Festival of Frugality #58

Welcome to the 58th Festival of Frugality! For those unaware, the Festival of Frugality is a series of weekly posts hosted by various blogs in which we highlight great posts on frugal living.

Usually, when I go to read a carnival or festival, I scan the article titles quickly and only click on ones that are really interesting and give short shrift to a lot of blog articles that don’t have titles that grab me right off the bat. This time is a little different: I picked out one sentence from each entrant in the festival and included it in this post, so you can get a flavor of everyone’s writing style before you click! (I did do a bit of editing on a few sentences so that pronoun references made sense and so forth). So let’s get started!

They make regular hiking trips to the meadows to pick up exquisitely tasty wild mushrooms.
Seriously Thrifty? Some Wild Ways To Save (Part 1) (@ the digerati life)

While I was happy with Vonage, my loyalty is in saving money, so I again ran the numbers: the $99 SunRocket special was for the first year only plus a $39.95 equipment charge, which equals $138.95 per year or $11.58 per month, a savings of over 50% vs. Vonage.
Saving Money On Telephone Costs With VoIP (@ trying to get it right)

The classic: Macaroni and Cheese (tip: use the garlic butter left over from your Papa John’s pizza).
Top 10 Cheap Foods/Drinks For The College Student (@ campus grotto)

The piece then offers five strategies to get you on the path to achieving both your financial and physical New Year’s resolutions.
Want To Get Rich? Get In Shape (@ freemoneyfinance)

To test shopamex.com, I’ve decided to use the latest Apple iPod 80GB White model as a test case.
How Good Is ShopAmex.com? (@ ask mr. credit card)

As a peace offering I installed a curtain rod on the ceiling and made a floor-to-ceiling curtain to divide the corner closet area from the rest of the room as a dressing booth.
It’s Curtains For Them (@ scribbit)

You get a tax break, landfills have less junk, and the net proceeds of your donated car/truck/SUV/boat will help people in need so it’s a win win situation.
Get Paid To Be Green (@ american inventor spot)

Rather than aim for absolutes and risk failing miserably, incorporate frugality in your life in small doses.
Conquering The “Frugal Living Myths” (@ personal finance for students and fresh grads)

At a loan rate of 7%, the cost of an extra $1000 is between $17.05 per month (for a 6 year loan) to $23.95 per month (for a 4 year loan).
Why I Pay Cash For A Car (@ my wealth builder)

At this point, G started contemplating on getting a cable connection (or a dish network) in a few days, which would have cost him a minimum of $40 a month.
This $9 Gadget Might Save You From Cable Bills (@ money, matter, and more musings)

Whenever I am asked what is the most stupid financial move I ever made in my entire life, I don’t have to think very long.
Leasing Versus Buying: The Car Debate Continues (@ queercents)

They earn less than $35,000 a year, have seven kids, cars, but no debt.
Notes from 20/20’s Special “Flat Broke” (@ the frugal law student)

Sometimes I hear about a show that looks interesting – like Heroes for instance – but I am reluctant to start watching, because I tend to get somewhat addicted and start rearranging my life to suit my TV schedule.
TV For Free On Your Computer (@ frugal upstate)

I actually made an argument for debt over the weekend. And lost.
Good Debt, Bad Debt, No Debt (@ ask uncle bill)

It is funny to see a 32″ LCD TV listed for $15,000 and discounted down to $1000.
Amazon Discount Shopping (@ probargainhunter.com)

Instead of blowing it on a $24 hotel breakfast or a $50 hotel dinner, I decided to save money.
Saving Money While Traveling For Business (@ makingourway)

can see where it causes me problems in non-financial ways, and even though I think I have it mostly in control regarding spending on myself, I think it probably has a bigger effect on my spending on friends and family than I’d like to admit.
Martin Luther King On Frugality And The “Drum Major” Instinct (@ money and values)

I saved money buy buying most of my food from ethnic groceries.
Thrifty 101: Tight-Fisted Money Tips I Learned In College (@ a girl worth saving)

The produce is substantially cheaper than supermarkets across the board, and you can find deals on gourmet ingredients and, of course, ethnic specialties, if you know where to look.
Ethnic Markets: Feel Worldly For Cheap (@ wisebread)

Instead you should ask the dealer to send you a quote by email and then do all the negotiation online.
How To Get The Lowest Price On A New Car (@ probargainhunter.com)

I love simple, free, easy-to-use tools.
Free And Easy To Use Online Tools (@ no credit needed blog)

I like that my desire not to have a car payment is a sure fire way to put the brakes on wanting to get a new car.
No Car Note (@ mapgirl’s fiscal challenge)

So all you need to do to get a free car wash is to ask!
How To Get A Free Car Wash (@ money smart life)

“Automatic Millionaire” David Bach provides five ways to save up to $2,500 in 20 minutes.
Save Cash Fast (@ tick marks)

Stall purchases, huddle with the hubby and launch a “crisis cash” fund, those are a few possible cures for beating the annual “February Financial Funk.”
Beat February Financial Funk: A Money Map (@ the frugal duchess)

We have a PUR water filter on our tap and get all the clean water we want for about $15 every 3 months (the cost of a new filter).
Why I Don’t Spend Money On Bottled Water (@ my two dollars)

You can get a free, autographed picture of your favorite Disney character by writing to…
Free Autographed Pictures Of Disney Characters (@ raising4boys.com)

Just figuring on the low end, for six people to get haircuts every six weeks it adds up to about $500 a year.
Haircuts At Home (@ stop the ride)

My local Salvation Army gives a 40% discount on all clothes (any color tag) and bric-a-brac every Wednesday, if you bring a church bulletin in.
Saving Even More At The Salvation Army (@ my family finances)

Trent Hamm
Trent Hamm
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Trent Hamm founded The Simple Dollar in 2006 after developing innovative financial strategies to get out of debt. Since then, he’s written three books (published by Simon & Schuster and Financial Times Press), contributed to Business Insider, US News & World Report, Yahoo Finance, and Lifehacker, and been featured in The New York Times, TIME, Forbes, The Guardian, and elsewhere.

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