The 3 Best Vermont Homeowners Insurance Companies

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Vermont isn’t just ice cream, maple syrup and picturesque fall foliage. The Green Mountain State also experiences its fair share of turbulent weather, which poses a high risk of property damage for homeowners. Harsh New England winters bring heavy snowfall and rain, and the occasional late summer hurricane, such as Hurricane Irene in 2011, can cause wreckage.

Luckily for Vermont residents, however, homeowners insurance premiums in the state remain low. The average rate is $589, less than half of the national average of $1,228 and the second-lowest average cost in the nation, according to When it comes to shopping for Vermont home insurance, it is important to consider potential risks and to fully understand what your policy covers and what it doesn’t.

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To help aid in your search for an affordable and comprehensive homeowners insurance policy, we’ve outlined our top picks.

Our Top Picks for Best Homeowners Insurance in Vermont

Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual has one of the largest shares of the Vermont homeowners insurance market. The company is a popular choice because it offers affordable rates with numerous discount opportunities and excellent claims-management resources.

Liberty Mutual offers Vermont residents policy premium deductions for bundling home and auto insurance, installing protective devices, and opting for full replacement coverage. The company also has a large affiliate network of over 14,000 employers, organizations and associations. Membership with an affiliate offers additional savings and benefits to customers.

Should you experience a loss and need to file a claim, Liberty Mutual offers multiple ways to report the damage to your home. While many insurance companies offer 24-hour phone support, Liberty Mutual goes above and beyond to offer 24-hour emergency repair services, every day of the year. It also offers instant support via its app, and you can also contact the company online. Simply get in touch with the company after a loss and you will be connected with a vetted contractor in your area who will perform any necessary maintenance to make your home livable again. Plus, you can feel confident knowing that Liberty Mutual guarantees all of the repairs for a full calendar year.


Backed by an A+ rating for financial strength from A.M. Best and consistently well-rated for customer satisfaction, Travelers is a great option for affordable Vermont homeowners insurance.

A standard policy from Travelers can easily be customized to include add-on coverage for protection from earthquakes, floods, landslides, identity fraud and personal liability umbrella coverage.

Travelers helps you save on your homeowners insurance premium by offering multiple discount opportunities. In addition to standard offerings like deductions for bundling multiple policies or having a claims-free history, Travelers features a 5 percent sustainability discount. Having an LEED-certified green home won’t just save you money on your electric bills and taxes, it can also lower your homeowners insurance rate.

Vermont homeowners can also take advantage of Travelers’ Prepare and Prevent online resource center, which provides a wealth of information and tips for homeowners. Those preparing to buy a home can look at the OpenHouse app that Travelers and BuildFax have partnered to provide. This lists the permits that were applied for and when they were completed to give you a detailed repair and renovation history of your potential home.

Vermont Mutual Insurance

Vermont Mutual has been providing reliable insurance products to New Englanders since 1828. The company has an A+ rating from A.M. Best.

Vermont Mutual offers a wide selection of homeowners insurance policies, ranging from standard to preferred coverage options for single-family houses, condos and mobile homes. Multiple add-on coverages are available to customize your policy to your optimum level of protection.

Green Mountain State residents who operate home businesses can protect their assets through the Home Business Endorsement from Vermont Mutual, thereby eliminating the need to buy a separate commercial property policy. Vermont Mutual offers convenient billing to customers, with plans that combine bills from any partnering companies into one payment plan.

Although Vermont Mutual does not have an online quote tool or as much information available on its website as some of its larger competitors, the company has hundreds of local independent agents available to meet with you and determine whether insuring your home through Vermont Mutual is the right option for your living situation and budget. As a community-focused business, it has been voted one of the best places in the state to work and it has a long, distinguished record of charitable giving to the communities it serves.

How much is homeowners insurance in Vermont?

At $640 less than the nation’s average cost of $1,228, the price of homeowners insurance in Vermont is astonishingly inexpensive compared with other states. This price will vary based on the city or rural area where you live. The price of your home compared with the average for the area will also play a part in your cost, as will the deductible you choose and your level of policy coverage. Risk of catastrophes, described in more detail below, can play a part in how the insurance company decides the bottom line.

Vermont Rate Factors

The state of Vermont is at risk of snow and ice storms from the West and hurricanes from the East, but it is not typically in the path of the most extreme damage. Flooding and forest fires, two other risk factors, are relatively unlikely in most areas of Vermont.

The 3 Best Vermont Homeowners Insurance Companies

Find the Best Home Insurance in Vermont

Enter your ZIP code below and be sure to click at least 2-3 companies to find the very best rate.

Find the Best Home Insurance

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