The Best Amazon Coupons and Deals

If you’re anything like me, you spend a lot of time searching for the best deals on Amazon and scouring Amazon coupons. After all, with young kids and the piles and piles of snow outside, It’s much easier to hop on the computer to shop for great deals.

However, when it comes to shopping online and getting great prices, many people have questioned whether you really can find the best deals on Amazon and if Amazon coupons are really better than combing your local stores for deals. While some people think you pay a premium for shopping online for the convenience of it all, I’ve actually found that with a little bit of searching, you can find some awesome prices.

5 Ways to Make the Most Out of Amazon Coupons and Deals

Amazon Coupons This is a great way to get an extra discount on products you are already using. There are coupons for individual items and also ways to save even more through subscribe and save, a service that automatically sends items you buy all the time right to your door.
Amazon Warehouse This section of Amazon is any bargain hunter’s dream. It sells open box items and used items too. They have just about any product you can dream of on there, and as long as you don’t mind it being slightly used or out of the box, you can score big here.
Amazon Gold Box This is Amazon’s version of a flash sale website. They offer deals on certain items up to a particular date. I’ve seen incredible discounts on computer software, clothes, and watches all in the past few days.
Amazon Prime On the face of it, Prime seems like an added cost, however very few people use it to its full potential. With Prime, which costs $99 a year, you get free 2-day shipping. It’s not that hard for me to figure out that $99 is less than my full year of shipping costs, so this is a no-brainer for me. The added benefits lower marginal costs of other activities to near zero. You get access to great streaming music, Kindle books, and Prime instant video all for the cost of your Prime membership.
Amazon Mom Amazon Mom members get all the great benefits of Amazon prime plus 20% off of diapers!

The Best Deals I Find On Amazon

Deals for Babies and Kids

Learning Resources Pretend & Play Calculator Cash Register

Regular price:$39.99 Deal price: $28.36 Savings: 30%

Learning Resources Pretend & Play Calculator

This Pretend and Play Calculator Cash Register is the perfect gift to teach your child about frugality and the value of money while building essential math skills. The game requires no batteries, includes simulation money, and makes a “cha-ching” sound when it opens like a real cash register!

What can you do with the $10 you saved? You can start teaching the importance of saving money to your child by putting it in his or her savings account!

Nautica Baby Boys’ 3 Piece Set Knit Sweater and Denim Pant

Regular price: $54.50 Deal price: $16.85 Savings: 69%

Nautica Baby Boys 3 Piece Set

I’m definitely not one to buy name brand clothes for my children off the rack since you and I both know those kids grow like crazy. However, when I find a nice complete outfit for them that is versatile, I try to wait for it to go on sale. Again, there’s just no point in paying full price for something they’ll only wear once. I squealed a little bit when I saw this outfit for a little boy. At nearly 70% off and available for a wide age group it’s hard to pass up.

Plus, with the $38 you saved you could pick up a great children’s books, like Brown Bear, Brown Bear (my son’s favorite) or add some money to your child’s college fund.

Deals for Adults (& Coffee Enthusiasts)

Cuisinart Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill

Regular price: $90.00 Deal price: $60 Savings: 33%

Yep, I’m bringing up coffee. What can I say; the stuff is addictive. My husband, who used to be a barista at Starbucks for many years, says the best way to drink coffee is to grind the beans yourself. He’s very fancy about the whole thing, so you should take his word on it. This coffee grinder is a great deal. It’s a well known brand, Cuisinart, and it’s 33% off. Score.

And hey, with the $30 you saved, you could stock up on a few of these stainless steel coffee cups worthy of James Bond.

Jbuds Heavy Bass Metal Headphones with Travel Case

Regular price: $99.95 Deal price: $33.98* Savings: 66%
*Price available for “Purple” color option

I am so tired of going through earphones right and left. I use them all the time because I tend to write in coffee shops, but inevitably one goes missing or comes apart. I’ve been wanting a pair of nicer headphones for a while, but I just couldn’t justify the expense. However, when they come at 70% off, that’s why we can say you’ll find the best deals on Amazon!

Luckily for you, with the $70 you saved, you could pic up Taylor Swift’s new album and shake it off while you walk down the street wearing your new headphones. OR – You could just pocket the savings!

How I Find the Best Deals and Coupons on Amazon

If you want to know how I found such great deals, the process is really simple. While I love using Amazon Gold Box, Amazon Warehouse, and Amazon Coupons, many of those deals have quick expiration dates. The way I find deals that are longer lasting (so I have time to think about the purchase and save for it) is through something called Jungle Search. Here’s how it works.

1. Go to the Jungle Search website
2. Select all categories.
3. Adjust the settings to only show items that are 35%-70% off with an average rating of 4+ stars.
4. Click the button that says “Click for savings” which will take you directly to the Amazon website.

The reason I like this method is because:

1. All the deals we share with you are more than 35% off, which we consider awesome.
2. The products are high quality, because I only choose ones that have 4+ stars and several reviews.
3. Everything I list I would buy myself, and hey, I’ve been known to have good taste from time to time.

So, next time you think about going to the mall to buy something, instead start researching deals on Amazon, whether you use one of their deal sites or Amazon coupons. As evidenced above, you can find great products this way, all up to 70% off. I don’t know about you but I’d pick shopping in my pajamas online any day over going out in that snow.

If you find a GREAT deal that fits our criteria, and would like to share it with the community, please tweet us at @thesimpledollar using hashtag #SimpleDeals or email it to