Geico Car Insurance Review

We’ve all seen the ads: The gecko with the charming accent, the cavemen, the “wee” piggy and that camel who loves Wednesdays. Catchy advertising aside, Geico stands out from its competitors with low rates and plenty of discounts.

J.D. Power Rating
AM Best Rating
Standard & Poor’s
4.2 / 5.0
SimpleScore GEICO 4.2
Discounts 4
Coverage Options 4
Customer Satisfaction 4
Support 4
Accessibility 5

When it comes to car insurance, Geico is one of the most popular providers for drivers in the United States. Geico’s car insurance rates are among the lowest in the industry, so if you’re in the market for more affordable car insurance, Geico is one to keep on your radar.

Customer satisfaction surveys and Geico reviews show that Geico’s customer service is about average compared to other auto insurance providers. If your experience is more important than the price of your premium, you might want to consider a different insurance provider like State Farm or Allstate. If you file a claim, you want the peace of mind of knowing that your insurer will lessen the headache, not make it worse.

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      Geico insurance overview

      PriceVaries by location, vehicle and other factors
      Best forPrice-focused consumers
      Not forPeople who place a high value on reputation and customer service
      DiscountsAir bags
      Anti-lock braking system
      Anti-theft system
      Daytime running lights
      Five-year accident-free good driver
      Seat belt use
      Defensive driving course
      Driver’s education course
      Good student
      Membership and employee discounts
      Federal employee discount
      Senior driver
      States served50
      In business since1936
      Better Business Bureau ratingA+
      Moody’s ratingAa1
      Standout featuresAccident forgiveness
      24/7 customer support and roadside assistance
      Rental car reimbursement
      Mechanical breakdown insurance
      Coverage for Lyft and Uber drivers

      Geico insurance rates

      Geico’s well-known slogan — “15 minutes could save you 15 percent or more on car insurance” — sounds too good to be true. But based on our research, switching to Geico car insurance can help you lower your rates. Affordability and discounts are two of the company’s biggest selling points. Other selling points include l fast claims service, accident forgiveness and 24/7 customer support.

      Every car insurer evaluates multiple factors when calculating your rate, such as your driving record, your age, vehicle type, credit score and annual mileage. Because of that, it’s impossible to say that Geico will be the cheapest auto insurance provider for every driver. We got quotes from several major insurers and found that Geico’s rates were affordable, but not the lowest:

      Annual premium cost$25K/$50K/$10K (state minimum coverage)$250K/$500K/$100K
      State Farm$274$444

      You may get different results than I did. The only way to know which company offers you the best price is to set aside some time to compare quotes.

      J.D. Power’s 2019 U.S. Auto Insurance Study shows that lower prices don’t always coincide with a lower quality of customer satisfaction. Of the 11 regions surveyed, six consider Geico to be average or above. Depending on where you live, this is something to be aware of when comparing rates and looking at Geico auto insurance reviews.

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      The Simple Dollar’s Geico review

      If you’ve been looking at Geico car insurance reviews, you likely want to know about the basics of coverage and how much it will cost. Here are the highlights you should know based on our review:

      • Offers all major coverages: Geico offers bodily injury and property damage liability coverage ranging from your state minimums to $250,000/$500,000/$100,000. These coverages protect you if you’re found liable for damage to people or property in an accident. Some states also require uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage, which pays for the damages if you’re hit by a driver who has too little or no insurance. Collision and comprehensive coverage are also available to help repair your vehicle following an accident. Though not required by law, many lenders will require these coverages if you have a loan on your vehicle.
      • Coverage for Lyft and Uber drivers: Geico offers coverage to Uber and Lyft drivers. Though this protection is becoming more common, some insurance companies still refuse to cover drivers who provide ride-sharing services, and have even canceled their existing policies. If you work for a ride-sharing service, Geico is worth considering.
      • Plenty of ways to save: Geico has an impressive selection of discounts to help you save on your premiums. Insuring multiple vehicles or bundling your home and car insurance could lower your premium by up to 25 percent. Being five years accident-free and wearing your seat belt can also translate into savings. Teen drivers are eligible for good student and driver’s education discounts. And if you’re a member of the U.S. military or one of Geico’s member organizations, you could save even more.
      • Financially strong: Moody’s, S&P and AM Best have all given Geico high financial strength ratings. This is an important indicator of how likely it is that the insurer will be able to pay out claims when the time comes. Geico customers can rest easy knowing that the company will be there when they need them, whether that’s tomorrow or months down the road.
      • Simple quote process: Getting a car insurance quote from Geico takes less than five minutes. Answer a few basic questions about yourself, your vehicle and your driving record and you will be presented with several policy options that you can customize to your liking. You should know most of the information required to complete the quote, but if you can’t recall the details of any recent accidents, you may want to look that information up ahead of time. Quotes are saved in Geico’s system, so you can return to them at a later date without having to reenter all your information.
      • Filing a claim is easy: You can file a claim online, over the phone or through one of Geico’s mobile apps. According to Geico’s claims center, the whole process takes about five minutes. Submit the details of your accident and a representative will look into it. If you’re eligible for a repair, you can schedule that right away. You can track the entire claims process from the mobile apps or your online account.
      • Accident Forgiveness: Accident Forgiveness is available as an optional upgrade. If you choose to add it, you don’t have to worry about rate increases following your first at-fault accident.
      • Manage your account from anywhere: Geico has mobile apps available for Apple and Android devices. The apps give you access to digital ID cards, roadside assistance, and details about your policy. You can get a quote, file a claim, and pay your bill just as you could from your online account. The mobile apps are also hooked up to Geico’s live chat, so you can speak to a representative at any time.
      • Mechanical breakdown insurance: Mechanical breakdown insurance pays for any repairs your car needs that aren’t related to an accident. It’s only available for new or leased cars under 15 months old with less than 15,000 miles. You can renew it for up to seven years or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first. All repairs under mechanical breakdown insurance have a $250 deductible.
      • Rental car reimbursement: This is an optional protection. If your car is in the shop for a repair, this coverage will pay for the cost of obtaining a rental vehicle.
      • Roadside assistance: This is another optional coverage. If you run out of gas or lock yourself out of your car, Geico will send someone to assist you at no extra cost

