Ten Pieces of Inspiration #88

Each week, I highlight ten things each week that inspired me to greater financial, personal, and professional success. Hopefully, they will inspire you as well.

1. Wayne Dyer on life as a rehearsal
Don’t waste your time dwelling on the past. Don’t burn your days assuming the future will take care of it.

“Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal. Live this day as if it were your last. The past is over and gone. The future is not guaranteed.” – Wayne Dyer

Today is the day to tackle those things that are on your mind.

2. A soldier’s goodbye
There’s just something wonderfully charming about this photograph. It was taken at some point during World War II and depicts a soldier about to leave for war and his love.

Soldier's goodbye & Bobbie the cat, ca. 1939-ca. 1945 / by Sam Hood

For me, it’s the cat that somehow makes this picture perfect. Thanks to Sam Hood for this wonderful photo.

3. Alan Watts on the universe and you
I firmly believe that humankind is connected and that we propogate good and bad things through the lives of others by our actions.

“You are something that the whole universe is doing, in the same way that a wave is something that the whole ocean is doing.” – Alan Watts

The more good things we propogate outwards, the more we lift up others and push them to propogate good things as well.

4. All About My Dog
This short film really sums up the connection you can feel with a loved pet, both during the high points and the low ones.

I felt just like this with my dogs Bobby and Patch.

5. Ken Robinson on being wrong
You’re going to be wrong. It’s part of life.

“If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original.” – Ken Robinson

If you can’t handle being wrong, then you’ll never make the kinds of leaps that will help you to build great things.

6. I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major-General from Pirates of Penzance
Pirates of Penzance is great entertainment. This is definitely one of the highlights, and it’s something that shows up again and again in popular culture through references.

Here are the lyrics if it moves too fast for you.

7. Theodore Roosevelt on a difficult life
You can never build anything truly of worth unless the process is challenging. Nothing great ever comes easy.

“Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty… I have never in my life envied a human being who led an easy life. I have envied a great many people who led difficult lives and led them well.” – Theodore Roosevelt

If you want to do something great and stand out from the pack, take on a powerful challenge.

8. How to Be Alone by Andrea Dorfman
It’s good to be alone sometimes.

9. Roger Federer on strengths and weaknesses
In your professional life, I think it’s far better to be very, very good at one or two things and just marginal at the rest than to be merely good at lots of things.

“Working on your weaknesses makes you a complete player, but you won’t be dangerous anymore. That’s why I work on strengths.” — Roger Federer

You can’t make your mark unless you’re very, very good at something.

10. Apocalyptica – Nothing Else Matters
This is just an amazing use of cellos.

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