholders understand the true value of their home so that they do not find themselves under-insured after a loss. Farmers Union does not have an instant online quote tool, but it has over 400 employees who can provide accurate quotes and assist homeowners in determining the proper level of coverage for their dwellings. With its 24-hour claims service, Farmers Union policyholders can file claims at any time, either online or with an agent.

State Farm

State Farm is the largest provider of homeowners insurance in the U.S. and is a popular choice for North Dakota residents. The company offers coverage options for nearly every type of standard residence in the state, including single-family homes, condominiums, mobile homes and farms/ranches. Basic policies from State Farm can be supplemented to include personal liability and injury protection, personal umbrella insurance, and specialty coverage for assets such as home offices and studio spaces.

The company offers a feature called Discount Double Check, which ensures that you are receiving the best possible price for your policy by automatically applying any premium price break for which you qualify.

The company insures against natural disasters such as freezing water, fire, lightning, hail and wind. It also includes sewer-backup and water-backup insurance in its basic policy. Add-on coverage includes State Farm’s Personal Articles Policy, which is great to have for collectibles or things you’ve inherited.

If your home sustains a loss, State Farm is one of the most easily accessible providers in the industry. To file a claim, simply call the 24-hour hotline, fill out an online form, visit one of the company’s many local offices, or use its handy Pocket Agent mobile app. State Farm offers exceptional claims-service resources that can ease recovery after a loss. The company’s HomeIndex digital inventory tool allows you to keep a catalog of your covered possessions and their worth, cutting out the guesswork and ensuring accuracy when reporting a claim.

Nodak Mutual

Nodak has been serving the residents of North Dakota for over 60 years, providing a wide range of high-quality and affordable insurance products. A standard homeowners insurance policy from Nodak covers damage to your dwelling, any additional structures on your property and your personal belongings. It also protects you against liability claims and medical expenses following a loss.

Nodak helps you customize your policy to your specific needs and budget. Add-on options include coverage for water backup and sump discharge, identity theft and increased personal property replacement costs.

You can save on your North Dakota homeowners insurance policy by taking advantage of Nodak’s discount offerings for bundling home and auto policies, insuring a newer home and installing safety and security devices. The company also gives price breaks to customers who have recently restored or rebuilt their roofs and policyholders over age 50.

Nodak does not offer an online quote tool for prospective homeowners insurance customers, but the company has a reputation for providing personalized care to residents of the Peace Garden State.

Ward Benchmarking has recognized Nodak Insurance Co. as one of the top 50 property and casual insurance companies in the nation. Call an agent to obtain a quote and find out whether insuring your home with Nodak is right for you.

How much is homeowners insurance in North Dakota?

At $1,354, North Dakota’s average homeowners insurance sits above the national average, which is at $1,228. Rates can vary from city to city and they depend on the factors listed below.

North Dakota Rate Factors

Weather extremes are common in North Dakota, which affects the state’s homeowners insurance rates. The state suffers from extreme winds, floods, blizzards and hail.

The 3 Best North Dakota Homeowners Insurance Companies

Find the Best Home Insurance in North Dakota

Enter your ZIP code below and be sure to click at least 2-3 companies to find the very best rate.

Find the Best Home Insurance

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