Reflections On Being A New Homeowner

I moved into my new home almost a month ago and the period has given me time to reflect on my new status as a homeowner. This is a collection of some of these thoughts, which might give insight to a homeowner considering the move.

My home makes me proud. I have significantly more pride in my home than I ever had in an apartment. I want to keep it clean and want to keep it in good repair. If I see a little ding, I think about fixing it; at the apartment, I’d just shrug my shoulders and believe that it’s the landlord’s job. This does mean more work, of course, but it’s work that I actually want to do.

My child is blossoming with all the space to explore. In our old apartment, there was really nowhere to explore: two tiny bedrooms and the kitchen/dining room/living room were all one room. Now there are three finished floors, each the size of the apartment or larger. He loves climbing up and down the stairs, looking in closets, and all sorts of things like that.

The daily routine is somewhat changed. For example, it’s easier to cook in our new home (the kitchen is much bigger, with much more storage) so we’ve been eating quite well since the move with many interesting dishes. On the other hand, the only television is in the family room in the basement and roughly fifteen minutes of television have been watched since we moved in (not including time spent playing with the Wii). Thus, we watch less television than before and are eating better.

Figuring out what to do with the space is an ongoing issue. We’ve already repurposed several closets, gotten rid of items that we thought we were going to keep from the move, and are still shifting a lot of items around. There are still many items that we simply haven’t determined what exactly to do with – for example, my wife’s keyboard stand is currently sitting in the middle of the family room because it hasn’t found a permanent home yet. Moving into a house doesn’t just happen in a few days – there’s a lot of shuffling that happens over time.

Similarly, decoration is an ongoing issue. We keep being indecisive about what to do with a lot of the decorative items we have, both the ones we brought with us and the ones given to us as housewarming gifts. There are many items sitting on the floor near where we think we’re going to hang them. My wife keeps rearranging everything, though; this weekend, we’re going to do a massive “hanging” of items.

The first batch of bills are arriving – and they’re almost breathtaking. Most of the bills aren’t all that different than the ones at the apartment (just a few additional ones and only a slight increase in the energy bill). The big shocker is the large increase in housing costs. We’re prepared for it, but the first payment was still a shocker.

The best part? Having my own office (for now). For the first several years at the house, one potential bedroom is being used as an office. This is giving me an oasis for writing that will hopefully appear in the form of some amazing posts in the future. So far, we’ve been so busy with guests coming to see the house, unpacking, settling in, and our normal routines that I haven’t had the time to truly enjoy it yet, but it’s coming.

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