The One Hour Project is a series of thirty small projects – each requiring roughly an hour of your time – that can help you get your finances on a better path, either by reducing your expenses, reorganizing your debts, or improving your chances at greater wealth.

While you can read all of the entries on the website (see below), I have also collected all of the entries together into a single downloadable PDF file and polished it for easy reading and printing. The PDF not only includes the project entries themselves, but all of the relevant supporting information for each project that would enable you to work on them offline at your convenience.

Download it now, safely and securely, for just $2!

The One Hour Project

Cleanse Your Monthly Bills

Go through your monthly bills in order to find and eliminate excess regular expenses. Trimming the fat on your expenses will help you save without interfering with your way of life.

Conserve Water

Making a few simple modifications around your house can help you reduce your water bill considerably. That’s a change that’s good for the environment and your wallet!

Reduce the Interest Rate On Your Credit Cards

Take a proactive stance and contact your credit card company to get those rates reduced! You can pay off your credit cards with more ease and chip away at your debt much faster, saving you big in the long run.

Go Christmas Shopping At Sale Time

Take advantage of big sales throughout the year to reduce the flood of expenses you’ll incur at Christmas time.

Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

You can perform several simple one-time tasks that’ll cut down immensely on your monthly energy bill.

Kill the Electricity Phantom

Reduce the constant drain of your electrical devices by taking a few simple steps, further reducing your energy bill.

Switch Checking Accounts

Eliminate excessive fees of all kinds – and maybe even earn an interest rate – by switching to a different checking account.

Price Compare The Things You Buy Regularly

Reduce your monthly shopping bill with a clever technique that reveals the cheapest place for you to shop for the stuff you actually buy.

Do Some Preventive Maintenance

Extend the life span of items in your home by spending a bit of time on preventive maintenance tasks.

Enjoy What You Have

Try some interesting ways to increase your enjoyment of the things you already have – and reduce frivolous spending on new things.

Clean Out Your Media Collection

Get rid of the media items in your home that you don’t use – and turn them into cash in your pocket with ease.

Perform Basic Car Maintenance

Save money by increasing your car’s fuel efficiency significantly with just a few simple maintenance tasks that anyone can do.

Create a Water-Drinking Routine

Discover the benefits of drinking water – and find ways to integrate it into your daily routine to decimate your beverage expenses.

Do Some Basic Diet Hacking

Make a few very simple modifications to your daily routine to cut down greatly on your dining expenses.

Plan Your Meals For One Week In Advance

Use meal planning to greatly reduce your food expenses for the week, both by eating at home and shopping in a cost-effective fashion.

Make a Quadruple Batch of a Casserole

Take advantage of buying and preparing food in bulk to reduce the financial and temporal expense of home

Construct Your Debt Snowball (Or Something Like It)

Organize your debts and develop a plan to tackle them directly.

Discover and Catalog Free Events In Your Community

Find out about all the free activities in your community – and utilize them to reduce your entertainment costs.

Create A Visual Debt Reminder

Give yourself some repeated encouragement for cleaning up your debt by making a debt reminder visual.

Dig Into Your Job Benefits

Find out what financial benefits are really available to you through your job – it might be more than you think.

Dig Into A Personal Finance Blog

Find out the thoughts and opinions of someone who is passionate about personal finance.

Take A Trip To The Library

Discover the resources at your local library, both to reduce your entertainment expenses and to educate yourself about personal finance.

Go Through Your Important Papers

Organize your most important documents – and perhaps utilize them to put yourself in better financial shape.

Thoroughly Research A Stock

Learn how the stock market works and also find out whether a specific company is worth investing in.

Build Your Own Net Worth Calculator

Build a tool to track your financial progress and motivate you to continue making positive steps.

Touch Base With Professional And Local Acquaintances

Connect with people who may be able to connect you with greater success.

Get Involved In Community Volunteering

Improve the overall state of the community – and meet similarly-motivated people in the process.

Give Someone A Helping Hand

Reach out and help someone – and maybe that help will improve the lives of a lot of people (including yourself).

Keep An Idea Notebook In Your Pocket

Keep track of the important ideas that float into and out of your head during a day – one or two of them might be as good as gold.

Open A High-Yield Savings Account (Or An Investment Account)

Find a financially lucrative place to put the money you’ve found during these projects.