8 Affordable Furniture Stores To Help Furnish Your New Home

You just moved into your first apartment, or you upgraded to a bigger place for the first time. You have all of this space and big dreams of how to fill it.

But… furniture is expensive. Where can you go to find furniture to fill all of this space?

Don’t do what I did. When I was in that situation, before I had my financial life together, I rushed in and bought a bunch of expensive furniture to fill the first apartment my wife and I shared. Big mistake. The furniture was expensive, we went into debt for it, and it didn’t really match the room. There are many better approaches to furnishing a small apartment or home, and finding a low cost source for furniture is a great starting point.

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    Tips for finding affordable furniture

    • Start entry level, then slowly upgrade from there as needed. Rather than buying expensive furniture across the board, start with low-end stuff to meet all your needs, then slowly upgrade pieces of furniture as needed. It’s a horrible move to buy an expensive couch for a room, only to realize later that the couch isn’t really right.
    • Check big box stores. Big box stores often have good low-end and mid-range furniture at a very agreeable price. These items are perfect for initial furniture, and then you can upgrade from there as desired.
    • Ask friends and family. In some areas, there may be small chains or local stores with great prices. Talk to friends and family in your area to help find those places.
    • Pick it up yourself, if possible. While a few furniture stores offer free shipping, that’s not usually a feature found with discount retailers. If you possibly can, pick it up yourself.
    • Use thrift stores, but carefully. Thrift and consignment stores can be good places to find inexpensive wooden furniture, but avoid bringing home padded and upholstered items, as they may contain bedbugs or other items you don’t want in your home. Use thrift stores for things like your first end table.
    • Check outlet stores. Many larger furniture stores also have outlet stores, where they put the last few pieces of a model that’s gone out of stock. This can be a good place to get a standalone piece at a great price.
    • Only use store credit cards if you can pay the card off in full immediately. Many furniture stores offer store-brand credit cards to help you finance the furniture. Only use furniture store credit cards if they offer a nice discount on the furniture, and only if you can pay the card off in full immediately. Try to avoid buying furniture at all unless you can afford the whole thing out of pocket, and just use credit as a tool to make the purchase easier.
    • Shop online, but only for entry-level stuff. While online shopping works well for some entry-level items, it’s difficult to perfectly color-match using online tools, and it’s also difficult to assess comfort level. Visiting a store and seeing the assembled pieces is a good idea, especially for anything expensive that you want to last for many years.
    • If buying clearance or outlet items, ask for further discounts. You usually won’t get stores to budge on their full-priced items, but if items are on clearance or in an outlet section, you may be able to get them to lower the price a bit more. This is especially true if you’re buying a floor model and can point out minor issues with it.

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      8 affordable furniture stores

      The stores below have a reputation of selling quality furniture at great prices. While many of them focus on entry-level furniture, they offer solid pieces in that price range that can fit your needs perfectly, particularly if you’re furnishing a space for the first time.


      affordable furniture stores - home goods

      Locations: 45 states and territories
      HomeGoods is a general home furnishing store that features furniture as well as linens, kitchen appliances, and other items with competitive prices. Items rotate frequently in store and markdowns are frequent, so repeated visits are worthwhile. However, individual items are often not stocked in large quantities, so if you find the right item, particularly if discounted at that moment, snag it.


      cheap bedroom sets

      Locations: 24 states
      IKEA is a Swedish-based store that offers an enormous variety of furnishings and other home goods at static prices. Many items are perfect for first items for apartments and homes, mixed in with others that can serve as upgraded pieces. Their New Movers program offers a nice discount for people buying several items at once, and their IKEA Family card is free and offers multiple discounts. Another plus with IKEA furniture is that it’s very “hackable”, meaning that it’s easy to modify to suit your particular needs.

      Bob’s Discount Furniture

      Affordable furniture stores- bob's

      Locations: 22 states
      Bob’s Discount Furniture (sometimes just Bob’s Furniture) offers outstanding prices on most types of furniture from their own in-house brand. They’re perfect for your first furniture set, though you may want to upgrade individual pieces over time. They tend to rotate items quickly into their in-store outlet section, so if you visit Bob’s, be sure to always stop by that area, especially if you’re looking for one single item.


      cheap furniture stores target

      Locations: Worldwide
      Target is a big box retailer that’s everywhere, but they do a good job producing very low cost entry level furniture. This is the best place to go if you don’t have much to spend but really need a single piece that looks good, is comfortable, and doesn’t need to last forever. Super Targets will generally have a much better in-store selection, but smaller Targets are fine for seeing pieces, as there are many variations of most items available online.


      affordable furniture stores - overstock

      Locations: Online only
      Overstock.com makes its name by focusing on overstocked items. This means the items they have for sale will have stellar prices, but the exact offerings change rapidly as the items sell out. Overstock.com is a good place to visit frequently when you have a pretty exact idea of what you’re looking for, as you can patiently wait until something similar appears. When it does, it’s usually available for a great price.

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      affordable furniture stores -wayfair.com

      Locations: Online only
      Wayfair’s big advantage is that their selection is enormous. They have thousands upon thousands of furniture items ranging all over the place in prices. Thus, one strategy is to find an item you like, then look at lower-cost versions in the “similar items” section on the page. Many items on the site are available in lots of colors, too, and they offer free shipping on orders over $49. While you won’t get an amazing discount at Wayfair, you’re more likely to find a good item exactly in your price range simply because of their selection.

      Big Lots

      cheap furniture stores - big lots

      Locations: Nationwide
      Big Lots is a discount retailer for all types of goods, but they tend to have very good furniture selection in-store. There are two big reasons to give Big Lots a shot. First, their clearance sales tend to offer very strong discounts, so it’s worthwhile to check the store frequently to see what’s on clearance. Second, their customer service program offers a 15% off discount on your first purchase there after signing up, so sign up when you’re about to make a significant purchase to save even more.


      Locations: Online only
      Floyd is a newer entrant to the furniture world. They’re the highest priced option on this list, but they’re worthy of note for three reasons. First, the furniture they make is very sturdy and long lasting. Second, their furniture is designed to be easily portable and movable, disassembling very easily into a few pieces for moving around a home or moving to a new place. Third, given those two features, their prices are very reasonable. They’re a great choice if you’re an apartment dweller who may move frequently but you want to slowly start upgrading furniture quality from IKEA and other offerings, as you’ll be able to move with this stuff several times.

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