Slowing Down, or Starting on My Dreams

After communicating with many of my readers and doing some soul-searching, I’ve decided to somewhat slow down the posting frequency on The Simple Dollar, starting tomorrow. I know this announcement is going to please a lot of my readers who complained that I was moving too fast and that they couldn’t keep up with all the articles.

How much slower? First thing, I’m eliminating the morning roundups and changing them into weekly roundups. The weekly roundups will be almost exactly like the morning roundups, except they’ll have ten (or so) links to interesting articles I’ve found in the last week. This will pop up on Wednesdays.

Second thing, I’ll post only two articles a day and only one on Saturday. I’ll still continue the weekly personal finance book review on Friday and the personal productivity/development book on Sunday. If anything, the average article quality should go up because I can be somewhat more picky about my ideas.

So, a weekly schedule will look something like this: Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday will have two regular articles; Wednesday will have a weekly roundup and a regular article; Friday will have a personal finance book review and a regular article; Sunday will have a personal productivity/development book review and a regular article; and Saturday will just have one regular article. More than likely, when the book club returns, it will appear weekly on Mondays.

Why? The first reason is that countless people have encouraged me to start the cooking blog I’ve long discussed, so I’m going to give it a shot. This won’t be ready to go for a while, as the posts on that blog will be rather time-intensive. I will say, though, that the current plan is for that blog to have one post per day, and I hope to launch it sometime in March or April. Don’t worry – when that blog is launched, I’ll be sure to mention it loud and clear on The Simple Dollar.

The second reason is that I was beginning to feel quite strongly that some of the great discussions that go on in the comment threads at The Simple Dollar were being hindered by the speed of the posting, and that by slowing down, articles will have more time to ride on the front page, gather comments, and build up interesting conversations.

I view this move as the first step towards chasing my dreams of writing full time, as it allows me to explore another venue before making that leap. I hope that when the time comes, you’ll all take a moment or two and see whether the cooking site is of interest to you (I expect that it will be quite interesting for some and not so much for others).

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