11 Affordable Bedroom Sets We Love

For the past few months, I’ve been trying to make my master bedroom more of a haven. I live in a small apartment, and I work at home from a desk in my bedroom, so it can be hard to make it a peaceful environment when all the room screams is work, work, work.

I’m considering buying a new bedroom set to improve the space. It can be challenging to find an affordable set, though. Some bedroom sets from top luxury brands can cost as much as $10,000, and even some mid-range design stores like Pottery Barn and Crate & Barrel can charge several thousand dollars for a bed and a couple of pieces of matching furniture.

Because I don’t have the budget to invest so heavily in a new set of bedroom furniture, I set out on a mission to find beautiful-but-cheap bedroom sets that have great ratings and will last a long time. I know I’ll probably have to move next year due to my husband’s job, so I also want a style that’s timeless enough not to look out of place — no matter where we end up.

If you’re also looking for an affordable bedroom set, here are some of my top tips:

Don’t be brand specific.

Sure, that Ethan Allen set is completely stunning as is the ultra modern and sleek set from Z Gallerie. However, when you’re searching for a bedroom set, try not to be brand specific.

Although I’ve liked one particular luxury tufted bed for many years now, I recently saw a similar one at Wal-Mart of all places. So, don’t let the name of the store dissuade you from purchasing an item there. You never know what you’re going to find and where, so it’s best to be open minded about the brand you select.

You don’t have to be matchy-matchy.

It’s great to have every piece of furniture in your room match — that’s the whole idea of a set, right? Most of the examples featured below do match, but I also want to encourage you to be a bit creative too.

Maybe buy a bed and a dresser that match but purchase unique nightstands that stand on their own. Or you can get dressers, side tables, and a mirror that match, but your bed can be a unique color or a statement piece.

Finally, don’t be afraid to upgrade gradually from the inherited furniture you already have, or to take a more eclectic approach and incorporate a nice piece or two from a yard sale or secondhand store.

Buy floor samples.

Some people want brand-new furniture, while others don’t mind buying a new set that lots of people have sat on if it means they’re going to get a good deal on the price. Floor samples are often in excellent condition. They might have a few scratches or dents from being moved around the showroom, but more often than not they are free from stains and other large issues and offer a great discount.

Remember to measure.

You might love one of those huge canopy beds (I love them myself), but there’s no reason to pay more for a large or ornate bedroom set if you have a small space. Large furniture can make a room feel very cramped and small, so even if you find your dream bedroom set, be sure to measure your room to make sure everything will fit and that your purchase is worth the price.

Our favorite affordable bedroom sets

Here are some of the best, well-priced bedroom sets I came across in my search. All get good reviews or come from reputable retailers. I’ve grouped them by the number of pieces of furniture included in the price.

Two-piece bedroom sets

Two-piece bedroom sets can cost several thousand dollars at some stores, and a beautiful bed just by itself can cost more than $1,000. The three sets below all come in at under $1,000 for both pieces of furniture.

The Aspen Collection Queen Bed & Nightstand Set

aspen affordable bedroom set

Cost: $536

This two-piece bedroom set is perfect for the homeowner who has a classic, traditional style. It would work best in a home that has a lot of wood tones with bedroom linens that are more casual versus high end. The $536 price tag makes it an affordable option for just about anyone, whether you’re getting your first apartment after college, are a newlywed, or just want to spruce up your bedroom with a classic furniture style.

IKEA Storage Bedroom Set

cheap bedroom furniture

Cost: $400

What I love the most about this IKEA bedroom set is that the Malm bed comes with built-in under-the-bed storage. This is great for a small space because you won’t have to purchase an additional dresser. Pair this with a sleek and simple IKEA rolling coffee table as your nightstand and you’ve got a great two-piece bedroom set with a ton of storage for a very low price.

The Baxton Studio Modern Bedroom Set

affordable bedroom sets

Cost: $926

This beautiful gray, modern bedroom set is unique: Instead of coming with a nightstand or dresser it actually includes a bench for the foot of the bed. The bench offers a place to get dressed in the morning and put on your shoes, and looks simply beautiful with the bed. This set would look great with mirrored or wooden nightstands, and adds a big dose of elegance for under $1,000. (Also check out the beige linen version here.)

Three- and four-piece bedroom sets

All the bedroom sets below have either three or four pieces and come in at under $1,750.

IKEA Country House Bedroom Set

cheap bedroom sets

Cost: $787

This cute, four-piece cottage-style bedroom is based on IKEA’s Tyssedal series. Perfect for a summer retreat or farmhouse feel, the simple white set comes with a bed frame, two nightstands, and a six-drawer dresser. Add a wardrobe for $349 and you have a five-piece bedroom that barely tops $1,000. And like anything else IKEA, you can swap in just about anything else in the store to put your own spin on this affordable bedroom set.

The Bermuda Bedroom Set

affordable bedroom set

Cost: $538

If you love a beachy vibe in your home to remind you of the ocean, the waves, and the smell of the saltwater, then you’ll love this bedroom set. It’s an amazing price too. At $538, you get three pieces of furniture including a headboard, nightstand, and chest.

The Jilly Bean Bedroom Set

affordable bedroom set

Cost: $1,749

This Jilly Bean bedroom set includes a queen bed frame, nightstand, dresser, and mirror. It has a really nice, modern look that would be great for couples who can’t agree on a design. You can’t go wrong with the beautiful sloped headboard and coordinating pieces.

The Phillipe Bedroom Set

cheap bedroom sets

Cost: $782

If you’ve always loved the appearance of sleigh beds then you’ll love this four-piece bedroom set. It’s French inspired and comes with a large mirror that’s perfect for getting ready in the morning, along with a dresser and nightstand (the chest in the background is not included).

This set would work best in a bedroom that’s more spacious, because the dark cherry wood, while luxurious, can make a small room feel even smaller. The price is great at around $782 — with free shipping, too.

Five-piece bedroom sets

All the bedroom sets below have either five pieces and come in at under $2,000.00.

IKEA Tropical Bedroom Set

affordable bedroom sets ikea

Cost: $528

I always love looking through the IKEA catalog because they put together beautiful rooms at affordable prices. You can get the look found in this tropics-inspired bedroom using IKEA’s Brusali series. A bed frame, two nightstands, and two four-drawer dressers add up to a very affordable $528.

That means you’ll have enough money left over to buy some of the other details pictured, like the $49 lamps, to complete the scene and create your own tropical refuge.

The Regitina Bedroom Set

affordable bedroom furniture

Cost: $1,820

I fell in love with this bedroom set as soon as I saw it. I love that it includes a huge mirror and the white color makes it feel light, bright, and airy despite the amount of furniture in the room. While it’s one of the more expensive sets on this list, it’s still well below what many other stores charge for five pieces of furniture.

The Napa White Bedroom Set

affordable bedroom sets

Cost: $1,949

Although I do like the more traditional bedroom sets featured on this list, I felt like

this one

was very unique. It’s white — the color of the year for 2016, at least according to Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams — but the small design details, especially the headboard, really make it stand out. 

Le Charmel Bedroom Set

cheap bedroom sets

Cost: $1,296

For under $1,300, this bedroom set provides a lot of value. It includes the bed, dresser, two nightstands, and a mirror — so all you’ll need to buy outside of this set are some bed linens and decorative pillows. It has a nice traditional style that would go well in many homes.