Planning Ahead For The Big Move – And Hoping To Save Money

Our house closes in a little more than a month, so we’re already thinking about moving, and being the frugal types we are, we’re trying to move with minimal expense. Thankfully, we have one big advantage: we are moving locally, which basically means loading up a truck at one point, driving for an hour or so, unloading at another point, then driving back. One big disadvantage: a pregnant wife who can’t lift heavy weights. So what’s a guy to do?

Here’s our tentative plan for moving. Basically, we’re leveraging the fact that we have a lot of help in a short time period and a long lead-up to that period to maximize the usefulness of the big moving day.

First of all, we rented a storage locker about a mile from our expected home for the next two months. Why do this? Well, our current apartment is about 600 square feet and it currently houses two adults, a toddler, and two cats. That means there really is very little room to put boxes as we fill them.

Next, we start filling and clearly labeling boxes, starting with the less essential items. Our first big project is our books, for example, with each of us only actually keeping a few that we’ll read in the next few weeks at the apartment and the rest going into storage. After that, we start cleaning out all the closets and moving everything that can be moved, like my wife’s non-maternity clothes and most of my clothes as well. We eventually progress to the point where there is very little in the apartment as time winds down and things begin to look more and more etched in stone. Obviously, we’ll label the boxes in detail.

Whenever there’s enough for a truck full, I take off to the storage locker and empty the truck. This means that most of the driving is done well in advance of the move and a lot of the items will already be within a mile or so of the new house when we close.

Then, on the big day… My responsibility will be to go to the old apartment and start transporting the remaining items to the new house (three trucks there, one of which is mine and two owned by friends and we work together to load the heavy items). Our other volunteers will just ferry stuff from the storage locker to the house and then help my wife with whatever unpacking duties that she’d like help with.

Do any readers have additional moving advice worth noting? The only other times I’ve moved, I had such a small amount of stuff that I could load it in a single carload, so this is new for me.

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