      Cost rundown

      Car insurance companies look at a variety of factors when calculating car insurance rates. Your age, your driving history, your vehicle make and model, and where you live are a few of the biggest factors. Every company weighs these factors slightly differently, so the only way to find out what it’s going to cost you is to get a quote.

      For me, going with Geico would cost $240 a year for state minimum coverage. State Farm would charge me an extra $34 for the same coverage, but its reputation for providing better customer service could make the extra money worth it. That’s something you also have to weigh when comparing insurers.


      Car insurance can be expensive, but because all 50 states require it, there’s no way to skip it. And if you’re caught driving without insurance, you can face some hefty fines. However, most car insurance companies — including Geico — offer discounts that can help you save money on your monthly rates.

      With Geico auto insurance, drivers can save money if they have safety features installed on their vehicle, have taken a defensive driving course, go five years without an accident, are a good student, bundle their policies, insure multiple vehicles or are a federal employee or member of the military. Check out Geico’s discounts page for a full list of savings.

      To bring down your auto insurance costs even further, you can take simple steps to minimize your risk to insurers. Consider these options:

      • Drive less. Less time spent on the road means less potential for accidents.
      • Notify your insurer about major life changes. Getting married or finishing college can have a significant impact on your car insurance premiums.
      • Improve your credit score. A higher credit score means a lower insurance premium with every car insurer.
      • Complete a defensive driving course. Several insurers, including Geico, give discounts to drivers who have completed a defensive driving course within the last three years.
      • Choose your next vehicle carefully. You want a vehicle with high safety ratings that won’t attract thieves.

      The competition

      As we mentioned, it’s important to shop around for auto insurance quotes before selecting a provider. Although Geico is one of the most popular insurance providers on the market, there are several other reputable insurers that might offer a better, more affordable policy for you. Here’s a look at some of Geico’s main competitors:

      • State Farm: In our quote comparison, State Farm offered reasonable rates for state minimum coverage, but that rate went up significantly when we raised my policy limits. State Farm offers all major types of car insurance coverages, and it scored well in J.D. Power’s customer satisfaction survey. It also has a decent selection of discounts, including its Drive Safe & Save program, which gives a discount to those who agree to have their driving monitored by State Farm.
      • Progressive: Progressive is another car insurer worth considering if a low price is your top priority. It doesn’t offer as many discounts as some other insurers, but its rates are consistently among the lowest in the industry. It provides all major types of coverage, in addition to some protections you won’t find with most insurers, such as pet injury and custom parts coverage.
      • Allstate: Allstate has one of the largest selections of car insurance discounts in the industry, yet it still turned out to be the most expensive option. Again, this may not be the case for you, but you’ll have to get a quote to find out. Also, Allstate received even lower customer satisfaction scores than Geico in J.D. Power’s survey, so unless it offers you a great deal on your rates, one of the other companies on this list is probably a better option.

      You can look at Geico Insurance reviews and reviews of these other companies to see which company seems like the best fit for you.



      The SimpleScore makes it easy to compare products and services featured here on The Simple Dollar in a transparent, open and honest way. We rate these products and services using five factors and average them to calculate a single SimpleScore. For auto insurance, we compare:

      • Discounts
      • Coverage options
      • Support
      • Customer satisfaction
      • Accessibility

      You can read more about each factor and the details of each score in our auto insurance methodology. Use our ratings and editorial recommendations as you shop for the best auto insurance that fits your coverage needs.

      Car insurance rates: We used insurance rates from Quadrant Information Services. This includes analyzing thousands of rates from all 50 states that were publicly sourced from 2019 insurer filings. Rates are based on a 30-year-old male or female that had a clean driving record. Full Coverage premiums assumed a $500 collision and comprehensive deductible, and we looked at those who had both good and poor credit. These rates should be used to inform your car insurance shopping process, but your own quote may differ.

      Why do some brands have different SimpleScores on different pages?

      To ensure the SimpleScore is as helpful and accurate as possible, we developed unique criteria for every category we compare at The Simple Dollar. Since most brands offer a variety of financial solutions, their products and services will score differently depending on what we’re scoring on a given page.
      However, it’s also possible for the same product from the same brand to have multiple SimpleScores. For instance, if we compare State Farm’s home insurance according to our criteria for the best home insurance, it scores a 3.8 out of 5. But when we compare State Farm according to the criteria for the best auto insurance, it scores higher, since the features the company offers can vary by the type of insurance.


      We looked at the number of discounts each company offers — more discounts mean a higher score.

      Coverage Options

      We awarded higher scores to the companies that have the most coverage options.


      We awarded higher scores to lenders with the most channels for customer support.

      Customer Satisfaction

      We leveraged the J.D. Power 2019 Auto Insurance Satisfaction Study℠ to see how customers rated their experience with each company. (If a company wasn’t included in J.D. Power’s study, we skipped this aspect and averaged the four remaining aspect scores.)


      We looked at the level of accessibility of each company –– the more resources they have the higher their score.