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There are perks of renting. If your water heater breaks, your landlord picks up the tab. If the housing market busts, you’re not out any money. But not all of your concerns can be taken care of by the landlord, which is why renters insurance is important.

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You don’t need to insure the structure of your living space, but going without insurance leaves you exposed if your belongings gets damaged in a fire or a thief makes off with something. Most renters insurance policies include personal property coverage — meaning they protect your furniture, electronics and clothes, up to your policy limits — and liability coverage. Liability coverage steps in if your neighbor sues you because they slipped on your doormat, for example.

Don’t worry that Idaho renters insurance is going to bust your budget. These policies are cheap. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) says policies average between $15 and $30 a month — and are easy to get. To help you find the right coverage for the stuff you keep inside your apartment, we’ve built this guide to best Idaho renters insurance companies.

Best renters insurance companies in Idaho

Based on the coverage you need and how much you’ll pay for it, our top picks for Idaho renters insurance companies are:

  • American Family Insurance: When American Family Insurance customers get asked about their renters insurance by organizations like J.D. Power & Associates, they give glowing reviews because of the strong customer service.
  • MetLife: MetLift gets decent ratings across the board, gives you a lot of control over your renters insurance coverage and has competitive rates.
  • Oregon Mutual: Although relatively small, Oregon Mutual renters insurance shines for its affordability.
  • Safeco: Safeco connects you with an insurance agent near you, which can be helpful if it’s your first time getting a renters insurance policy or you prefer to work in person instead of online

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The cheapest Idaho renters insurance: Oregon Mutual

If you’re looking to get the best Idaho renters insurance while paying as little as possible, Oregon Mutual is a solid option. The policies are cheap and include the basics plus additional living expenses coverage. This kicks in if you can’t live in your apartment because of a reason covered by your policy and need help footing the bill at a hotel and restaurants. While your rates will depend on your circumstances, Oregon Mutual often has the lowest prices.

The most customizable Idaho renters insurance: MetLife

MetLife policies give you a ton of flexibility. MetLife is a better option if you have specific things you want to protect or certain risks you want to protect against. You can customize your policy to include sports equipment, electronics, musical instruments and valuables.

The easiest Idaho renters insurance to get: Safeco Insurance

If you’re looking for someone to guide you through the process of getting the right policy for your needs, Safeco’s a solid option. It has independent insurance agents across Idaho. Choose the one closest to you to have a pro guide you toward the right policy.

Safeco can serve you if you prefer to do things digitally too. It recently added a feature that allows you to file your renters insurance claim online and track its progress digitally too.

Idaho renters insurance with the best customer satisfaction: American Family Insurance

If you looked at the 2019 J.D. Power Renters Insurance study, you probably noticed that a lot of renters insurance companies have average rankings. American Family Insurance is different. They scored a perfect five out of five in overall satisfaction, policy offerings, price, billing process and policy information and interaction. American Family also offers add-ons like pet coverage.

Frequently asked questions

How much renters insurance do I need in Idaho?

How much insurance you needs depends on how much you need to insure. If you have a massive wardrobe or an extensive home entertainment system, for example, you’re going to need more coverage than someone who leads a spartan lifestyle. For help picking the right level of coverage, check out our guide.

What is the cheapest renters insurance company in Idaho?

According to The Zebra,Omaha Mutual has the lowest average rates. However, what you pay depends on things like your credit history, where you live and how much you ownTo find the cheapest policy for yourself, get quotes from multiple insurance providers.

How can I save on renters insurance in Idaho?

Getting quotes from multiple renters insurance companies is an excellent way to make sure you’re getting renters insurance at the best price. Also, consider bundling your renters insurance with other coverage you need, like auto insurance. Don’t hesitate to ask your insurance agent — if you choose a company that connects you with one — about your discount options. The agent may be able to point you toward more discounts.

Do I need Idaho renters insurance if I’m in college?

If you live in a dorm, your parent’shomeowners insurance probably covers you. If you live off-campus, you might want to consider getting your own policy. We did a deeper dive into this question to give you more info.

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AM Best Rating 2019 J.D. Power Overall Satisfaction Rating</td>

Better Business Bureau Rating Average rate
American Family Insurance A+ 5 out of 5 A+ $108
MetLife A+ Not available A- $100
Oregon Mutual A- Not available A+ $87
Safeco Insurance A 2 out of 5 A $102