I’ve Had Enough

If you’re unhappy with some significant portion of your life, at some point you have to wake up in the morning and simply say that you’ve had enough.

That key decision often leads to some further difficult ones. It will probably lead to some personal challenges. It will require you to make some changes in your life.

On the other hand, that key decision gets the monkey off your back. You know, the thing that keeps you wondering what your life might be like if you weren’t saddled with this thing holding you back? That monkey. Get rid of him.

What have you had enough of?

I’ve had enough of all of this debt. Set up a debt repayment plan, and that starts with consolidating and minimizing your debts. Cut your spending hard, sell off the junk in your closet, and get rid of the debts. Most of all, don’t rack up any more debt along the way.

I’ve had enough of being sad. You’ve got to make a fundamental choice of whether you’re happy because of the good things in your life or you’re sad because of the bad things. Tossing out some of the bad things can help, but we all have bad things in our lives – every single one of us. You have to choose which parts of your life you’re going to dwell on, and I’d encourage you not to dwell on the sad elements. Sometimes, professional counseling can really help with this.

I’ve had enough of this job. Right now, throw all of your energy towards the career you really want. Look at your current job as merely an exchange of your energy for money and try to maximize that exchange so that you can put your energy towards a much more suitable career. That might mean schooling. That might mean starting your own business. Whatever it is, that should be the focus of your energy.

I’ve had enough of this relationship. If a relationship in your life is making you feel like less of a person, end that relationship. You deserve better than to be treated in a constant negative fashion. Move on – and take your energy, time, and financial resources with you. (The only exception I’d point out in this would be the parent and child one, because children need their parents, even if they’re being difficult about it.)

I’ve had enough of being broke. Stop buying stuff. Every time you buy anything, you push yourself towards being broke. Just stop buying anything beyond what you actually need and the sense of being “broke” will start to drift away. Use that new cash surplus to get rid of the debts and other expenses holding you back.

I’ve had enough of being fat. Start taking walks. Eat like a vegan most of the time. Doing those two things alone will start making a tremendous difference in your weight. Every single item of food you put in your mouth is a choice. Every single time you choose to exercise – or to not exercise – is a choice.

I’ve had enough of this house. Sell the house (or apartment or whatever). Move to somewhere else that’s more palatable. However, you might be shocked to find out that most people are made happier by downgrading than upgrading. Houses with unused space that seem to constantly need work is a sure sign that you need to downgrade, not upgrade.

Do this stuff now. Today is the day to get started on the rest of your life.

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