The 3 Best Oklahoma Homeowners Insurance Companies

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Oklahoma has a long history with natural disasters, and you don’t have to look far to see how damage from such disasters has affected the state’s homeowners.

In 2013, a devastating tornado destroyed hundreds of homes in the Oklahoma City region, costing residents over $1 billion in damages. Prices in Oklahoma homeowners insurance skyrocketed as a result— the average annual premium in 2015 was $1,428, more than $400 above the national average.

While premium prices are high, it’s always better to be safe than sorry when owning a home in a high-risk state like Oklahoma. To find an Oklahoma homeowners insurance provider that gives you the optimum level of protection at a price suitable for your budget, we recommend shopping around and comparing companies and policies. We’ve outlined our top picks for the Sooner State, and included an online quote tool so you can easily find accurate estimates for policies in your area.

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State Farm

State Farm is the largest and most popular choice for homeowners insurance in Oklahoma, owning over 13% of the state’s property insurance market. State Farm offers Oklahoma residents flexible policy options, specialty features, and outstanding claims management services — all at an affordable price.

The company provides basic coverage for nearly every type of dwelling, including single-family homes, condos, mobile homes, and farms/ranches. State Farm also ensures that you’re receiving the best possible price on this policy with their Discount Double Check feature, which automatically applies any eligible premium price break on your policy.

In the event that you experience a loss and need to file a claim, you can remain confident knowing that State Farm has one of the largest claims networks in the world. Reporting a claim can be done either online, over the phone via State Farm’s 24-hour claims hotline, in person with a local agent, or by using the Pocket Agent mobile app.

The company also offers tools that can assist with claims process — their HomeIndex digital inventory tool, for example, allows you to keep a running catalog of your covered possessions and their worth, eliminating the guesswork when it comes time to file.

Liberty Mutual

When it comes to savings, Liberty Mutual is a clear choice for Oklahoma residents. The company offers multiple discount opportunities including those for bundling policies, installing protective devices, obtaining a quote prior to your current policy expiration date, and opting for 100% replacement cost coverage.

Liberty Mutual also has an extensive affiliate network of over 14,000 partnered employers, organizations, and alumni associations throughout the nation, and offers additional savings and benefits to any policyholders that are group members.

While many national homeowners insurance providers offer 24-hour phone claims support, Liberty Mutual takes a step further by offering their customers 24-hour emergency repair services. The company can set you up with a vetted local contractor to carry out any repairs necessary to restore your home back to safety using their Contractor Network Referral Program. The real kicker? This service is available 365 days a year so you can always have peace of mind.

Farmers Insurance

Backed by an A rating from A.M. Best, Farmers offers reliable service at a great price for Oklahoma homeowners insurance. The company has customizable policies with unique add-on coverage options such as Eco-Rebuild coverage, which offsets extra costs associated with rebuilding or renovating your home using certified ‘green’ contents and materials, as well as Contents Replacement Cost, which replaces destroyed or damaged personal items with their new versions following a covered loss.

Farmers also offers multiple specialty premium discount opportunities such as those for non-smokers and for policyholders who have made ‘green’ efficiency renovations or recently replaced their roof.

Filing a claim with Farmers is a hassle-free process — the company offers phone services, an online form, and a handy iClaim mobile app. Once filed, claims are assigned to specialists and can easily be tracked until their resolution using the online Claims Tracker tool, so you’re always aware of the status of your progress. Farmer’s many commercial partnerships with contractor services and Oklahoma hotels can offer convenience and lower rates on repairs and temporary lodging should you require these services after a loss.

The 3 Best Oklahoma Homeowners Insurance Companies

  • State Farm
  • Liberty Mutual
  • Farmers Insurance

Find the Best Home Insurance

Enter your ZIP code below and be sure to click at least 2-3 companies to find the very best rate.

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