Best Apps to Save You Money in College

Did you hear? College is super-expensive. So here are some apps that could save you money while you’re there.

Your Bank’s App

Monitor your account so you can track your spending. Depending on your bank, you can also receive alerts when your funds are low, transfer money to a savings account, or find an ATM so you can avoid out-of-network ATM fees.


Search textbooks to rent or buy and read e-textbooks. While the book is on its way, if it’s available, you can get instant access to it for seven days in case you need it before it arrives.

AroundCampus: Coupons for U

Find deals and coupons near campus. Businesses “welcome students” according to their description on Google Play. Share your coupons with your friends on Facebook or via text.

Cheapest Textbooks

Search for your required textbooks by entering the title, author, or ISBN number. The app searches for the cheapest price. Once you find your book, you have the option to buy or rent. Their Google Play page says students report saving up to 95%.

Restaurant apps

Check out the restaurants you visit most to see what their apps offer. Some allow you to earn points for purchases that can lead to free food or coupons. Plus, they might offer a freebie for downloading the app. For example, California Pizza Kitchen offers a free small plate, Starbucks has free drinks after a certain amount of purchases, and Panera Bread offers a free pastry.

TUN – The University Network

Check out student discounts and deals based on your location. You can also earn points by checking in, sharing the deals, and taking photos. Points can be redeemed for a variety of free things, like food or haircuts.

Check Me

This app by Mint will manage your bank account and send you alerts when any bills are due. It also allows you to pay bills on the spot, reducing your risk for late fees or overdraft fees. Alerts will also let you know when your funds get low.


Use the barcode scanner when shopping for textbooks to find the cheapest prices. When you’re done with your class, use the app to sell your book.

RoverTown Student Discounts

Use your phone to redeem student discounts while earning bonuses for free stuff. You can also follow your favorite businesses for updates on discounts. Deals include restaurants, car repair, and much more.

Amazon Student

Scan your book using this Amazon app to compare prices online. You can also search by entering the ISBN number, title, or author to find the lowest price available.


Use the barcode scanner to compare prices of textbooks for sale or available for rent. You can also sell your book when you’re done.

ATM Hunter

Find your bank’s closest ATM to avoid those pesky non-bank fees.


Ideal for the student who is always exceeding their data plan, Onavo’s app compresses your data while running in the background and directs all data “downloaded over 3G, EDGE, and LTE through Onavo’s servers and compression technology.” If it’s able to reduce your data usage, you can explore downgrading to a lower plan, which can save you money each month.

Your credit card’s app

See if your credit card offers an app with money-saving features. For example, Discover’s app makes paying even easier (pay from the app) so you’ll avoid late fees, earn and redeem rewards, and get account activity alerts to track your spending or spot any errors or suspicious activity on your account.

The Coupons App

Access coupons and promo codes from retailers and restaurants.

Campus Special

Earn loyalty rewards while redeeming offers on specials and discounts from local restaurants and businesses. And it’s not really a saving money feature, but you can order food directly from the app.


If you use your car to get to school or around campus, use GasBuddy to find the cheapest gas price in your area.


Find happy hours, coupons, and drink specials near your location, which could save you money on your entertainment budget.

WiFi Finder

Save that data or avoid wireless fees by locating free places where WiFi is available near your location.

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