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Whether you’re hoping to retire comfortably or save for college, investing can help you reach your long-term financial goals faster. And it doesn’t have to be complicated. We’ll show you how and why to get started, simple strategies to reduce risk, and the best ways to protect your money from extra fees and taxes. 

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Roth IRA vs 401(k)? You May Not Have to Choose

One of the most common retirement questions I get asked is: Roth IRA or 401(k)? Although both are good options…

Trent Hamm
Trent Hamm
Aug 12, 2019
12 Things You Need to Know Before Investing in Stocks

A few days ago, our family was driving to a school event together. We were listening to a podcast over…

Trent Hamm
Trent Hamm
Sep 18, 2019
The Five Most Important Factors For Investment Success

If you’re new to investing, it’s pretty easy to feel overwhelmed. The factors of sound investment may seem complicated, but here’s…

Matt Becker
Aug 19, 2019

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Your Year-End Investment Checklist

The end of the year is fast approaching, and with it comes the opportunity to check in on your investment…

Matt Becker
Oct 25, 2018
Why Mistiming The Market Can Be Disastrous

Advocates of buy-and-hold stock investing make a strong case as to why it can be disastrous for a novice investor…

Drew Housman
Drew Housman
Aug 15, 2019
Five Situations Where Money and Emotions Don’t Mix

Mixing money and emotions is rarely a good idea. It almost never ends well. But there are certain key times…

Mia Taylor
Oct 8, 2018
How Financial Independence / Retiring Early Actually Works

Jennifer writes in with a great question: I don’t really understand how early retirement works unless you have a giant…

Trent Hamm
Trent Hamm
Oct 5, 2018
Rookie Real Estate Investing Mistakes to Avoid

Real estate shows like Flip or Flop, Million Dollar Listing, and Flip This House can make it seem like there’s…

Holly Johnson
Aug 9, 2019
How to Invest for Medium-Term Goals

There’s plenty of advice when it comes to investing for retirement. And there are plenty of resources to help you…

Matt Becker
Jul 25, 2019