The Cheapest Ohio Renters Insurance Companies 2020

The Buckeye State has excellent renters insurance options, with the average costs being $166 annually. Along with costs, there are other factors you’ll want to examine when buying a policy.

The first is how much renters insurance do you need? When you buy a policy, you’ll have the option to customize how much coverage you want for your personal property. If your apartment catches on fire or suffers water damage, this is the maximum amount your insurance will reimburse you for these damaged items.

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    If you have expensive tastes such as high-end art, collectibles or jewelry, you’ll want to have more coverage. Conversely, if you have a few expensive items, you can opt for a less expensive option.

    Your provider is also a key consideration. By examining a carrier’s reputation with how it treats its customers, its prices and its financial strength, you can get insight into whether they’re the right fit for you.

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      Best rental insurance companies in Ohio

      With this in mind, here are some of the best Ohio renters insurance carriers:

      • Erie: Erie has some of the most affordable rates, something that can help budget-conscious buyers.
      • Motorist: The Motorist makes the list thanks in part to the affordability. An annual renters insurance policy for Motorist could cost you $100 annually. You can also add extra coverage to protect valuable items.
      • State Farm: State Farm makes the list for its outstanding customer service. It was one of only a few traditional providers that earned a five out of five rating in J.D. Power’s survey. It also offers several other insurance products and discount options.
      • USAA: USAA is an excellent choice if you’re in the military or related to someone who is. USAA earned the highest marks from J.D. Power’s survey, scoring five out of five for customer satisfaction. It also offers a wealth of other insurance options such as life and auto, making USAA a great one-stop resource for all your insurance needs.

      To find the best of the best, we examined how customers viewed the carrier by looking at the J.D. Power & Associates customer satisfaction surveys. We also took into account the costs of the policy and how financially strong the provider is with credit rating agencies, as this indicates whether the company has the financial means to pay for claims.

      Using these metrics, here’s a look at how the top four compare to each other:

      ProviderJ.D. PowerAM Best ratingBBB Grade
      USAA5 out of 5A++A+
      State Farm5 out of 5A++A+
      Erie3 out of 5AA+
      MotoristNot ratedA-NR

      Because everyone has different needs, here are some of the best Ohio renters insurance depending on specific circumstances:

      The cheapest Ohio renters insurance: Motorist Insurance

      As noted above, Motorist is an affordable option where you can pay as little as $100 annually for a policy. If you need a bare bones policy, you’ll have a hard time finding something more affordable. However, other factors like if you need more personal property protection or live in an older building could increase the premium slightly.

      The best Ohio renters insurance for seniors: State Farm

      State Farm is excellent in that you can receive a quote online, over the phone or in-person through an agent. The company has some of the best customer satisfaction scores, demonstrating a high level of service the carrier provides. This makes State Farm a helpful option for seniors who want confidence that their insurance provider will be easy to work with.

      The best Ohio renters insurance carrier overall: USAA

      If you’re in the military, USAA is your best choice. It earned the highest customer satisfaction scores with J.D. Power, and USAA’s policies are affordable. You can get one for less than $100 per year.

      Find the Best Renters Insurance in Ohio

      Save money on renters insurance with our simple comparison tool.

      Matching you with providers.
      We found results in
      Click at least 2-3 companies to find the very best rate.

        Cheap Ohio Renters Insurance FAQs

        Because there are no legal requirements, how much renters insurance you need depends on the value of the items in your home. Create a list of everything you own then ballpark how much they’re worth in their current condition. Doing so can help you choose the coverage most appropriate for your needs. You should also ask your landlord if they require coverage and how much they require you to have.

        Motorist Insurance is an excellent option if you’re looking for affordable coverage. They have policies beginning at $100 annually. However, the best option for you may be different. Consider your needs and then get some quotes to decide which provider to choose.

        Along with personal property, renters insurance provides liability coverage if someone incurs injury in your home and needs medical treatment. Many policies also include loss of use coverage. This kicks in if you cannot live in your apartment anymore due to fire, flood or other covered events. It provides financial assistance for things like helping you move someplace else or transportation expenses associated with the move.

        Each provider should have instructions on their website on how to file a claim. Some will let you do so through their website. Most also have a phone number you can call, with many carriers available 24/7. When you must file a claim, follow all instructions to prevent any delays on your end when the providers go to review and possibly approve your claim.

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