The 4 Best Ohio Homeowners Insurance Companies

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Ohio residents don’t have to worry much about natural disasters, and homeowners insurance premiums in the state are low as a result. The average annual home insurance rate in Ohio is just over $721 — well below the national average of $1,034.

That being said, rates fluctuate between cities and really depend on the condition of your home as well as the provider you choose.To make sure you’re receiving the right coverage at the best possible price, make sure to shop around — contact several companies for quotes. We’ve highlighted our picks for the best providers of Ohio homeowners insurance to help you in your search, and have included a quote comparison tool below so you can easily get started.

For more information regarding specific Ohio policies and plans, you should also visit the Ohio Department of Insurance’s Guide to Homeowners Insurance.

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Progressive has some of the lowest rates for homeowners insurance premiums in Ohio, along with solid coverage options. A standard policy pays up to the limits you outline for any covered damage made to your dwelling or personal property, protects you in case you are sued for liability, covers any medical expenses incurred, and covers any additional living expenses in the event that your home is unlivable after a loss.

Progressive offers a large selection of optional add-on coverage, so you can tailor your policy to meet the needs of your home and budget. Their Guaranteed Replacement Cost coverage ensures comprehensive protection in case of a loss and their Inflation Guard Endorsement automatically adjusts your home insurance limits so they are at 80% or more of your home’s replacement cost. You can cover specific valuables that are not typically included in a standard policy with a personal property endorsement from Progressive, and you can hedge against identity theft and credit card fraud by increasing coverage for resulting expenses.

Like most other providers, Progressive offers discount options for policy bundling and installing protective devices like burglar alarms. However, Progressive misses a few other common discounts, like those for new or recently renovated homes and for remaining claim-free. Although Progressive has low rates, you should consider looking elsewhere if you believe you would qualify for these price breaks, and compare final quotes before making your decision.


Nationwide is a popular homeowners insurance option in Ohio because the company offers consistently cheap and reliable coverage. A standard Nationwide homeowners insurance policy protects against most damage made to your dwelling or additional structures on your property, as well as to your personal belongings. Add-on coverage choices include Nationwide’s unique Brand New Belongings option, which allows you to replace any damaged or destroyed items with brand-new versions at no additional cost to you.

Nationwide offers an array of discounts — you can save up to 30% based on the age of your home, 20% for bundling policies, 15% for installing protective devices, 15% for being over the age of 60, 5% for being married, and more. Nationwide also has an exclusive partnership with Plenti, a rewards program that lets you earn points by shopping at popular retailers.

If you choose Nationwide as your Ohio homeowners insurance provider, make sure to take advantage of their free On Your Side review with an agent. You can learn how to manage your deductible, understand the specifics of your policy, and select the optimal level of coverage without over-insuring yourself or, more importantly, overpaying.


Allstate - Home has a wide range of coverage options, numerous discounts to make your policy more affordable, and exceptional online resources and tools. Regardless of the type of home you live in, be it a ranch, a condo, or even an older home, Allstate offers standard coverage options to protect your dwelling. Allstate also offers unique add-on coverage to protect and recover the things that matter most to you–expensive sports equipment, business property, musical instruments, and even electronic data.

Allstate offers numerous discounts ranging from those that are relatively standard, such as 30% for multi-policy bundling and 20% for going claims free, to those are more unusual, such as a 10% Welcome discount and 5% for setting up automatic payments. Where Allstate truly has an edge over its competitors, however, is in their online resources and tools. Allstate’s Premium Gauge tool, for example, allows you to see how various factors, like the age of their home or installing a protective device, would impact your premium rate. Their Digital Locker lets you keep a protected running inventory of all your items and their respective worth. You can access this locker from any synced device and use it to recover quickly and efficiently after a loss. Allstate offers educational articles, videos, and tips that can help you make important decisions as a homeowner.

Cincinnati Insurance

The Cincinnati Insurance Company was formed by four independent insurance agents in 1950, with a dedication to providing local, quality coverage to Ohio communities. Although the company has since expanded and now serves 39 states, the mission remains the same. Cincinnati offers a personalized homeowners insurance experience at an affordable price, is backed by an A++ (superior) financial stability score from A.M. Best, and is consistently well-rated for customer satisfaction by J.D. Power & Associates.

Cincinnati Insurance offers two types of standard homeowners policies — Executive and Executive Classic. The Executive Policy covers your dwelling and other structures, personal property, legal liability, and provides additional living expenses if your home is unlivable after a loss. This policy is easily customizable with add-on coverage, like protection for your home business, to fit the needs of your home.

The Executive Classic Policy covers high-value homes and provides the same benefits as the Executive Policy, but with a few added perks. The Executive Classic covers the cost of a professional survey of your home for reconstruction, the full cost of rebuilding your home with similar materials after a covered loss, as well as the full repair of your items and payment for purchasing item replacements.

Although Cincinnati offers standard discounts like those for multiple policy bundling, new homes, claims-free history, and home alarm installation, the company nonetheless has fewer discount options than some of its larger competitors. Strong financial ratings, high-quality customer service, and affordable prices, however, make Cincinnati a solid option for your Ohio homeowners insurance policy.

The 4 Best Ohio Homeowners Insurance Companies

  • Progressive
  • Nationwide
  • Allstate
  • Cincinnati Insurance

Find the Best Home Insurance

Enter your ZIP code below and be sure to click at least 2-3 companies to find the very best rate.

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