Some News And Notes About The Simple Dollar

I have several little bits of news and a few notes to share about The Simple Dollar that somewhat continues a few threads that have been going on on this blog for a while and that readers have asked about with some regularity. I wrote this in the form of a question and answer forum.

Are you going to write more about blogging? I am working on launching a blog on the art of blogging because I keep getting requests to write more along the lines of the Building a Better Blog series. I get roughly two emails a day asking for blog advice and extolling a desire for me to write more in that series, but I know that for many readers of The Simple Dollar, it simply wasn’t very popular. Thus, the solution was to start another blog. I’ve already bought the domain and am preparing materials for launch, which is scheduled for May 1. I’ll make a big announcement here when it launches.

Will this affect The Simple Dollar? Not significantly. I may lower the pace here from six weekday posts to five weekday posts, but we’ll have to see how it goes. Generally, when I’m suffering writer’s block on financial topics, I can write extensively about other topics, so I don’t think writing will be too much of a problem.

How’s the house hunt? We are pre-approved and are watching the local housing market carefully for the right house. In the last year, we’ve seen three houses we really liked, but two were simply too expensive and the other one is actually still a possibility – it had a Sold sign on it, then the Sold sign disappeared, and now it says Sale Pending, so I’m not sure what’s going on there.

How’s the baby? The baby is coming in September. (S)he is perfectly healthy.

How’s the book? The book proposal is finished. It’s a really slick package and is going to be shopped to some publishers … well, starting tomorrow, actually.

Are you going to take the plunge and go at this full time? This issue is actually on the table right now. The answer is wait and see a bit longer to see if the second blog is successful at all and also if the book sells. If both happen, I will become a full time blogger/writer and given the rapidity of my writing, I may start a third blog. Yes, I can write that much … I have the gift of being able to research obsessively and write frenetically all day long and I love it.

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