American Family Renters Insurance Review

American Family Insurance offers high-quality policies you should consider, so make sure to get a free quote. Compare rates and policy details among three or more insurance companies to make sure you’re getting the best deal for the coverage you need.

J.D. Power Rating
AM Best Rating
Standard & Poor’s
4.8 / 5.0
SimpleScore American Family 4.8
Discounts 5
Coverage Options 5
Customer Satisfaction 5
Support 4
Accessibility 5

American Family Insurance has become a household name thanks to its catchy commercials and popular insurance policies. Not only does the insurer offer high-qualify and protective coverage for your home and your car, it also offers coverage for boats, recreational vehicles and motorcycles. It even offers life insurance, identity insurance, travel insurance and health insurance. American Family Insurance even offers renters insurance, a type of insurance coverage that protects a renters personal possessions in the event of fire, theft, vandalism and more. Renters insurance is similar to homeowners insurance in that it can kick in to help you pay for a new place and replace your personal possessions. The big difference: It doesn’t actually cover the building you live in.

If you’re renting and wondering if you need insurance coverage for your electronics, family heirlooms and furniture, the answer is yes. Renters insurance policies are extremely affordable — often less than $15 per month — yet the peace of mind you can gain is priceless.

Keep reading to learn more about American Family Insurance renters policies, what they cover and how to get a free quote.

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      American Family Renters Insurance Review

      Like other large insurance providers that offer renters insurance, American Family allows its customers to tailor their policies to meet their needs. This can mean tweaking coverage amounts to ensure all possessions are fully protected, paying for add-on coverage as needed and adjusting deductibles higher or lower to manage costs.

      American Family stands out from competitors in a few areas. For example, its 24/7 claims support service helps ensure you’re never left stressing over your belongings or claims details on your own. American Family also offers the MyAmFam app, which helps customers keep track of their premiums, file claims, manage their policy details and more.

      While standard American Family renters insurance policies are offered to cover the basics, additional coverage you can purchase includes:

      • Identity theft protection: This low-cost coverage helps you recover from costs associated with identity theft.
      • Travel protection: Travel protection can help cover medical bills if you’re injured abroad or reimburse you if your trip is canceled for a covered reason.
      • Pet insurance: You can also combine insurance for your pet with your renters insurance policy. This coverage can kick in to cover up to $1,000 in veterinary bills.
      • Home-based business: You can also pay more for home-based business coverage if you’re self-employed and work from home.

      How to Get a Quote from American Family Insurance

      Applying for a free, no-obligation quote from American Family Insurance is easy thanks to the insurer’s consumer-friendly website. To get a free quote, head to their website and enter the following information:

      • Name.
      • Address of residence.
      • Birthdate.
      • Type of property.
      • Information on pets.
      • Number of people in your home.

      Once you fill out the basic information online, you’ll receive a follow-up note that says an American Family Insurance agent will contact you. From there, you can go through all the potential policy details, tweak your coverage to meet your needs and start your new renters policy.

      American Family Insurance Renters Insurance Discounts

      There are several discounts that can help you pay less for renters insurance from American Family Insurance. Here are the ones you should be aware of and seek out as you apply for a new policy:

      • Multi-product discount: Save big on your renters insurance policy by bundling several policies together, such as renters insurance plus an auto insurance policy.
      • Smart home discount: Qualify for a home protection discount if your home has certain home security features.
      • No claims: You can save even more if you haven’t had any claims for the past five years or more.
      • Auto pay or paperless discounts: Pay less for your policy if you set up automatic payments or choose paperless statements.
      • Loyalty discounts: You can qualify for another discount if you’ve been an American Family Insurance customer for several years — or even if your parents are customers.

      Find the Best Renters Insurance

      Save money on renters insurance with our simple comparison tool.

      Matching you with providers.
      We found results in
      Click at least 2-3 companies to find the very best rate.

        Powered by (NPN: 8781838)

        America’s top-rated renters insurance

        • Policies starting at just $5/month
        • Sign up in seconds, claims paid in minutes
        • Zero hassle, zero paperwork

        How We Rate American Family Insurance Renters Insurance

        At The Simple Dollar, we aim to provide a general overview of each insurer’s products and services through a standard rating process. With that in mind, we considered policy offerings and overall customer satisfaction using J.D. Power’s 2018 U.S. Renters Insurance Study. We also measured financial solvency based on reports from A.M. Best, S&P and Moody’s.

        After a thorough research and discovery period, here’s how American Family Insurance renters insurance stacks up:

        • Claims satisfaction: 4 out of 5
        • Coverage options 4 out of 5
        • Financial solvency: 4 out of 5
        • Customer satisfaction: 4 out of 5
        • Overall rating: 4 out of 5



        The SimpleScore is a proprietary scoring metric we use to objectively compare products and services at The Simple Dollar.
        For every review, our editorial team:

        • Identifies five measurable aspects to compare across each brand
        • Determines the rating criteria for each aspect score
        • Averages the five aspect scores to produce a single SimpleScore™

        Here’s a breakdown of the five aspect scores and their rating criteria for our renters insurance reviews.

        Why do some brands have different SimpleScores on different pages?

        To ensure the SimpleScore is as helpful and accurate as possible, we developed unique criteria for every category we compare at The Simple Dollar. Since most brands offer a variety of financial solutions, their products and services will score differently depending on what we’re scoring on a given page.

        However, it’s also possible for the same product from the same brand to have multiple SimpleScores. For instance, if we compare State Farm’s home insurance according to our criteria for the best home insurance, it scores a 3.8 out of 5. But when we compare State Farm according to the criteria for the best auto insurance, it scores higher, since the features the company offers can vary by the type of insurance.


        We awarded higher scores to insurance providers with more discounts available on their website.

        Coverage Options

        We gave providers with more renter insurance coverage options a higher score because they’re more likely to have a policy that best meets your needs.


        We awarded higher scores to renters insurance providers with the most channels for customer support.

        Customer Satisfaction

        We leveraged the J.D. Power Home Insurance Satisfaction Study℠ to see how customers rated their experience with each insurance provider. (If a provider wasn’t included in J.D. Power’s study, we skipped this aspect and averaged the four remaining aspect scores.)


        We awarded higher scores to insurance providers that have more online and mobile features to easily manage your policy and claims.

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