Ten Personal Finance Sites I Can’t Live Without #9: Make Love, Not Debt

The Simple Dollar is celebrating this weekend after Thanksgiving with a review of ten personal finance sites that I visit every day without fail. These ten sites provide a large helping of food for thought on personal finance topics and my day wouldn’t be complete without the opportunity to visit them. Please, give these sites a click.

Make Love, Not Debt

One second into a visit to Make Love, Not Debt and it becomes quite clear why I love this site. It has a certain irreverence to it that makes it incredibly endearing to both the new visitor and the regular reader, from the design to the attitude in the posts.

The entire site has a “Yeah, we’re buried in debt, so what?” attitude to it. Like anything else in life, most people take most things far too seriously. At Make Love, Not Debt, debt is a serious thing, but it’s not the end-all apocalyptic black hole that we sometimes believe it is. How can debt be bad when it’s being bandied about on a plum-colored background?

The content is just as good, too; one minute, you’ll find a serious article about a great finance tool, the next will contain a personal story from a reader about a financial disaster, and then you’ll read about Kevin Federline “investing” his money in bling. The whole site proves over and over again that personal finance can be as entertaining as anything you might find at Gawker.

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