13 Great Part-Time Jobs for College Students

Working during college is a great way to reduce your student loan debt while still in school, not to mention beef up your resume a bit. Check out these options for part-time jobs that pair well with a student’s schedule:

Paid internships: If you’re lucky enough to score a paid internship, go for it. Not only are you earning money and possibly college credits, but you’re also gaining valuable work experience. Plus, 67% of interns are offered a job afterward, according to a NACE survey. Check out our Internship Guide to learn how to land one and make the most out of it.

Tutor: Get paid to help other students in the subject you’re majoring in or anything else you feel comfortable teaching. It’s flexible, it’s going to reinforce that knowledge to you, and tutoring gigs are relatively easy to come by on campus. Plus, it’ll look great on your resume. You can look for tutoring jobs on websites such as Tutor.com, or on campus.

Teaching: Education majors, or anyone aspiring to work with children, could be a teacher’s aide or work at a day care center. Going into kinesiology, fitness, or a health care field (or just have a passion for it)? Teach a class at a gym. Music majors can teach how to play an instrument or singing lessons. Dance majors make great dance instructors. Even though you don’t have a degree yet, you might find that a local library, senior center, or other community organization is looking for help teaching a class on anything from computer basics to knitting.

Child care: If you have experience with children, you can be a sitter. This is ideal for a busy college schedule, since you can let the parents know when you are and aren’t available. Find jobs at Care.com.

Any job on campus: Campus jobs are generally flexible around your schedule. Plus, you can avoid a long commute. Once you fill out the FAFSA, you’ll also see if you qualify for a work-study job.

Office assistant/secretary: These types of positions are a good way to learn basic administrative and customer-service skills that look fantastic on your resume.

Freelance gigs: Whatever your skill is, market it as a freelancer. Look for opportunities in writing, editing, graphic design, website design, photography, or whatever else you can do.

Residence advisor: Being an RA can have its perks, including free or discounted room and board plus a paycheck, depending on what’s offered at your school.

Retail: Even besides the discounts, a retail job can be nice for college students, since there are a lot of time slots to fill. In addition to evenings and weekends, you might also be able to land some early morning hours setting up shop, restocking, or unloading trucks.

Restaurant jobs: Just like retail, there are many time slots to fill, so it can work with your schedule. As an added bonus, you might score free meals and discounts on food.

Starbucks barista: This is quite the specific option, but for good reason. Starbucks offers a College Achievement Plan that offers tuition reimbursement for attending Arizona State University, which also offers online classes.

Seasonal summer jobs: Off for the summer and didn’t land an internship? If you didn’t line up a full-time job, you can probably luck out with a seasonal position. Some common summer jobs include day camp counselor, lifeguard, lawn and garden maintenance, golf course attendant, and working at stores or businesses that are busiest (or only open) during the summer, like a water-sport rental business or a summer tourist attraction.

Seasonal winter jobs: During winter, you might have a little less time on your hands than over summer break, but it can still be a good time to find part-time work. The obvious option is seasonal retail, since stores usually need extra employees to handle the holiday rush.