The 3 Best Utah Homeowners Insurance Companies

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Luckily for Utah residents, homeowners insurance premiums in the state are among the lowest in the country — an average of $634 annually. A temperate mountainous climate that presents lower risk for natural disasters keeps rates low, but this doesn’t mean residents of the Beehive State don’t experience their fair share of problems.

To ensure that you purchase a homeowners insurance policy that can hedge against any possible disaster without overpaying, shop around and compare different policies. We’ve outlined our picks for the top affordable Utah homeowners insurance companies and included an online quote tool so you can easily get started.

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American National

In addition to earning an “A” financial strength rating from A.M. Best, American National Property and Casualty (ANPAC) had some of the lowest annual policy premium rates of any major insurance provider in a study conducted by the State of Utah Insurance Department.

ANPAC recently revised their standard homeowners insurance policy to one that is comprehensive and offers features that typically cost extra from other providers. An ANPAC policy covers your personal belongings at their full replacement cost in a covered loss as well as major home systems including central air conditioning, boilers, backup generators, and solar heaters. In the event of any underground damage to pipes or wiring on your property, you can take advantage of the service line coverage that is included as part of ANPAC’s standard policy.

Although ANPAC doesn’t offer many of the discount options available from other providers, their cash-back rewards program can yield thousands of dollars in savings. If you purchase both auto and home policies with ANPAC and remain claim-free for three years, the company will send you a check for 25% of your first year’s annual premiums along with one every year that you remain claim-free. If you’re paying the state average of roughly $700 a year for homeowners insurance, combined with another $700 for auto insurance, ANPAC will send you a check for $350 every year after the first three.

Bear River Mutual

Founded in 1909, Bear River Mutual is the largest Utah-based insurance company, and exclusively insures homes in the state. The company employs an extensive network of independent agents who understand the specific needs of the local communities they serve and can craft the right combination of insurance products to ensure the safety of your Utah home.

Bear Mutual offers policies to protect your primary and secondary residences and personal liability coverage, with additional coverage options for earthquake protection. Bear Mutual also extends special coverage for condominiums and townhomes, with discount options available.

While Bear Mutual does not have as many technologically advanced resources as some of its national competitors, the company provides solid coverage for Utah homeowners at some of the lowest premium prices in the market. Contact an independent Bear Mutual agent for more information on discount eligibility and creating a policy that works for you, your home, and your budget.


Allstate wide breadth of policy options and discounts available to customers and extensive online resource center make it one of the best options for homeowners insurance in Utah.

Allstate offers policies for just about every type of standard dwelling available — from single-family homes to ranches — along with unique customizable add-coverage options. With Allstate, you can choose to increase protection on things that matter to you most, be it musical instruments, sports equipment, your home office, or electronic data.

Allstate works to save you money on an already affordable policy by extending a host of premium discounts. You can receive up to 30% for bundling policies, 20% for remaining claim free, 15% for installing protective devices, 10% for being a new customer, 5% for signing up for electronic payments, and more.

The comprehensive online resource center available on Allstate website offers articles, checklists, and videos to educate and answer any questions you may have regarding homeowners insurance. Exclusive tools from Allstate help you manage policy and ease the claims process in the event of an emergency. Allstate’s Premium Gauge tool lets you see how different variables, such as the age of your home or installing a smoke alarm, affect the annual price of your premium. The Digital Locker tool from Allstate helps you upload pictures and create an up-to-date inventory of your covered possessions, so you can remove the guesswork when filing a claim.

Find the Best Home Insurance

Enter your ZIP code below and be sure to click at least 2-3 companies to find the very best rate.

Best Utah Homeowners Insurance Companies

  • American National
  • Bear River Mutual
  • Allstate

Check out the Utah State Department of Insurance for more information on insuring your Utah home. You can also visit our complete guide to home insurance and our list of the best national home insurers to learn how homeowners insurance works and how to shop for — and save on — your insurance policy.