Ten Personal Finance Sites I Can’t Live Without #4: Generation X Finance

The Simple Dollar is celebrating this weekend after Thanksgiving with a review of ten personal finance sites that I visit every day without fail. These ten sites provide a large helping of food for thought on personal finance topics and my day wouldn’t be complete without the opportunity to visit them. Please, give these sites a click.

Generation X Finance

I didn’t discover this site until after I started The Simple Dollar, but it has become a very regular read for me. Why? In terms of topics and audience, it is the most similar site to The Simple Dollar that I’ve yet found: we both write about finance and debt with a focus on Generation X and Y.

Our writing styles are a bit different and I suspect that the writer over there is a bit older than I am, but time and time again our ideas and conclusions overlap: frivolous spending is bad, the amount of debt young people are burdened with is alarming, personal finance education for young adults almost doesn’t exist and we have to educate ourselves, and so on.

Although there are a lot of bloggers out there covering personal finance topics, the approaches and thoughts at Generation X Finance are (so far, at least) the closest match around to The Simple Dollar. If you’re under 40, thinking about personal finance a lot, and enjoy the content here, you’d be remiss if you didn’t give Generation X Finance a click.

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