How Much Does Liposuction Cost?

Liposuction is one of the most common cosmetic surgery procedures in the world. Even after reading about how the fat might just come back, some people don’t care — they just want the procedure done, no matter how much it costs. So, how much does liposuction cost? And what other, related costs should you prepare for? (Hint: It isn’t cheap.)

The Cost of Liposuction

How much liposuction will cost you depends on which part of the body you’re targeting. The upper and lower abdomen are the most expensive, with the outer thighs being the least expensive region of the body.

However, even this isn’t a watertight guide to how much you can expect to pay, as the cost of the procedure can vary widely between two different people,  even for the same region of the body. Depending on what and where, a liposuction procedure can cost anywhere from $2,000 to $8,000.

Why Does the Cost Vary So Much?

You would think that liposuction would be a relatively straightforward procedure, with little difference in price. However, there are a number of variables impacting the cost:

  • How many areas are being treated? The abdomen is one of the most common areas for liposuction. However, even this encompasses multiple areas. What’s more, fat tends to collect in deposits. So even when a surgeon is doing just one area, there might be a number of smaller procedures making up the greater whole.
  • How much material is being removed? Your overall size and the size of the mass you want removed is another factor in what you’re going to pay for a liposuction procedure.
  • How difficult will the procedure be? This is a difficult call to make without a full consultation. That’s because it’s more difficult to remove fat from someone who has gained and lost weight repeatedly. What’s more, scarring can make the procedure more difficult as well.
  • How experienced is the surgeon? As with any other cosmetic procedure, you get what you pay for.
  • Where in the world is the surgeon? Like anything else, costs vary from region to region. Sometimes this variation can be significant.

The procedure itself isn’t even the only cost. Additional costs include anesthesia, fees for the operating room, antibiotics and painkillers for after the procedure, and expensive compression wraps you have to wear during recovery. Before you even go under the knife, the surgeon will have to run a series of diagnostic laboratory tests. This is another additional cost to the

These ancillary costs can quickly add up to thousands of dollars on their own. These are often not even included in so-called “global liposuction” quotes that ostensibly contain all the costs of the procedure.

When you get a quote for a liposuction procedure, any quote you get over the phone will be a very rough estimate. A written quote will get much closer to what the actual costs will be. However, when getting your estimate, make sure to ask what is included. No matter how accurate the estimate is, you’re not going to be able to budget and plan for the procedure without knowing what you’re going to pay in total.

Finally, when shopping around, don’t bargain shop. Go with the surgeon who has the most experience and the best reviews. If you’re tempted to go with the lowest quote you can find, spend a few minutes looking at what liposuction disasters look like. It’s simply not worth it just to save some money. Get the best procedure you can afford, and wait until you have enough money for that.

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