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Whether you want to consolidate your high-interest credit card debt or borrow money for a car, taking out a loan is an exciting opportunity — and a big financial commitment. Browse our extensive archives to learn how to use loans to your achieve your financial goals, how to qualify for the best interest rates, and what to look for in a reputable lender.

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Will Mortgage Rates Go Up if the Fed Raises Interest Rates?

By Peter Miller There’s a widespread view that if the Fed ultimately raises interest levels then mortgage rates will also…

TSD Contributor
Oct 29, 2019
10 College Degrees That Could Pay Off in 2018

Recent news about the rising costs of college has been nothing short of dark and dreary. By all accounts, the…

Holly Johnson
Oct 29, 2019
The True Cost of Student Loans

When you’re 18 years old and preparing to leave the nest, it’s easy to think you’ve got it all figured out.…

Holly Johnson
Aug 14, 2019
Using the HARP Program to Refinance an Underwater Mortgage

Just a few weeks ago, reader Sarah wrote in for advice on how to handle her underwater mortgage. Like many people…

Holly Johnson
Jan 31, 2020
Student Loan Consolidation and Refinancing Guide

Student loan debt is a grave concern in modern America. In fact, the amount of outstanding debt from student loans…

Saundra Latham
Saundra Latham
Jan 27, 2020
Should You Co-Sign a Loan?

“Will you co-sign a loan?” That’s almost like asking, “Will you marry me?” Well, maybe not quite that intense. However,…

Kristen Kuchar
Mar 13, 2019