The Best Deals We Tell Our Friends About

All deals are not created equal. As a frugal community, we know there are the “daily deals” and then there are the real deals – deals that are so good, you just have to talk about. Since we view it as our duty to help save people money, we decided to get very selective with the deals we tell you about.

We basically have three simple rules:

  1. A deal is not a real deal unless it is at least 33% off
  2. A deal is not a real deal unless it is a quality product – I wouldn’t buy a piece of junk for free!
  3. A deal that lands on this page must be something we would buy ourselves

If a deal can’t meet these criteria, it ain’t getting on the page.

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Of course, we also rely on our community of frugal-minded folks to keep us up to speed on the best deals they are seeing. You can help us out by tweeting us at @thesimpledollar using hashtag #SimpleDeals or emailing

The Single Best Deal I Can Find Today

Apple iPhone 4 Unlocked 8 GB (Certified Refurbished)

Regular price: $299.99 Deal price: $59.99 Savings: 80%

Don’t feel like shelling out $600 for the latest iPhone? We don’t blame you. This certified-refurbished (backed by a 90-day company warranty) is currently a fifth of the retail price. If you’ve been considering making the switch to a smartphone and don’t mind having an older version, this is the perfect deal to take advantage of. Because the phone is unlocked, you don’t have to sign up with a big-name carrier and can instead opt for a cheaper alternative plan, making the total price you pay for the handset and monthly bill comparable to feature phone. Plus, you can feel confident buying a product with majority 5-star reviews!

Iphone 4 Refurbished

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What Could You Do with the Savings?

With the $240 you save with this deal you could:

Best Deal for the Home

Cuisinart CSB-75BC Smart Stick 2-Speed Immersion Hand Blender

Regular price: $65.00 Deal price: $34.95 Savings: 46%

This #1 best seller from Amazon is a great addition to any kitchen. The stick design allows you to reach deeper into pots and bowls and this particular model offers two-speeds to best suit your cooking needs. Unlike blenders with a bulky base, the immersion blender has a dishwasher-safe detachable part allowing for easy portable stowing and quick cleanup. Soups, sauces, and smoothies made simple!

Cuisinart Immersion Blender

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What Could You Do with the Savings?

With the $33 savings you could:

Best Deal for the Kids

Matilda (Special Edition DVD)

Regular price: $9.99 Deal price: $4.75 Savings: 52%

Turn this children’s classic into a family-fun night…for only 5 dollars! This title is part of Amazon’s ‘Under $5 DVD’ collection, which allows you to bring good, clean, family fun movies like ‘Hook’ and ‘Ice Age’ to your home and stay well within your budget!

Matila DVD

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What Could You Do with the Savings?

With $5 you could:

  • Grab another under $5 title on Amazon and make a movie marathon weekend of it!
  • Take your kids out for ice cream, or warm up with some hot chocolate
  • Give the money to your child and teach them how to save for college…$5 may not seem like much but it adds up!

How We Find the Best Deals Around

There are so many deal sites out there, how do you filter out the good deals from the bad? We basically start by looking at deal aggregators, which is a lot like trying to drink from a firehose – there are simply too many “deals” coming at you all the time! From there, we add some basic filters such as:

  • We don’t consider a deal less than 33% off
  • We check the length of the deal – flash deals won’t make our cut
  • We investigate the quality of the product by looking at quality reviews
  • We cross reference quality with user reviews
  • And finally, if its not something we would buy, we don’t list it

Applying these filters, we actually find it difficult to find really, really good deals on quality products. The result is some of the finest, hand selected deals around.

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