The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Volunteer Workers Edition

I’ve been doing some phone banking for local political candidates over the last few months on a volunteer basis, and I’ve learned several things from this experience.

For one, one big reason that campaigns do it is simply for name recognition. The more times you hear or see a candidate’s name, the more likely you are to vote for that candidate.

Another interesting thing is that the vast majority of calls end with the caller being hung up on. The vast majority.

Virtually every time you get a call from a political campaign, the person on the end is a real person who is volunteering their time because they care so much about the candidate or issue they’re calling you about.

I used to hang up instantly on political calls. Now, I usually tell the person at the first chance I get that I appreciate their efforts, but that I’ve already decided who to vote for.

Political volunteer workers, whether they’re working for Democrats or Republicans (or Greens or Libertarians…), are people that care enough about our future to put their time and talent where their mouth is. That earns my respect, even if I disagree with them.

How Much Does Your Family Know About Your Money? My parents have some vague idea of our financial picture, as does Sarah’s parents. The rest of our extended family doesn’t know – and they do not need to know. (@ planting our pennies)

Why buying the most expensive motorcycle on Ebay saved me money This post is interesting. There are some good points made about buying the “good” model, but there’s also a fine line between good reasoning and bad justification. Did this person make the right move? It’s worth thinking about. (@ reach financial independence)

Why Adult Kids Are Not Moving Out I think part of it is that there’s a real lack of a safety net when you move out on your own. There was a much greater safety net forty years ago, when you could get a good paying job rather easily. Today, good paying jobs are harder to come by and there’s far less security, plus young people are saddled with mountains of student loan debt. (@ hope to prosper)

Cycle worse, cycle better Most things that go wrong go wrong slowly. Most things that get better get better slowly. We just tend to remember the moments where the small changes add up to something that’s clearly visible. When you work for a better life, things don’t get better overnight. They improve little by little until one day you wake up to find big changes in your life. (@ seth godin)

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