Reader Tip Tuesday #7

In a country where sex is used to sell everything from cars to yogurt, you’d be hard-pressed to find an ad, movie or TV show portraying frugality as particularly sexy or exciting. Luckily, it turns out that in real-life, having control over your finances is pretty attractive. As we’ve mentioned before, a growing number of Americans are actually turned-on by singles who can save. (And even more of us appreciate this kind of creativity and resourcefulness in the friends we learn it from.)

We’re pretty excited that frugality is attractive again and we thought you would be too, so we decided to make this the subject of our latest Reader Tip Tuesday post. We asked our readers to share their most charming frugal moments, and as usual, we got some great responses.

Here are some of our favorites (with minor edits)!

  • “My best friend brought over a bucket and I taught her how to make her own laundry detergent with the recipe from your website.” – Erika S.
  • “I suggested my friend – who could no longer afford cable TV – get Roku box so she could stream TV shows and movies for a fraction of the cost of cable TV. She bought a basic model and loves it! I later received a higher end model as a gift and use it all the time.” – Denise B.
  • “Harvested and froze 70 pounds of blueberries for my fiance’s breakfasts for the next 12 months.” – Lilu F.
  • “When a good friend of mine moved out on his own (that was a few years ago now), he was worried about feeding himself on a budget and said that he was a terrible cook. I made him a special booklet which I created with MS Word and printed it out. It was filled with cheap super easy no-fail budget recipes. He used it so much, that I eventually made him two more volumes. Now, he’s a really great cook and makes simple very tasty dishes! When I visit him, he always makes me one of his easy yummy concoctions.” – Lisa V.
  • “I started the Bergen County NJ chapter of Freecycle; 23,000+ members strong with hundreds of posts every day. People post everything from bowling balls to canoes to frozen turkeys…” – Celia M.
  • “I made a two week meal plan and grocery list for a friend.” – Lindsay F.

A huge thank you for the readers that shared their ideas! Every Tuesday we’ll post a new question on our Facebook page.  We look forward to hearing and sharing your tips.

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