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Is There Something Wrong With Me If Suze Orman Appears In My Dreams?

Trent Hamm

suze-fresco.jpgLast night, I was reading through a personal finance book (one of the upcoming ones in the 52 Weeks… series) when I dozed off to sleep. In my dream, I was playing catch with Suze Orman in the outfield at Wrigley Field, and she kept shouting at me in that distinctive tone of hers that she was going to embarrass me on her show that evening, that she was going to tell the world that I had spent all of my money on a picnic with her at Wrigley Field. (Incidentally, she had a killer pitching arm – it was making my wrist sting – and she looked extremely young, younger than I am.)

When I woke up this morning, this dream kept sticking in my head. Why would I dream about Suze Orman? I wasn’t reading a book written by her, nor had I even seen her show (or even thought about it) in a long while. It particularly bugged me because I can usually rationally explain everything that happens in my dreams – they’re almost always subconscious nudges that I should be doing something that I’m forgetting about. After some reflection, however, I think I pieced it together.

Suze Orman’s personality makes my skin crawl. The public persona of Suze Orman revolves around an appearance of “success”: designer clothes, styled hair, and the like. This runs contrary to what she preaches, which is to live thrifty and sock away money. Similar financial pundits don’t dress overly nicely; take Jim Cramer, for instance. He dresses like the chainsmoking accountant I know that lives down the street, but it makes sense because he’s preaching positive use of money and reasonable investment. Suze, on the other hand, comes off as some sort of televangelist, preaching her solutions to all of your problems with her screechy voice and “worship me now” attitude, dressed to the nines in a self-contradictory fashion like the wife of Joel Osteen or something.

But a lot of the advice she gives is good advice, especially to beginners. Even though her persona drives me to drink (literally, I sometimes watch her show in the late evening with a glass of scotch), she says things that often make sense to the beginning investor. Unquestionably, it’s a good idea to get your head on straight first, and it’s a good idea to build up an emergency fund before you dive into big purchases. I don’t think it’s just the scotch-induced haze – her material actually makes sense. Her books are also quite good, mostly because they’re separated from the designer clothes and that nails-on-the-blackboard voice.

I’m at a loss here… should I like Suze Orman or not? Is it okay to be completely disgusted by someone’s persona but still respect what that person has to say? My uncle used to say “big suit, little man” a lot, in reference to people that tried to put on a big show about things but really didn’t amount to much – and this is the exact same vibe I get from Suze Orman on a regular basis. Yet the actual core of the message she sends strikes a deep inner chord with me – maybe the specifics aren’t perfect, but the central concept is spot-on.

Either way, I don’t think I’ll tell my wife about this dream. She would probably be creeped out by the whole thing.

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  1. Flexo says:

    This is pretty much how I feel about Suze, as well. I think she’s rude and mean, but her advice is usually … okay.

  2. Finance Buff says:

    My problem with Suze Orman is that she made a big deal about herself while saying common knowledge. “You ought to save some money” or “pay off your credit card” are good advice on their own right, no matter who says them. But she made it as if she discovered those “secrets”. Your uncle is exactly right about people like Suze Orman. They put on a big suit and market themselves to the masses as gurus.

  3. dimes says:

    Aww, I was going to pan her today but something more important came up. Last night she was dressed in a suit version of those awful green velvet curtains Scarlett O’Hara wore in Gone With the Wind. She drives me crazy in personality, plus she has that annoying Chicagoan accent. And yes, I also drink before/while I’m watching her. She seems to have such contempt for beginners though, and it doesn’t come through in her books. I like the books, but can barely tolerate the show. Of course, it’s on CNBC, which is really saying something right there.

  4. Brian says:

    I found this website quite amusing. I too have a love/ hate relationship with Suze. That voice, those clothes, wow! And just reading through this website verified my suspicions that she is gay; I picked up on how she would refer to dates and relationships as with “this person”, never “him”. No matter. She has a good attitude and I have respect for her as a successful woman. Another problem I have found is she claims “If I did it, you can too”. Now, what exactly did Suze do besides write books and become a celebrity with her own radio and television show? I don’t believe she was all that well off beforehand, or am I wrong?

    You know who I really loathe, but yet have respect for: Barbara Corcoran. Please if you’re bored, do something on her next

  5. Betty Ann of New York City says:

    I haven’t watch Suze in awhile.

    She was not that into clothing I remember years ago. She said I believe she was scolded for wearing the same clothes over and over (I think a vest). She has worked hard enough and long enough to get more clothes… and she is just expressing her individuality.

    She had money problems too long ago from what I remembered and straighten it out.

    And sometimes strong Women personality annoy men.. at time.. lol.

    Take the Good advise.. and best to leave personalities out of it… (enjoy your real friends personalities.. ) Be happy..

  6. Kristy says:

    I think Suze is awesome! I watch her show religiously and have learned a lot. The proof is in the pudding – if she’s helping people become more finacially secure, that’s the important thing. Also, what’s wrong with wearing nice clothes? If you have the money to afford it and it makes you feel good, why not? Being well-groomed never hurt anyone. Some of those other guys should try it.

  7. Fred says:

    “…a lot of the advice she gives is good advice…” “…her material actually makes sense…” “…I’m at a loss here… should I like Suze Orman or not?…”

    WHAT? — “I am at a loss here!?” —
    Interesting choice of words…

    “…she’s helping people become more financially secure…”
    Another interesting choice of words: Security! As in savings in the bank? Indy, Washington, Lehman, Merryl, Bear, Countrywide… Or an investment in a “blue chips” mutual fund like fidguard or Vanstein…

    Suze says: as long as you don’t need the money, it is okay, just sit and wait while she and wall street gorge on commissions, refferals and fees.

    A Merry Xmas to all.

  8. Karine says:

    I like her.
    Yes, she is blunt, but who is there to get a pat on the back? I don’t like her in spite of the bluntness, I like her (among other things) because of it.
    Yes, she wears nice clothes, but like in her show when she tells people if they can afford a certain thing…she can afford that, so it makes sense for her to wear them.
    Would you really even listen to her if she dressed down?
    Don’t you know that women, financial advisers or not, MDs or not, CPAs or not, are indeed judged for their appearence?
    And waht is up with saying that her voice is screecky? Didn’t you say yourself that you like her advises, that they make sense and all?
    Why still judge her for superficial, irrelevant things?
    I guess she can’t win. (?)
    I guess she can’t win.

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