Six Ideas for Future Directions for The Simple Dollar – Your Thoughts?

Every few months, I like to open up the doors for suggestions on future directions and post ideas for The Simple Dollar. I often conceive of new areas to cover and ideas to try, but it’s really you, the readers, that decide whether or not those areas are really worth pursuing or not, because if I go down a path that no one wants to read, no one will read.

So, below, I’ve listed six ideas I’ve had for future posting directions for The Simple Dollar. Please let me know in the comments which directions you like and which ones you have no interest in. I’ll likely dabble in all of the areas that show little opposition, but I’ll likely avoid anything that most people seem to dislike and I’ll focus on areas with a lot of interest.

Economics books Several people have wanted me to add an occasional review of an economics book – along with discussion as to how it applies to everyday life – to my weekly book review rotation. Some titles I’ve been considering reviewing include Capitalism and Freedom by Milton Friedman and The Age of Uncertainty by John Kenneth Galbraith.

Detailed visual how-tos Articles on topics such as how to make your own laundry detergent and how to make homemade bread were really popular with some, but others have objected, saying they could go to Instructables if they wanted such things.

Interviews I’ve considered conducting interviews not only with personal finance writers, but also with entrepreneurs in my community as well as individuals who provide financial services in the area.

Do-it-yourself projects Would you like to see longer series about larger do-it-yourself projects, such as constructing and developing a kitchen box garden? I’ve got a few ideas for how to do these, but they go quite a bit beyond a single post.

Personal anecdotes I really enjoy writing personal anecdotes from my own life that illustrate some point about personal finance (like this one), but most of the time these seem to not attract much interest.

Tip lists Occasionally, I compile long lists of tips because I know lots of people like to download them and print them off for their own use, but again, these lists tend to draw some pretty strong negative backlash, too.

Please let me know in the comments which of these ideas appeal to you the most – and the least – as well as any other ideas you might have.

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