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Amica Mutual Insurance has been in business for more than a century. The company is known for its exceptional customer service and satisfaction, and Amica has received recognition and rewards in numerous categories for multiple branches of its operation.

Despite its reputation and recognitions, none of these acclaims are for Amica’s renter’s insurance branch. While some awards, such as the PBN Best Place to Work award of 2018, might apply to the whole company across the board, others such as their 2019 ranking as number 1 in “Highest in customer satisfaction with the property insurance claim experience” are particular to a division of the company.

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Although Amica does not display any awards for its renters insurance division, the company as a whole has an excellent reputation. This reputation is upheld when you take a look at Amica’s market share of complaints compared to their market share of the industry. Here, in the NAIC complaint ratio report, we can see that Amica receives roughly half the amount of complaints that would be average for its size within the insurance industry.

Still, this doesn’t mean they are right for your situation. A closer look at what is offered through Amica renters insurance is needed before any decision can be made.

The specs

Price $4 a week*
Best for People who prioritize customer service
Not for People who want to interact with their agent in person
States served All states except for Hawaii
Discounts Loyalty
AM Best Rating A+ (Superior)
Standout Features Discounts
Policy customizations
Excellent customer satisfaction

*Lowest premium as listed by Amica.

The claim

Amica makes a few claims as to why it should be chosen over others for renters insurance. Here are the two most significant such claims, from a customer perspective:

  • “Work with a team that’s nationally recognized for customer service.”
  • “Get customized coverage to fit your specific needs.”

Is it true?

Amica was smart in choosing these claims, as both are critical elements of choosing renters insurance and both are easily verified. We’ve already seen how highly Amica ranks with customer satisfaction and customer service. Thanks to the J.D. Power report, we can determine that the first claim is valid, as Amica has received awards for being number one in the industry for customer satisfaction.

The second one is a little trickier because it might be considered correct as long as the company offers any customizations on renter policies. On the other hand, one can just as quickly find it false if Amica doesn’t have customization options that “fit” one’s needs. While Amica does have an array of policy customizations available, the only way to be sure that Amica renters insurance will meet your needs is to compare your needs to its policies and customization options.

Our deep dive

Standard renters insurance coverage

  • Personal property coverage: This coverage helps with replacing damaged or stolen property, whether you are at home or away. Itextends to items such as electronics, furniture, credit cards and clothing.
  • Personal liability coverage: This aids in costs related to either people or their property being injured or damaged while at your residence or by you, your family member or your pet.
  • Loss of use coverage: This can temporarily assist with living costs for hotels and food if your residence becomes unlivable.

Additional renters insurance coverage options:

  • Personal property replacement: This covers full replacement or repair of property, up to the limit of your coverage, without needing to take item depreciation into account.
  • Scheduled personal property: This is an extension to cover more specific and expensive possessions such as fur or jewelry.
  • Smart devices and computers: This adds coverage for phones, computers, tablets and laptops.
  • Identity fraud: This provides reimbursement, up to your coverage limit, for unauthorized use of your identity. It helps with such expenses as unauthorized credit card usage.

Cost rundown

Numerous factors can influence the cost of your renters’ insurance policy. Below are some of the more common variables to be taken into account by companies such as Amica Mutual.

  • Deductible: The higher the deductible you choose, the lower your premiums will be, but the more you will have to pay out of pocket before your policy kicks in.
  • Add-on coverage options: Adding coverage options will extend your coverage and increase your premiums.
  • Rental location: The building location can have a significant impact on cost. Things like local crime rates and proximity to fire stations are often considered to determine various risk levels for the insured property.
  • Building and unit size: The larger the insured property, the more it costs to replace, and the more the insurance company charges for that risk.
  • Credit rating: The higher your credit rating is, the more the company trusts in your future payments, and the less it will charge you on your premium.
  • Building security: More secure buildings experience less damage and loss and are therefore less expensive for the insurance company to cover. As a result, you can experience lower premiums.

Cheaper (or free!) alternatives

While renters insurance isn’t mandated by law the way that homeowners’ insurance is, it can still save you a lot of money in the event of a disaster. If you do wish to take out a policy, Amica is one of the most affordable options available. Part of this is due to their discount programs, which are detailed below.

  • Loyalty: This discount kicks in once you’ve held a policy with Amica for at least two years. It saves you money based on how long you’ve held a policy with them.
  • Claim-free: This is a discount provided for customers who have gone without filing a claim on their policy in the last three years.
  • E-discount: This discount is for customers who choose the paperless option and receive their policy information and bills electronically.
  • Multi-line: If you also get car insurance through Amica, this discount can save you up to 7% on your renters insurance.
  • AutoPay: This discount is for customers who pay their premiums using automatic payments.

The competition

There are numerous companies to choose from when looking for renters insurance. Each has its place, and more than one may be suitable for your needs. Below are five of the top competitors for Amica renters insurance, along with their J.D. Power scores. Although Amica has received awards for 17 years in a row on the J.D. Power report for their homeowners’ insurance, it isn’t represented for its renters insurance in the J.D. Powers reports.

For a more in-depth look at alternative companies for renters insurance, take a look at this guide to the best renters insurance companies of 2020. If you’re looking specifically for policies that include flood coverage, read this guide to the best flood insurance companies.

  • Erie Insurance: Erie renters insurance is known for customer satisfaction. Erie’s J.D. Power ratings reflect this with a five out of five in both customer interaction and pricing. It received three out of five in the rest of the categories. With its reputation and rankings, Erie renters insurance is a safe choice.
  • Farmers: Farmers renters insurance is known for extensive policy customization options but received average ratings (two out of five) in all categories on the J.D. Power report for renters insurance. Farmers can still be a viable option for those seeking extensive policy customization options.
  • Nationwide: Nationwide renters insurance has a reputation for a robust selection of coverage add-on options. It is competitive within the rental insurance industry yet received two out of five in each of the categories on the J.D. Power’s report. Despite these ratings, Nationwide can be a good choice for those looking for specific coverage add-ons that the company provides.
  • Travelers: Travelers renters insurance provides unique additional living expense coverage designed to suit the needs of those who travel a lot. It received average or below (two out of five) rankings in each of the J.D. Powers categories. Despite these rankings, Travelers can still be a solid choice for those who travel frequently.
  • State Farm: State Farm is known, more than anything else, for its presence. It is one of the most widely available renters insurance companies in the U.S., and it received top marks for each category of the J.D. Power’s report except for claims satisfaction, where it received a two out of five. State Farm is ideal for those having a hard time finding insurance companies that offer coverage in their area.

What others are saying

Customer reviews reveal some of what makes Amica so well-liked by its customers. Quality service and product delivered for an affordable price and discounts that get better over time are features that frequently come up in reviews.

The bottom line

When it comes to renters insurance, there are plenty of options, but the best company for you is going to depend on your needs and your situation. Amica Mutual offers reliable renters insurance policies with good coverage, good extended coverage options and excellent customer service for a low price.

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