Merry Christmas from The Simple Dollar

Just a quick note to wish you all a merry Christmas! My Christmas has been quite merry so far: a Mexican-themed Christmas celebration (with lots of Corona), an excited wife receiving a Roomba and an Amazon Kindle, a son who can’t stop playing with his new tractor and his massively expanded Lego collection, and a big pile of cookbooks for me to dig through (last year, many of my gifts were financial books – this year, I’m getting lots of cookbooks).

The best gift of all? The smile on my father’s face when he opened up his gift. He’s been a fisherman his entire life and I spent a long time searching for and finally finding the single best fish filleting knife that I could possibly find, perfectly made for his hand dimensions. The efficiency of the knife will help him to keep making perfect fillets even as he grows old.

I hope your Christmas is merry as well.

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