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Whether you want to consolidate your high-interest credit card debt or borrow money for a car, taking out a loan is an exciting opportunity — and a big financial commitment. Browse our extensive archives to learn how to use loans to your achieve your financial goals, how to qualify for the best interest rates, and what to look for in a reputable lender.

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How and Where to Get a Personal Loan

Here\'s how and where to get a personal loan -- a borrowing tool with fixed rates and payments that, unlike…

Nicholas Pell
Mar 8, 2019
When You Should (and Shouldn’t) Take Out A Personal Loan

Deciding whether to take out a personal loan is a “personal” decision, but it’s also one that’s rife with risk.…

Holly Johnson
Aug 14, 2019
What’s the Difference Between a Secured Personal Loan and an Unsecured Loan?

Before you take out a personal loan, you should know there are two main types – secured and unsecured. With…

Holly Johnson
Mar 20, 2019

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Veteran’s Guide to Funding Home Modifications

If you’ve served in the military, you can get one of the best tangible rewards for that service by taking…

Saundra Latham
Saundra Latham
May 24, 2019
Housing for People with Disabilities

A comprehensive overview of resources and opportunities to help disabled consumers overcome the financial challenges that stand between them and…

Barry Bridges
Oct 4, 2019
10 Worst States for Student Loan Debt

Time and again, statistics show that a college degree is a good investment. College graduates make more money cumulatively, studies…

Holly Johnson
Apr 23, 2019
For-Profit Colleges Aren’t Worth the Price

As someone who keeps a close eye on trends within higher education and writes about them often, I was saddened…

Holly Johnson
Dec 28, 2015
Should You Co-Sign a Credit Card for a Family Member or Friend?

No matter who you are, chances are good someone has asked you for a financial favor at some point. Maybe it…

Holly Johnson
Dec 21, 2015
Using Credit Card Rewards to Pay Off Student Loans

Pursuing cash back and travel rewards is an easy way to save money on family vacations, fun adventures, and educational…

Holly Johnson
Jan 25, 2019